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  1. My gum's are quite "healthy" thanks you do not have to have diseased gum's for them to be receding.
  2. I have what they call receding gums they are healthy but somethings irritate my gums / nerves the Dentist recommended any Sensodine tooth paste so I tried it to no avail she then asked me to try, Fluoride 5000ppm Toothpaste which is in a 51gram tube and contains 1gram of Fluoride as Sodium Fluoride per 5 grams, as well as the normal flavourings etc it also contains, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbitol Solution and Propylene Glycol used over a week morning and night it works hot drinks, ice cream no problem it's not ever lasting so you have to use it when ever your gums ache. The only thing is you can only get it on prescription not available in the shops and a warning of Do Not swallow. It is sold through Morningside Health Care Leicester.
  3. We used Foys Solicitors Burncross Road Chapeltown S35. straight forward told us what we could do and what we should do when leaving your worldly goods to next of kin.
  4. Do you know Meadow Hall shopping center, you want the B6082 which runs parallel to the top side of MHall and the interchange, look on google maps, across from JM Motors, on the main road, there is a road that goes Up into a industrial estate on Roman Ridge Road follow the road round to your right and near the top on your right hand side there are two suppliers to the hair and beauty trade one is Salon Services and Adel Services you cannot miss them they are well sign posted and there is only one road in and out of this estate it is a circle just follow it round. Address Roman Ridge Road S9
  5. We all know to allow time for your journey but sod's law can happen and the consequences of not having a valid ticket, never thought they really would hold a train but train's like buses can be early. Age must be telling I can remember when steam trains ran through Chapeltown and the Asda car park was a marshalling yard for Izal goods wagons.
  6. I was told that you can get a " promise to pay ticket " from the machine, what if you only just get to the train before it pull's out having no time to buy a ticket would they hold the train up for you ?
  7. Morning, I live in Chapeltown but it's been a very long time since we use the train and as it's been said these ticket machines are idiot proof, but I am reluctant to use my plastic in any machine which is open to abuse such as ATM's, can any one tell me can you buy a ticket on the train, or do you buy a ticket when you get off, Chapeltown to Barnsley, at what time can you use a Bus Pass, how far in South Yorkshire can you travel on a pass. Much appreciate any help on this we usually drive but road travel these day's is getting what I can only say as more aggressive with parking in Barnsley getting harder to find. Thanks
  8. Blue Bell Wood in Chapeltown is open and taking item's St Luke's is still closed but their warehouse off Petre Street Grimesthorpe is open for donations, but ring first. Fieldhouse Way Industrial Estate, Petre Street Phone: 0114 268 0036 Postcode: S4 7SF
  9. Warning T.V. licencing Scam Received this today from UK. Television Gov.uk ! Due to outdated account details, your licence has been flagged and it will be suspended if no response has been received against this notification. It’s important we keep our records up to date. It [help] us keeping track of our licensee and to perform periodic subscription transaction without interrupting the licence service, saving downtime of our services to users. Update now Your licence expires on: 8/1/2020 4:19:29 p.m. Checked my T.V. licence Letter copy paid up to March 2021 You are asked to fill in an on line form ---- don't. They will try anything, be aware.
  10. Our postie in Chapeltown S35 is brilliant times vary for delivery between 10am to 2pm to us, he starts at 4am, depending on quantity of post and how many staff they have they do struggle he has said some day's it's as bad as Christmas, so some times none urgent parcel delivery's are done on a Saturday as more people shop on line there are not enough hours in the day to do both. They are a credit to the Royal Mail.
  11. Old light bulbs, asked at the dumpit site about this when we emptied my parents house we had some large 200watt photographic bulbs to get rid of, they will take them in the bin marked fluorescent tubes if you cannot get to the dumpit site put them in the brown recycal bin chances are they will be broken before the lorry get's to the recycal center then the metal bit will be extracted like can's, it was mentioned that the black bin was not for glass waste as light bulbs are classed as. If they work then use them they are a lot brighter than the low energy bulbs.
  12. You could try, Longleys Central Building Supplies Wath Ltd West St, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7QS 01709 872175 as well as building supplies they sell coal and coal fire's coke burners they may sell a coal grate, vent, chute cover. If you know of a builders reclamation yard you could try there.
  13. Evening guy's thanks for the replies, I decided to buy an electric sprayer designed for the job not cheap £120 but I also bought a pump sprayer for £25, Colron on offer, the reason why is I learnt from a sales assistant that, some of you may already know this, when you buy Ronseal fence paint there are three different types of mix one for brush fences one for brush and spray fences and one for spray fences the brush and spray mix is too thick for most pump action sprayers hence you get a splogg of paint, if you intend to spray then use the spray mix you still get the same strength of colour these tub's have BLUE lids not grey. So I will give the pump action a go if it works to a reasonable extent with the spray mix then I will return the expensive electric sprayer you may think I’m going to a lot of trouble just to paint a fence and shed’s but I have Arthritis in both hands and they lock up after gripping a brush for too long. Thanks
  14. Hello, any one had this problem, any recommendations for a decent fence sprayer, using Ronseal spray able dark oak fence paint and before anyone suggest it their sprayer does not work bought one from B&Q stirred the paint even tried thinning the paint down two parts paint one part water to stop clogging, it does not spray a fan pattern comes out as a jet however you adjust the nozzle then your chasing the paint around with a brush. Looking for a better quality stronger pump sprayer or a simple electric powered sprayer that will do the job. Thanks
  15. There are a number of record shop's who may take vinyl's they are, vinyl-junction42 in Barnsley. Daisy Chain Records in Elsecar Heritage center Barnsley Vinyl Underground Records Barnsley Target Records Darton Barnsley they are all on the net all worth a visit as long as they are open. Don't bin them such a waste.
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