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  1. You could try, Longleys Central Building Supplies Wath Ltd West St, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7QS 01709 872175 as well as building supplies they sell coal and coal fire's coke burners they may sell a coal grate, vent, chute cover. If you know of a builders reclamation yard you could try there.
  2. Evening guy's thanks for the replies, I decided to buy an electric sprayer designed for the job not cheap £120 but I also bought a pump sprayer for £25, Colron on offer, the reason why is I learnt from a sales assistant that, some of you may already know this, when you buy Ronseal fence paint there are three different types of mix one for brush fences one for brush and spray fences and one for spray fences the brush and spray mix is too thick for most pump action sprayers hence you get a splogg of paint, if you intend to spray then use the spray mix you still get the same strength of colour these tub's have BLUE lids not grey. So I will give the pump action a go if it works to a reasonable extent with the spray mix then I will return the expensive electric sprayer you may think I’m going to a lot of trouble just to paint a fence and shed’s but I have Arthritis in both hands and they lock up after gripping a brush for too long. Thanks
  3. Hello, any one had this problem, any recommendations for a decent fence sprayer, using Ronseal spray able dark oak fence paint and before anyone suggest it their sprayer does not work bought one from B&Q stirred the paint even tried thinning the paint down two parts paint one part water to stop clogging, it does not spray a fan pattern comes out as a jet however you adjust the nozzle then your chasing the paint around with a brush. Looking for a better quality stronger pump sprayer or a simple electric powered sprayer that will do the job. Thanks
  4. There are a number of record shop's who may take vinyl's they are, vinyl-junction42 in Barnsley. Daisy Chain Records in Elsecar Heritage center Barnsley Vinyl Underground Records Barnsley Target Records Darton Barnsley they are all on the net all worth a visit as long as they are open. Don't bin them such a waste.
  5. With referance to Elsecar Heritage Center and their antique fairs there is a man who stands at the fairs called Mr Mick Bott who buy's and sell coin's and watches he is an independent dealer of coins and watches and is as knowledgeable as any antique dealer because of the Covid-19 all fair's have been cancelled but his mobile is 07817179498.
  6. Listening to the BBC news today it was mentioned how long Coronavirus (COVID-19) can live on various surfaces we have varied our once a week shop over a month between Asda, Morrison’s, M&S and Sainsbury’s, the person on the news suggested that really anything you buy should be wiped down with hot soapy water before putting in a fridge or cupboard because all you are doing is possibly bringing the virus into your homes on packaging, you put your food into shopping trolleys which can be contaminated we have seen that some supermarkets provide wipes for the trolley handles but some of the supermarket trolleys do not look very hygienic to start off with would it be a bit more reassuring if we saw shopping trolleys being pressure washed cleaned in the present emergency, cleanest trolleys Sainsbury’s and M&S joint first Morrison’s third Asda last.
  7. At Elsecar Heritage Centre they have antique fairs in the large building as you go into the building on your right hand side half way down the hall near the green door’s there stands a man called Mick Bott collector and seller of coins and watches he is knowledgeable on watches as knowledgeable as any antique dealer or shop he is worth a visit.
  8. We have a neighbour who has three Leylandii which have now grow to over twenty five foot and are bushing out at the top to three foot over the years they have over hung our gardens and we each year have cut them back from over hanging our side to a point where they do not grow, their just dead brown branches, they are that tall that even when stood on a garden table with extended trimmers we cannot reach the new growth the neighbour is not pleasant and their garden reflects what they think the trees are there just to block the view from the house’s behind them. Are there any alternatives other than the council as we know they have had letters before about the state of their front garden and hedges and they blame everyone for that when the estate was inspected a few years ago after the road and pavements were refurnished?
  9. Again John intresting especially that about Muxes don't quite follow the graph but the idea of signal strength under doing it or over doing it sounds feasible as we have a near enough uninterrupted view of Emley Moor and hence a strong signal we are only over the hill from you so the next time I'm in your area I will call in and get an Attenuater and give it a try. Thanks
  10. Morning Justin, Other Aerial Bodgers, that is very intresting the information you give is fascinating and if other people are having problems with their reception I surgest they read what you have posted if there's are mounted or have simular obstacles as your pictures show then they know what the problem is with the reception, I have been and looked at our aerial, ok it's only from ground level and I would think it's most likely a Wide Band general purpose aerial on a four foot mast clear of any obstacles, quite a few around use are of the same shape and style etc. Couple of question's I would like to ask we have had in the past on a lovely warm clear day with no clouds etc the channel's on the high'er channel number's break up is this to do with the atmospherics, do you really need a Digital aerial, is there such a thing, if you have a all singing dancing HD internet TV. Thanks
  11. Thank Carosio, sorry for being a while getting back, if problem persists, seamed ok last night, will have to get some one to go up on the roof and take a look. But yet again because I cannot go up there, no head for hights, and see for my self they could tell me anything from just a loose wire to you need a new arial so will see how it goes for a while.
  12. Thanks for the reply, not very tech-ed up on such thing's when you say cable splitter I presume you mean the box on the arial mast where one wire goes into the loft down the inside of the wall to one TV and the other over the roof and down into our up stair's bedroom, could it be loose or perhaps water has got in.
  13. We have two TV’s in our house both Sony one Digital with internet access one Terrestrial both coming off the same aerial pointing to Emily Moor we are in Chapeltown, I am watching England vie Scotland the picture on the Digital set has intermittent breaking up of the picture the Terrestrial is a perfect picture any answer’s why !
  14. Yep that's Arthritis, I have it in my fingers, knee's and back my fingers are starting to twist with small hard lumps growing on my knuckles, Doctor told me nothing much they can do, wet and cold weather does not help but a hot water bottle on my back at night in bed does help.
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