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The "I am currently reading" thread

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I'm still having a bit of an early Ruth Rendell period, having just finished Vanity Dies Hard, The Best Man to Die and A Guilty Thing Surprised in quick succession. All very enjoyable though it's interesting that some phrases of the 1960s have already become completely obsolete and forgotten, such as 'twin-track road'. Strange really when you consider that single track road is still in everyday use.


Now back to the 1930s again with Midsummer Murder by Clifford Witting (which is absolutely nothing to do with the differently-spelt TV series).

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I have just finished  reading  102 Minutes, it's  the story of the fight to survive inside the twin towers. What a heart rendering book this is.

It tells of how the modern day towers built in the Sixties did not have the same safety regs as the ones built in the 1920s and built with much cheaper materials.

Also the firemen and police were on  separate frequencies  which didn't  help their cause. 

As for the people inside,their conversations on their mobiles to the outside world have been put together for this book, some made it some didn't. 

Some never even knew it was an aeroplane  most thought it was a terrorist bomb , some in the safer areas of the North tower never even knew the South tower had also been hit and by now collapsed. 

Coincidence  that I should be reading it on the anniversary as I've  had the book for almost a year and just got round to reading it.

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Ive just finished... I Have Life: Raped, Stabbed and Left for Dead by Marianne Thamm

The absolutely incredible story of Alison Botha, who survived against all the odds. 
The book is her account, along with contributions from her family, friends, the Doctors and the man who saved her from the side of the road.

Well worth a read, theres a film of the story too, simply called 'Alison'.


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