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  1. Exactly the same here. I managed to get to 100 units then started getting pierced and tattoo`d so i`ve never got past it.
  2. I met her last year and she`s a lovely person or should i say she was. She let me take her pic and we had a chat. She seamed really nice. I love her music too. She`s so different from anything else.
  3. If you have any complaints write to david blunkett. As i`ve mentioned before, we were promised a boundry fence but it`s taken a year to get it sorted and that was only because we let mr blunkett know.
  4. I think it`s called Q tattoo. I only know what i`ve read on here and that he`s a good tattooist but with an attitude. He used to work at eternal ink on west street.
  5. Just had my latest tattoo done at van sheiks in firth park by a guy called dave and he`s done a great job. He drew a tribal design free hand. Once the scabs have gone i`ll post a pic.
  6. We were in phase 1 so had everything ripped out. The kitchen is lovely and big. I also heard that they`ve not enough money for walls to the front now and are only putting in fences.
  7. This can`t be true. The kitchens have to be a certain size with so many cupboards to meet european standards. I`m almost sure they have to put your toilet upsatairs too. I don`t think they remove the one downstairs though which can`t be a good thing. Having a toilet in the corner of your kitchen
  8. Wife had simular symptoms last year but she also had paralysis all down one side and sickness. It lasted 2 weeks and she was tested for a stroke, meningitis, labyrynthitis (sp) and vertigo. All came back negitive. Turned out she suffered from a Hemyplegic (sp) migraine. Google it and see
  9. I nearly bought one in the early 90`s but on closer inspection found it full of rust. Lucky escape me thinks. I can remember 2 of my uncles hiring a couple of Princeses (sp) for a run to the coast and they both overheated and blew up.
  10. I lived there for about 16 years and couldn`t wait to get away (from the ex wife) I lived on briary avenue, that`s at the bottom of the large tower block and it was bad around there with the shop and off licence being opposite. Also they seemed to house a lot of problem tenants in the flats along with druggies and asylum seekers. I was on the residents commitee panel and we were always trying to get it sorted. I`ve not lived there for 6 years now but according to my daughters, nothing`s changed.
  11. I think phylis is just trying to wind us up now for the fun of it. Don`t bite. I finally got my boundry fence up after a year of emails and letters and phone calls. I`ve got to say they did a great job and the guys were nice although i did supply them with tea and coffee. The only complaint was from my neighbour as she was on nights so did`nt get much sleep.
  12. My daughter`s just had to move because her neighbour made her life hell. The main reason was that she let her own dog s**t on her own garden and didn`t clear it up one day. He said he could see it if he was stood in his conservatory. He came around and forced his way in her house and threatened her. She rang the police and they put a restraining order on him but it didn`t stop him from intimidating her so in the end the council moved her.
  13. I really don`t know. I`d just like to say that you should go on your wii fit when it`s your birthday. I did today and the balance board had a party hat on and there were streamers. It was like a party. I was well chuffed that it remembered.
  14. Go to a tattoo studio. I had one done at 16 and the other done last year at 45
  15. It`s more than likely something that can only be checked out by putting it on a diagnostic computer anyway
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