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  1. i use exersize 4 less on kilner way. £15 a month. Loads of classes and a women only part of the gym.
  2. Any idea whats going off on the shiregreen again? Police, Paramedics, Ambulance, Air Ambulance. All on Renathorpe road.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is missing a dog in the ranmoor area. A lurcher type dog has been found by students wandering around the Endcliffe village. It has a red neckerchief but no collar or tag.
  4. Great to hear from you. Sent you a PM
  5. I`m still in touch with susan. She lives over in chapeltown.
  6. Called into garys place in chapeltown last weekend. He`s got loads of vinyl.
  7. It`s not true. If you ride it over the top you remain the right side up. I`ve not personally done it but apparently it`s pitch black.
  8. Totally agree. As a seasoned naturist I can say, hand on heart that there is never anything sexual about being naked in public. It`s all about being happy with the skin you`re born in. Without clothes we`re all the same. It is a very liberating experience. My saying is "sun`s out, plums out"
  9. They seem to have run down what used to be the markets end and have spent loads around the moor. I`ve lived in sheffield all my life and have seen it change beyond recognition
  10. Just a heads up. There`s a car on its side on brookhill roundabout. The area is gridlocked. Police and ambulance on the scene
  11. I think the glitter band did play but it would have been before `91. A few of the bands i met while working there was. Orbital, Norman cooke, Skunk Anansie, Natasha Bedingfield, INXS, Amy Winehouse, Saw Doctors, Sleeper, The Editors, oh yes, i also met Rolph Harris
  12. Just wondered if there was a running group in the S5 area. I have been a member of various groups but when i don`t have transport they`re always difficult to get to. So just wondered if there was anything local
  13. A vast majority of the bands moved to the O2 when it opened
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