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  1. I’m 67 my experience not pulling punch’s. Every man should know what your Prostrate does it is a stop tap for peeing it produces fluid for your reproductive system so after feeling tired with leg and lower back ache and a sex life that was excruciatingly painful because my Prostrate was killing me I had the finger test, which is not half as bad as people make out, after a biopsy, again not as bad as you think, I was diagnose at the Hallamshire Urology with Prostrate cancer in November 2012 opperated on in January 2013 not really given a choice on the scale of 1 good and 10 bad I was 9 they had me in as quick as that before it spread to my Lymph glands then the rest of me, five hours in surgery, if not there was a good chance I would have been dead in five years may be less. Down side it took six months to recover before going back to work and because they took away my Lymph glands from there I developed lymphedema, the build-up of waste fluid which the body normally gets rid of, swelling in my legs but over the years this has settled down now they just ache after walking for long periods. I went back for six weeks of Radio therapy at Weston Park just as a precaution to mop up anything missed I now have a PSA level of 0.0003 which is good and six monthly check up’s, the only really down side is they took away muscles that give you an erection or anything to get hold of when going for a pee, can be messy if you’re not quick enough and when you need to go you need to go because the stop tap is not there and hence the sex life is practically none existent but they do have a department to help with that but what’s the worst no sex life or not being here for your family when they need you. If your dough- full about what to do go and talk to the Macmillan nurses they are very good kind and listen and don’t be a whoose about the finger test because you think it will not happen to me.
  2. Personally we wash plastic milk bottles and crush them leave the tops on reason they do re-inflate a bit so it keeps a vacuum in the bottle pour in a least one bottle of diluted Jay’s Fluid kill’s any smell from any fluid that ends up in the bottom of the bin it all goes into the back of the lorry so make’s that smell nice too do the same with the black bin, pity you cannot still get SAN ISAL anymore that was an excellent disinfectant kills any odor.
  3. Bygone Times Elsecar Heritage Centre Barnsley Specialists in Antique Clock Repairs and Clock Restoration (including Grandfather Clocks), Antique Church Clock Maintenance and Barometers They have a web page.
  4. My wife was at work today at Meadow Hell from 10am till 2pm works next to M&S no alarms no evacuation heard nothing M&S would have been the first to close down so what was it if any thing ? There is work going on in M&S car park down stairs was it a siren in there it does echo a bit in there ?
  5. Back in the 50/60's coach trips or by car day outings to Bridlington. Songs like, The Runaway Train, The Hippopotamus Song Mud Mud Glorious Mud, A Windmill In Old Amsterdam, Rag Time Cowboy Joe, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Tulips From Amsterdam, Thumbelina, Soldier Will You Marry Me, Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf, Donald Where’s Your Troosers, Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen,The Ugly Duckling and then they passed the cap round for a collection for the coach driver, I wonder what today’s generation would sing. And my favourite a twist on Ten Green Bottle’s Ten sticks of dynamite sitting on a wall Ten sticks of dynamite sitting on a wall If one stick of dynamite should accidently fall There would be no sticks of dynamite And no b----y wall.
  6. The best for me best stocked British Heart Foundation Barnsley and Sheffield town center the friendliest Blue Bell Wood Chapeltown the worst St Luke's Chapeltown where they cannot be bothered to turn the CD's all the same way round but have time to talk we know they are volunteers but it would help if they did it.
  7. You never seem to see the old fashioned Cobblers shop's on the high streets these day's they must be a dieing breed is leather working still taught as a trade or is it an apprenticeship just taught in costly shoe making shop's in London, there was a very good one in Wombwell in the 50's /60's Mr Moulds near the railway station for those who may remember him a very good artist as well he repaired my school satchel a few times, there is a good one in Mexbrough called Micks he has good reviews but if you want one thats easy to get too then Timpson's in Meadow Hall I was looking for some leather working thread or waxed thread that would not perish asked on the off chance if they sold it and was told they do use it for bag repair and shoe stitching so you could try there hope it helps.
  8. Sorry swap what with one of the others. I have just read, unplug the arial retune the TV it finds no channels turn the TV off then on again plug in the arial and retune this sets the TV back to factory setting with a clear memory. We pick up Emley Moor. Done this we had 76 channels now we have 150 channels and low and behold no 23 is back, apparently tuning with out an arial does clear or reset it's memory. So thanks for the surgestions, it seem's to have worked.
  9. Yes, this only happend when we were prompted to retune for a different channel change, so I did all the T.V.'s and this one lost channel 23.
  10. We have three Sony Televisions all new’ish all receiving channels through free view all fed from the same aerial, they have been retuned when prompted and again digitally just to make sure but one will still not receive channel 23, a crafting channel, where the others will, followed all retuning instructions but still no channel 23 on this particular T.V. any ideas please.
  11. Had this problem when my son did not want his old game's Pc, Play station etc games if they are for the older gaming consols then like you say use them to scare birds most of them will not work for various reasons because of modern up grades, charity shop's only dump them, there is a shop in the Alambra Center in Barnsley who will buy games such as Colin Macrae Rally tried them but they don't offer much and they must be mint ended up dumping the lot for recycling.
  12. The charity bin's, Asda car park, will take them as long as they are unused in their original packaging sealed, have asked before, people do buy pillows and realise when layed on, to test, they are not right for them and the shops will not take them back, homeless charitys as long as they are clean if not then break them up for the dust bin or the dumpit site it's a throw away hygienic society for pillows and bedding.
  13. The Scarborough Fair Collection is a museum of fairground mechanical organs and showman's engines, located in Scarborough mechanical fairground organs dating back to the 1800’s, Showman’s Steam Engines and a collection of vintage cars, tractors, motorbikes and more classic vehicles you can also see some vintage fairground rides I heard that the Penny Arcade that use to be in Bridlington has moved in there remember the penny slot machines of the 1950's to 1970's that will take you back to years gone by search it out on the web looks impressive bit pricey though £7.75 per adult ideal if is cold and wet, closed on any Mondays and Tuesdays except for bank holidays, then there is the Scarborough Naval Warfare battle with model ships on Peasholm Park Lake that's worth watching it use to be on twice a week but don't know which day's, have a walk round the Castle thats bracing.
  14. Try Garden Centers they sell Sphagnum Moss for lining hanging baskets.
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