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  1. Not seen an updated post for years, any recommendations for a boiler service on a 2 year old boiler?
  2. Hi guys, does anyone know if Northern general's Phlebotomy dept opens on boxing day?
  3. Yeeouch, so I am guessing 2-4k is not possible for this to do? i guess I need to rethink of other ideas, but I am so lost, I really want a low or no maintenance garden
  4. Hi all, I am not a big fan of my garden and am considering having it all patio'd however it slopes to the end and theres a dip(drop on the side. how does it work for the side? or will it pebbled instead? also as it's just something I considered in the last couple of weeks, what does it usually cost? my garden is about 33 x 31ft. I am on a tight budget so if I can't afford it I may look into something else.
  5. I never knew that could be possible, is there a solution?
  6. I've actually changed the whole valve, which doesn't make sense why it doesn't work
  7. The boiler is set at the highest level and I haven't touched it since install this year. I am not sure if its the end of the circuit, the only part that confuses me, is why the pipe off the rad is hot but it wont go in the rad itself
  8. good question, no, they may have got a little warm at one point, but never, i moved into the house from new in 2002
  9. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can give some advice I have a 4 bedroom house and in total it has 13 radiators. In my bedroom and the spare room the 2 radiators does not get any heat in them, at this moment I am not too bothered about the spare room at this moment as its used for storage. all other radiators are working brilliantly. With my radiator I have tried the following already Bled it. Bought and replaced the TRV took out the whole radiator and flushed it completely, bled it again. I have tried balancing the radiators around the house. I have also turned all other radiators off and only having the bedroom one on and it made no difference. I have tried turning the lock shield on, fully off and also tried fully on with no joy. The pin on the TRV side does goes up and down with no issues. I have noticed on the TRV side the little pipe does get warm and sometimes hot, but the pipe that goes to the radiator is cold, to me I feel that the TRV is faulty? but I have already fitted a new one. I once tried turning on the heating with the radiator removed and at best it dribbled, but I then added pressure on the expansion vessel and it came to life with water all over the place, (I had to see what happens), so that to me proves that water do flow. I have checked the pressure on the expansion vessel and it currently shows 1.2bar, I am not sure if the only step I have left is to replace the radiator. When I replaced the boiler this year, they have advised that a power flush was also done, do I need another one? Thanks in advance
  10. I had someone visited today and it would seem that the shower was poorly installed, so need the door corrected and a new tray fitted (I already have a new tray) can someone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced plumber?
  11. my newly fitted shower tray of 1 month has developed a hairline crack, I am going to get a replacement (Pearlstone instead of stone resin this time) with extra feet maybe 6 or 8, cos there was some weak points on the existing one. Can anyone recommend someone to fit it and any ideas on costs?
  12. Is it just me or is nearly every building in the city centre is being turned into student accommodation, on Broad lane and Scotland street are 2 that I can think of straight away. I went to look at a potential business building yesterday to be told by the agents its only on short term let as they are changing it to student accommodation, so I have to give up on that. I am sure there are enough accommodation here already and the universities are still the same size, so wheres the extra students heading to? What about just normal flats for first time buyers instead? I just don't get it.
  13. I am buzzing to get this started, but Xmas is making life busy and not finding a decent space is slowing me down.
  14. I saw those, but I am not interested in the Picade, mame or hyperspin, my attempt will try to be as original as possible..eg Jamma, PCBs etc.
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