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  1. Not so much a stiking coincidence but a few times lately I'll be reading a book and come across quite an unusual word, and its said at the same time on TV. Always a bit weird
  2. I totally agree with you - ideally I would have chosen someone much better to be the father of my child. I can only say that at the time I was completely head over heels in love, and very naïve in that I believed all the promises about "I'm looking for a job" etc. As I said, I was earning a good wage and didn't fully appreciate how much a child cost. But I can't say I regret it as she is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm trying to rectify my situation, albeit only 16 hours a week but to me that's better than sitting on my backside all day. I rely a lot on family for childcare so that's one less expense I claim. Its not all about money for me, but about setting an example that you have to work for money and make a small contribution to society, even if it is a token one. As you said, it takes two to make a child, and slowly but surely I'm trying to take responsibility and balance my responsibility for working with my responsibility as a single mother. Parenthood should be a 50/50 responsibility yet I've taken on 100% of it, yet seem to get 100% of the blame for him not being there. My whole point is that he gets to claim his dole and live stress free, without (it seems) anyone being there to take him to task. He is 50% responsible yet does nothing, not even a birthday card, and is quite happy with the situation. I hold my hands up to my faults and mistakes.
  3. I'm a single mother working 16 hours a week. I was desperate to work so in order to get my job I voluntarily worked for my jobseekers allowance for a month until the firm decided to employ me. Before I had my daughter I was employed full time from when I left school, but due to personal circumstances I had to leave my job. I didn't have a child for the benefits as I was working and could easily afford a child. But circumstances change. I do claim working tax credits now but why am I getting all the blame for this? My daughters dad has basically never worked a day in his life, does whatever he can to avoid getting a job, and pays a grand total of £5 a week towards our daughter. I'm working and bringing a child up, trying to make our lives better. Why doesn't anyone ever blame the absentee parents? Time and time again its me who gets called the scrounger, while he gets away scot free on every count - emotionally, morally and financially.
  4. Ownership aside, I really wouldn't fancy swimming in Treeton Dyke now. I live in Treeton myself, have done all my life, and it seems the quality of the water has really gone downhill. It must be clean enough for skiers to swim in, but personally when I see the brown/yellow/orange tinted water it turns my stomach. The River Rother used to run through it until a few years ago, if memory serves, so with all the debris and pollution that would have brought, I personally wouldn't use it.
  5. I got some edible glue and I am SO pleased with the results! I've only decorated a few cakes in my life, but I think this is pretty good for a novice, even if I do say so myself http://s1262.photobucket.com/user/bubble3082/library/Facebook/Kaceys%20birthday%20cake Please ignore the paint on the table, my little madam had been busy
  6. No I haven't tried egg white, thanks for the tip. Would it be ok for kids to eat with raw egg? ---------- Post added 11-04-2014 at 19:56 ---------- 0oooh I didn't know about edible glue! Thank you
  7. Hi I've decided to make my daughter a birthday cake using fondant icing to decorate. I'm having so many problems trying to stick fondant icing together to make flowers and bows etc. I've made these before in the past with no problems, but this time no matter what I do I just can't get the rose petals to stick together. I've tried wetting it, jam, melted chocolate, sugar and water, buttercream, piping icing, and nothing will stick it together. I can't remember what I did last time to make it stick, maybe I used a different technique. Straight after sticking, I put it in the fridge and come back half an hour later to find the whole thing collapsed. Can anyone help please?
  8. I remember seeing a documentary about FGM about 6 years ago, and it is truly the worst thing I have ever seen. They showed a young girl, about 7 or 8 having the procedure done by a village woman with a dirty razor blade. They had to pin her down and her screams and cries were horrific. Her mother, who was helping to hold her, said she should stop crying and basically be grateful for this being done as she wouldn't find a husband otherwise. To make it worse, they made her younger sister, who was due to have it done straight after, sit in the corner and watch. Afterwards, both girls (who had their legs bound together to stop bleeding, seemed quite proud to have had it done, which I found heartbreaking. This was in an African country, if I remember correctly, so you could argue its lack of education that's the problem. But how much education do you need to know that seeing your daughter in absolute agony is not right?
  9. Pick me, pick me! I'm 31 years old and have an hourglass figure (unfortunately though all the sand has sunk to the bottom). I'd have the perfect bum if it was 4 inches higher
  10. Slightly off topic but pedestrians should also use a little common sense when at a crossing and hearing a siren. I actually witnessed an elderly lady crossing whilst the green man was on a few weeks ago, forcing the ambulance to pull up and wait for her to slowly cross the road. I know there's probably no legal obligation to stop and let an emergency vehicle through a pelican crossing, but I'm sure most don't begrudge waiting an extra 15 seconds so the ambulance has a clear run through. Everyone else at the crossing waited. And there's no doubt this lady knew the ambulance was there; she looked straight at it and then slowly continued across. Nothing was going to stop her doing her shopping!
  11. In all seriousness though, a few minutes of discomfort or embarassment surely has got to be worth it though to save your life? P.S. I thought a smear was bad until I haemorraged after giving birth and ended up with a doctors fist up my fanjo! Think yourselves lucky
  12. I'm so glad that these comments take into account the fact that some women can't actually breastfeed. When I had my daughter, I was absolutely CRUSHED when I couldn't feed her myself because of essential medication I had to take. I went on parenting forums looking for support, but even before I posted (as I was looking through previous threads) it seemed women were jumping over themselves to declare that breast was best, they wouldn't dream of feeding their newborn anything from a four legged animal, that bottle feeding mothers were subjecting their children to possible health problems, that the bond between mother and child is compromised, etc. That, together with post pregnancy hormones, devastated me. I know breast is best, but it seems many are eager to make generalised statements that can really hurt, especially when the choice is taken away from you. So thank you to everyone who has understood not everyone can actually do it.
  13. Very well said and echoed by me. RIP xx
  14. Wasn't me who wrote it hun, but just assuming that's what the poster meant.
  15. Fair dos, but the mother wasn't and she not only put her child in this situation but also seemingly participated in it. Maybe a better word would have been 'castrated' rather than 'sterilised'? That way evil like this can't breed, nor can they abuse children full stop.
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