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  1. they filmed on my road i watched as they filmed the fire ---------- Post added 17-03-2013 at 19:50 ---------- woodthorpe
  2. my mum was a bolsover off darnall they lived irving street
  3. loved it in barrow boys saturday afternoons after work:)
  4. i have just had wardrobes and drawers it was 35 pounds
  5. i have been to see betty she was not good at all i once saw some one called lucinda from barnsley every thing she said was 100 percent and it all happened
  6. looking for camp sites not to far from sheffield for about 20 of us where we can make noise every 1 i look at you have to be quite 4 10 30:
  7. i went to pipworth then across to waltheof left in 1982
  8. are you for real why would anyone make it up
  9. im one of sals neighbours who is suffering from this why should we sell up because of scum
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