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  1. I do hope you'll thoroughly check out anyone who might take you up on this. BTW an 8 day trip to San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas makes me exhausted just thinking about it, you'll spend more time travelling than seeing anything!
  2. A lot of elderly people shop on Thursdays, it seems to be a "thing" for that age group. Sainsburys is always rammed with elderly shoppers on Thursdays. This mystifies me.
  3. We see them quite regularly here in S11. I was hanging out my washing one sunny afternoon and a fox trotted across the lawn a few feet away from me, totally unconcerned.
  4. I live in S11 and brought my children up here, I think it would suit your requirements very well. One thing I would advise though, avoid the roads leading directly off Ecclesall Road unless you want to be surrounded by students.
  5. We went, we were lucky and only had to queue for an hour or so. The figures were impressive but, size of the figures aside, it was a fairly small exhibition and we only spent about 15 minutes inside. I think you get moved on after 20 minutes anyway. So all in all, a lot of queuing for a relatively small reward.
  6. Does anyone know what's been happening in this area the last couple of days? We've heard reports of armed police and roads closed off but we can't find any information. Our son lives round the corner from one of the incidents but he doesn't know what's going on either. He's a little disconcerted as are we.
  7. He posted an update on his website today which was shared on the Facebook group for my postcode. It was a masterpiece of self-pity and arrogance. I guess he subsequently thought better of it because it's now been taken down but I hope plenty of people saw it because it was a valuable insight into his thinking.
  8. This has been looked into There are quite strict criteria under which this could be set in motion and unfortunately those haven't been met. Yet.
  9. Please don't wear reading glasses if you don't need them, you can damage your sight. If your partner insists on this he's being a ****.
  10. Sad news, Music for the Jilted Generation is one of my all time favourite albums. By all accounts he was a genuinely nice guy.
  11. I had TB in 2015 and was told this, I still have no idea how I caught it, I'd had the BCG jab at school along with everyone else.
  12. I'm wondering if he had to have the hour-long phone call to his insurers like the rest of us.
  13. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Awful. A real disappointment after Gone Girl which I thought was pretty good. Before that, Educated by Tara Westover. The true story of the author's escape from her Mormon fundamentalist, survivalist family. Brutal but compelling.
  14. The house at the narrow end of Ashfurlong Road in Dore is eye-poppingly amazing and gets better every year.
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