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  1. Just to let everyone know H.M.V. Meadowhall has reopened asked a staff member how come and I was told it has been bought by a Canadian company and it will stay open, don't know about the shop in Fargate. : )
  2. Snippets taken from various reports from :- SCC News: Further details of Mi Amigo flypast released it is not a Council event it is to be covered live on BBC television from 6am to 9.15am. The fly-past at Endcliffe Park will be between 7 am and 9 am on 22nd February. We have no further information on this as it is not a Council event. The US Airforce and Royal Air Forces are organising a flypast featuring several of its aircraft in the park on Friday 22 February, with the event being captured live on BBC Breakfast between 7 and 9.15. Further details about the flypast, which will honour 75 years since the disaster, will be released soon. Free travel is valid for current and ex-service personnel carrying identification cards or in uniform on First, Stagecoach and TM Travel bus services operating within the Sheffield boundary, and on Stagecoach Supertram services, between start of service and 12 noon on 22 February 2019. On the tram the customer should show a current forces ID card or wear a HM Armed Forces Veterans badge to get free travel on the day. Services 81, 82, 83, 83a and 88 provide a bus at least every five minutes from the city centre to Endcliffe Park, with a journey time of approximately 15 minutes. There will be no parking at Endcliffe Park with people advised to allow plenty of time and travel by public transport or on foot wherever possible. Park responsibly and allow plenty of time to get to the park. ARRIVE IN PLENTY OF TIME, BUT NOT TOO EARLY The BBC will be broadcasting live from the park from around 6am to 9.15am on the morning of the 22 February. However, there is no need to arrive at this time. People are encouraged to arrive at the park from around 7.15am. A memorial service will take place from around 8am with the flypast set to follow at 8.45am. Due to the location of the memorial on the other side of the Porter Brook, there will be no immediate access to the memorial area during the BBC filming, from 6am to 9.15am, and access to the memorial and that side of the river may be limited afterwards. The best viewing area will be in the large field close to the Endcliffe Park café, which will be serving teas and refreshments. A big screen will be there to relay events to the crowd. VANTAGE POINTS and POTENTIAL ROUTE It is believed that the flypast will arrive in Sheffield from the south-east before arriving in Endcliffe Park, although this route may be subject to change. The city has a number of lofty vantage points which might provide a spectacular back drop for the flyover, such as Bolehills Park, Park Hill flats, Skye Edge playing fields and the Botanical Gardens. The flypast will also be broadcast on BBC Breakfast if you can’t make it into Sheffield on the day.
  3. If this is true then it’s a crying shame not everyone wants to down load stream or whatever you call it, yes you guessed it I’m off the age where I prefer to hear a Vinyl or CD off music off the fifties, sixty’s and seventies played in my home not two wire’s plugged into my ear’s from a flat piece of plastic in my pocket so HMV was a shop to browse through read the blurb on the cover’s and select a past classic they are claiming that HMV has failed to adapt to a changing style of the way we listen to music they said this when Wilson Pecks in Sheffield closed and now there is a comeback of Vinyl there are three shop’s in Barnsley where you can buy original Vinyl LP’s where else on the high street can you buy CD’s apart from charity shops and redone CD’s from Pound Land there was so much more from HMV classical, Jazz, heavy metal, folk obscure trends of music that are not found easily on the net it’s commented that Doug Putman who owns Canada's Sunrise Records has made a bid also but alas HMV store in Sheffield’s Meadowhall has been named as one of the 27 that will not be bought out of administration along with Manchester (Trafford Centre) and Glasgow (Braehead) most likely because the rent is to high there's no doubt that online is a big part of overall retail sales but people, the older generation personally still like to come into a store, have an experience, talk with someone who understands music, loves music, If you think online is the only future I don't think that is the case this was the case with Audio Tapes but they still sell them.
  4. MEC176

    Old videos

    Depends what they are about, shop bought pre - recorded.
  5. This tells the story of Mi Amigo posted on the net in 2006. h2g2 - Mi Amigo : the Fate of a Flying Fortress A moving story.
  6. Thanks scarill, it's Gary Beer that I'm looking for the other Gary told me his name was Gary Longden well that was the name on his buisness card.
  7. MEC176

    Hornby dublo 1950s train sets value?

    I must apologise about this post of mine referring to Doncaster toy fair on New Year’s Eve 2018 it caught me out too, I got there only to find it was on the 30th so I missed it, should have read the advertisement more closely will do so for this year. Sorry to mislead you.
  8. Thank you, which Gary there were two.
  9. I hear that The Nicholes Building Shalesmoor has closed and it’s to be converted into flats can any one shed a light on what’s happened to the stall holders who were in there and where are they now. Thanks
  10. MEC176

    Hornby dublo 1950s train sets value?

    On New Years Eve at Doncaster Race Course is one of the largest toy fairs in South Yorkshire starts at 10pm to 4pm selling all the old boy's toy's you can mention from the 1950's etc go and look compaire what is being sold with what you have condition wise and price remember there is a buying and selling price usually dealers buy at less than a third they sell items for and items fetching the highest price need to be mint and boxed, ebay prices are inflated don't take notice of items that are said to be rare ask the experts do your research first before selling.
  11. Try Offset Suppies 0114 243 3333 ask for Keith, or Freelance Offset Survices Tel/Fax: 01909560060 ask for Mandy, Hot Metal Press in Elsecar Heritage Centre use to have a few old bit's of kit lying around. As an exprinter these Gestetners are long gone may be an antique shop, did you know the printing sheet you typed onto for Gestetners were made from recycled banana skins I kid you not and it was spirit based ink they used or try Clive on 07739949476 or Andy on 07887735833 they are all printing related contacts who may know of someone who has one tucked away some were, good hunting.
  12. MEC176

    Mice! Help! Please!

    Sorry to mention this but Mice and Rats Defecate as they move, they pee a lot, try and keep work surfaces, cupboards, cup's plates etc where you think they may have been clean with a good quallity surface cleaner hot water and fairy liquid.
  13. MEC176

    Diecast and corgi/matchbox

    Tuesday May 15th Elsecar Heritage Center Toy Fair starts at seven o'clock plenty of parking if you do not know where it is go through Chapeltown up over the motorway keep going turn right just before the railway bridge and follow the BROWN signs, also the Antique center it's self has old boy's toys for sale. Good luck.
  14. Furniture shops, J Lewis, Barkers, Ponsfords, Atkinson’s if you want quality, DFS, KC sofas Wayfair furniture, Ikea for functional cheap and cheerful, second hand ware houses or charity shops British Heart Foundation in the centre of town seems the best, pay’s your money and takes your chance.
  15. Thanks for that I have contacted Streets Ahead and Sheffield Council about this usless link it needs removing as it's miss guiding the public, the Cold Weather Resources thread needs up dateing too.

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