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  1. anybody know where you can buy the new flashing trainers for adults in sheffield not on line thankyou
  2. I saw it all happen a Asian in his twentys on a mountain bike was asked to stop by 2 police officers on abbeydale rd.The man took no notice and turned left.The police kept shouting stop but he took no notice so they ploughed into him leaving him at the rd side and the bike under the back wheels.The police jumped out and pointed the guns at the man screaming hands behind your back which he did after a bit.They put a plastic wrap round his wrists searched him removed a yellow jd bag from his coat and chucked it on the floor I could see a longish gun barrel could have been a pellet gun or a real hand gun .
  3. help any ideas how you get your tab to play stuff of a sd card thanks
  4. https://www.gov.uk/child-employment/minimum-ages-children-can-work
  5. thank you very much its working good now with a new browser...
  6. yes i have windows 7 and a i5 -2300 cpu@2.80 ghz with 16 gb ram with fire fox thanks
  7. Anybody having any problems for the last few days?.My broadbands never been any trouble at all until the weekend gone.Now its slow and then fast .I checked it on broadband speedtest it first showed 30 mb then shot to 70 mb .It stops then when you wiggle the mouse it starts again .Is it the broadband or my computer.Any help appreciated. thanks
  8. Some people come to sit and think some people come to sh.t and stink some people come to scratch there balls and read the writing on the walls:loopy:
  9. ahh bless!!! try and have him with you ever minuite of your working day lol..But there is nothing anyone can do to keep him out of the new market!
  10. glen , alex ,rachel are my cousins .But i havent seen glen for years.
  11. sorry malloney but ive got one of those 3d tv things:hihi:and not one of the big old grey boxes!! where the remotes still on a wire and teletext is still your only source of information!and please shut the book up
  12. can anyone let me know the fifth and sixthfinishes in the national please:D
  13. went shopping in town yesterday.27 12 11.parked in matilda carpark in a space at the very end.came back at 1 oclock pm. this kind lady had left a note on my window screen informing me that some girl had bumped in to my car and then scarpered.she gave me the reg number of the car that damaged mine.There was 2 witnesses who are willing to give a statement.If you are this girl and you want to get in touch pm me and we will sort it out.IF not ill get intouch with my insurance comp and see what they can do.
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