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  1. Nothing from Parsleydiva for quite a for quite a while. Is she still active ?
  2. There was a bit of a problem when the Italians arrived to work in the mines. The union did not want to compromise safety and those who could not speak any English were initially prevented from working in the mines. Some of them went into other types of jobs. I worked with two such men at Skelton's in Heeley I remember their names : Camelo Bagnoli and Angelo Giannacovo. Not sure if this helps but it is a start. These two men are probably dead by now. They would be in their late eighties.
  3. My wife (Brenda Bell) worked at Gowers on Chippinghouse 1957-1958
  4. Does anyone remember Barry Mawson who used to live at 618 Bellhouse Road ? He went to Owler Lane Sec Intermediate School with me. We left school in 1953 and I believe that Barry went to work for the Coal Board. If anyone has any information about Barry, I would greatly appreciate hearing about him. If he is still alive he will be 80 or 81 yeas old.
  5. Anybody remember the Bell family who lived on Tadcaster Road ? William (Arthur) Bell was a civil engineer who had an office on there. I am distantly related to them but am not in touch at all.
  6. One branch of the Blaskey family lived in Fulwood in the 1950's They had an au pair girl from Duisburg in Germany. Her name was Franziska Rottels. I went out with her for about a year. She told me that this branch of the Blaskey family spoke German at home. When Franziska first came to work in Sheffield, she could only speak German.
  7. Fantastic information Norrie. I was at Owler Lane from 1948 - 1953. Tom Corley lived in Wath and used to take the slop from the kitchens home in his car. I believe that he kept pigs. He was always looking for someone to carry the container and we used to take off when we saw him coming. I didn't see Mr Tring (ex Arnhem Paratroop veteran) on your list, who taught Science as well as math. Regarding Mr Smith, he had a nasty habit of approaching someone from behind who was not sitting straight and giving the boy a hefty punch in the shoulder. He did it to a lad called Keith Cooper (twice) Keith Cooper got up and dropped him with one punch. Cooper's father came to the school and the end result was that Keith Cooper was transferred to another school. Cooper was not expelled because Smith had punched him twice. I was in the lab when this happened. There are probably others still alive who remember or witnessed this incident. (I'll be 80 in September) Miss Snitch who taught art used to take the class to the top of Grimethorpe tip to do sketching .... Great days. She wore sandals all year round ! I've been in touch with a few of my peers. One of my best friends (Graham Cox) died in a fire about 18 months ago. He lived on the south coast in Poole
  8. I used to live in Aston near Swallownest. I remember 6 Vulcans flying over in 1965.What a noise that was. In 1965 we went to the Battle of Britain show at Finningley. I remember that they had a 'Darlik' on the runway which was bombed by a Vulcan using a powder bomb Great days ! Perhaps that there are still others alive who remember those multi plane flights. We were a young family then but I'm 79 now. ---------- Post added 12-12-2015 at 23:29 ---------- Forgot to mention that the English Electric Lightning fighter was also at Finningley in 1965. I remember it climbing out of site with its afterburners shooting out flames. About 5 minutes later it came back in an unbelievable dive it then flipped over upside down and flew along the runway at a height of 50 feet. A posh RAF voice then announced ... 'That was Group Captain Cox demonstrating the Lightning fighter." I remember the name because that was my best friend's last name.
  9. My father (William Arthur Bell) was a Civil Engineer and had an office on Tadcaster Road. I know that he did a lot of work for Joe Enoch. Joe owned quite a lot of houses in Woodseats and my father used to collect all the rents and do all the repairs to the properties. He also had some connection with the Brickworks.
  10. I think it's an Ullicopter on its regular run from Sheffield to Hull .... sorry about my sick humour !
  11. I lived on Stubbin Lane in Firth Park and went to Owler Lane School. Then my parents moved to Chippinghouse Road which meant a tram from Chippinghouse to C&A Modes and then another tram from C&A to Page Hall and then a 10 minute walk. I did this for a year and a half. I tried cycling it a couple of times but cycling through town was no fun in those days because of all the trams lines which were really greasy when wet. I bet I'm not the only one who came a cropper crossing wet tram lines.
  12. Hi Paul - As far as I can remember the doctor's office was on the left side of the road when you left Firth Park to go to town (same side as the library) but nearer to Firth Park. Interesting that your parents and brothers live in Canada. St Catherines is not far from where we live. My 3 kids were all born in Sheffield but are married to Canadians. I got re-married 25 years ago and my wife is German from Cochem. That's a great place to visit with lots of old pubs like there used to be in Derbyshire. I have a cousin who still lives in Bakewell
  13. It's quite possible that your teacher lived at 16 Stubbin Lane. My Dad sold number 16 and we moved to 212 Chippinghouse Road in 1952. I still went to Owler Lane school till I finished my GCE's The people who lived at No.14 ran a private dance school - don't ask me their names - They taught Tap and Ballet dancing.
  14. I lived at 16 Stubbin Lane from 1949 to 1952. Dr Pettigrew was our family doctor. I had a minor mishap on my bicycle riding up by the library. Like a lot of kids, I used to stand up on the pedals going up hill. Well the pedal broke off and I came down hard onto the handbar stem. I had a lot of bruising and my Mother ( God rest her soul) insisted on taking me to Dr Pettigrew to be checked out. I was about 13 at the time and was very reluctant to visit Dr Pettigrew and drop my pants for her.
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