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  1. Again John intresting especially that about Muxes don't quite follow the graph but the idea of signal strength under doing it or over doing it sounds feasible as we have a near enough uninterrupted view of Emley Moor and hence a strong signal we are only over the hill from you so the next time I'm in your area I will call in and get an Attenuater and give it a try. Thanks
  2. Morning Justin, Other Aerial Bodgers, that is very intresting the information you give is fascinating and if other people are having problems with their reception I surgest they read what you have posted if there's are mounted or have simular obstacles as your pictures show then they know what the problem is with the reception, I have been and looked at our aerial, ok it's only from ground level and I would think it's most likely a Wide Band general purpose aerial on a four foot mast clear of any obstacles, quite a few around use are of the same shape and style etc. Couple of question's I would like to ask we have had in the past on a lovely warm clear day with no clouds etc the channel's on the high'er channel number's break up is this to do with the atmospherics, do you really need a Digital aerial, is there such a thing, if you have a all singing dancing HD internet TV. Thanks
  3. Thank Carosio, sorry for being a while getting back, if problem persists, seamed ok last night, will have to get some one to go up on the roof and take a look. But yet again because I cannot go up there, no head for hights, and see for my self they could tell me anything from just a loose wire to you need a new arial so will see how it goes for a while.
  4. Thanks for the reply, not very tech-ed up on such thing's when you say cable splitter I presume you mean the box on the arial mast where one wire goes into the loft down the inside of the wall to one TV and the other over the roof and down into our up stair's bedroom, could it be loose or perhaps water has got in.
  5. We have two TV’s in our house both Sony one Digital with internet access one Terrestrial both coming off the same aerial pointing to Emily Moor we are in Chapeltown, I am watching England vie Scotland the picture on the Digital set has intermittent breaking up of the picture the Terrestrial is a perfect picture any answer’s why !
  6. Yep that's Arthritis, I have it in my fingers, knee's and back my fingers are starting to twist with small hard lumps growing on my knuckles, Doctor told me nothing much they can do, wet and cold weather does not help but a hot water bottle on my back at night in bed does help.
  7. There is one worse than that in Chapeltown, Smith Street in the center of Chapeltown it is a cul de sac which has a turning circle at the top which has double yellow line's that people ignore, you never see a traffic warden, because the car's park nose to tail both side's of the road only one car at a time can go up or down if there was a fire the emergency service would be hard pressed to get up this street.
  8. Hello, you could try, The Umbrella Company UNIT 20 Portland Business Park, 130 Richmond Park Road, Sheffield S13 8HS. 0114 242 4433 :)
  9. Drivers who insist on driving down the middle of the road straddling the white line not knowing the width of their car away from parked cars in some cases it cannot be helped but there are those who think it’s the normal thing to do even on open roads, on my driving test you were taught to give way to traffic traveling uphill towards you where there are parked cars these day’s they just look at you like startled rabbits or the ones who don’t know what indicators are for and think you’re a mind reader, the standard of courteous driving has certainly dropped.
  10. Poppy metal badgers, just a thought every year we buy the small metal badge and then after Remembrance Day we put it into a drawer and forget about it till you stumble across it and throw it away, would it not be an idea if the people selling poppies had a bucket by their stall to collect old, last years, badgers then they could be recycled or weighed in as scrap to get more revenue for the Royal British Legion I have emailed the British Legion and sent this as an idea but no response perhaps if we all emailed them then they may consider it for next year, ok it would mean some sort off collection system but the people collecting what’s not sold from this year could collect these as well.
  11. Went worth is expensive always has been but you are paying for the pleasure of being there, if you want a nice meal with quiet surroundings try Langlands Nursery up Loxley, use to be Rindgold Nursery, it’s not in the same league as Wentworth but it’s a nice cheaper place.
  12. Hello, put them to auction is one option but unless they are mint and boxed do not expect to get much for them well worn and played with " Dinky or Matchbox " toy's are worth a lot lot less, another option is take them to a toy fair and sell them as seperate item's the dealers at toy fairs will give the best deal and you can compare yours with what's being sold to get an idea what they might be worth but remember there is a buying and a selling price dealers will buy from you as with an auction they will go as a job lot, but saying that you need to do your research first, Elsecar Heritage Center Barnsley 29 October there is a toy's fair starts at 6pm till 9pm easy to get too plenty of parking go along and look before you decide don't rush into a sale.
  13. Recomend Wincobank Windows, John and Richard no more to say they are good, look at their web page for details.
  14. Right, well if he is being sarcastic at least give the reasons why.
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