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  1. can anyone recommend a reliable joiner? I have a small job that needs doing and have had two people let me down so far
  2. Thanks i did have a look but i didn't see any posts
  3. Does anyone know what the square boxes in top of traffic lights are? And also the circle looking cameras?
  4. Yours does look good they done a patch on ours hopefully will do the whole thing tomorrow fingers crossed
  5. Are they there now sure I've just seen a street cleaner
  6. I reckon your near me my neighbour had a puncture in her tyre due to the said craters its like an obstacle course I'm sick of having to park my car on the only rd that isn't being done :/ I hope they come tomorrow
  7. They have closed 9 rds round me today they expect us all to park on one rd not enough spaces. I live off the rd but its been shut for three weeks now its redic its still gravel the rd. This is S11 area they were meant to be there today rds closed but no sign of work men. So they have till wed not holding my breathe they will do it either.
  8. Summerfield street is bad too I've just had to turn round on there
  9. The brown stuff that looks like wool? Yes I did on sat tastes like taste like tcp yuk I still can taste it abut now depending what I eat. My jaw is still sore I guess it will be for a bit but I'm managing to eat okay. Yours sounds painful
  10. Yeh had to go back to the dentists yesterday thought the clot came out the night before it wasn't must just been something hanging on but she put a dressing in and cleaned it just in case I got infection and she's given me anitbotics because I have a really bad chest and my immune system is rubbish so just incase so should be okay now but the dressing taste gross. Like really strong tcp. And my nose keeps bleeding but when i asked if the two were related she said not so don't know what that's about as I don't get nose bleeds. Eek not good but that's sometimes best do it there and then instead of having to wait about
  11. Ouch that doesnt sound good my jaw feels less painful today was really hurting me yesterday intact i spent most the afternoon laid on the bed feeling off it.
  12. Oh no i wont be I've been laid down most of today apart from going to the supermarket. Wont be going back to the gym till after easter now anyways she said would be fine to do so next week
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