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  1. I have lived in our house since childhood, I did not choose it. But back then the trees were properly maintained, I can remember the Council pruned them every Spring.
  2. The Council should apologise to the many residents who wanted the enormous tree in front of their house cut down, but are still stuck with it because the Council caved in to the protesters.
  3. I don't know, Ken Dodd was popular enough.
  4. I know exactly what you mean. I have short hair, or at least I did before the lockdown. I would love to find a hairdresser who did not turn me out looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.
  5. Sheffield City Council wanted to create a bus lane near Heeley City Farm but tree huggers stopped it .
  6. Well said spilldig. Being rewarded for doing something you enjoy while making a load of money is ridiculous.
  7. I was thinking of asking the same question for the same reason.
  8. Yes, I see him most weeks, though I never see him doing any ''work'' just shouting to the stallholders. I think he has been banned from doing any kind of work in there.
  9. Agreed. The meat is of far better quality than any I have seen in any supermarket.
  10. Well said Crosser, I feel exactly the same.
  11. This makes me angry, but not for the same reason as you. Why can't these people just admit defeat, stay at home and let Amey get on with their job? There are many people in this city who want these trees to be felled
  12. Well said Pattricia that is the situation that we are in. The tree outside our house has also lifted up our garden path in several places
  13. No, it is the idiot tree protesters who are out of control. If they do not want to be 'wrestled to the ground' they know the answer: stay at home , mind their own business and let Amey get on with the job they are being paid to do. There are many residents of this city who want these trees to be felled.
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