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  1. So was I. It's over. Life goes on. If you let it.
  2. On your side totally. But so glad I don't own a car and can post on the rubbish bus service threads instead - both is a waste of time and might slip and slide in my old boots tomorrow to get to the sales to buy bikinis and summer dresses
  3. Beighton. rely on 30, 30A, 123. all year. had my wellies stored in the shed just in case this past 2 years. Now just to find the padlock key for tomorrow;)
  4. Well at least check before walking on. They could be just filming it for YouTube and not really doing much to help - I always am immensely grateful for people who do not walk on by whatever their reason - because my Mum who lives down South, is registered blind and a similar thing happened recently. She was helped by some kind hearted people - and the majority of us are - but some prey on vulnerable people. Strength in numbers I say.
  5. Thanks for that - Is there something wrong with me - I laughed so hard, the neighbours can't hear the storm brewing out there :)
  6. I've just organised a successful charity concert in Beighton and do Voluntary work at Mencap. I play the piano on a voluntary basis for Registered Charities. There's more about me on my website. Also there's a podcast of me on Rony Robinson's Guest Slot on Tuesday 22nd Oct on BBC Radio Sheffield. Please contact me through my website if you are interested. Thank you. http://kamlapiano.com/index http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jb39s
  7. http://kamlapiano.com/indexYou probably have got sorted out by now. But just in case you haven't - I am a professional pianist who played for many weddings and functions at The Savoy Hotel in London and now live in Sheffield. There is more information on my website. You may have heard me promoting my Beighton Concert on BBC Radio Sheffield on Tuesday 22nd Oct on Rony Robinson's Guest Slot at 12pm. ---------- Post added 26-10-2013 at 21:53 ---------- [/color] Here's a link to the Podcast of the programme. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jb39s
  8. I can see that posties are really pushed these days- it's time people didn't take for granted that 1st Class means the next morning and that post doesn't always arrive before you've had your morning cup of tea. I have long since re-adjusted and know that post can come at anytime throughout the day. Each postie has a round and you can work out when you're most likely to get your post delivered. But it seems some people can't think that way and expect magic.
  9. You must live in a flat? To have so many single unemployed teenage mothers as neighbours? Clearly the bedroom tax is having no effect on your road!
  10. No it doesn't - That's just repeating another myth that gets repeated....and repeated.....and then many start to beleive it, like you. It doesn't work like that anymore.
  11. There's a gap in the posts on this thread from Oct 2010 until now.....presumably everyone on the Forum has been quite happy with their Postie for the last 3 years. Have you seen the amount of Amazon and Ebay packages they now have to lug around? No wonder they leave some for the van - my postie deserves a knighthood.
  12. What part of 'free or cheap service' are you not understanding?
  13. A few years ago, I bought a drill and started a basic toolbox and added to it as the jobs piled up - I bought a DIY book, Google everything incessantly - and feel a kind of pride that certain jobs I can do myself. But if i need an expert to come and do something, then I understand i must pay their rate, no question. I have found some brilliant professionals on this forum when that has been the case. being female, alone and on a low income is no excuse to come on here begging for free services- sorry if that offends anyone - nice try.
  14. Even funnier. Note to self - Do not post on Sheffield Forum after a little wine and then come back to read the next morning! I cannot believe I did that!!! Well spotted
  15. :hihi::hihi:Now that's funny and made my Monday morning!!!Thanks.
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