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  1. I spent hundreds of hours repairing the fire alarm system after "high spirited" students 1976-2005
  2. I always had the old fashioned idea that to be elected Lord Mayor you had to have done a lot of good for the city.
  3. My father was on the Z battery somewhere on the Manor during WW2. Apparently they were aligned to miss the steel works and hit houses in case of malfunction !!!!!!
  4. I remember helping to fit a floodlight at Brown Bayleys football pitch in 1963 and we played on it for years.
  5. What year was this? I was an electrician there in the 1960,s
  6. I remember going to an FA cup match at Leicester in the 1960,s to watch the Blades play them.Leicester had just sold Banks and the Leicester crowd kept shouting at Shilton not to play too good as they would sell him !!!!!
  7. In the early 1970,s I repaired their office machines.I remember that their road was very slippy with the graphite on it.When I worked at Brown Bayleys steels we used their electrodes in our arc furnaces.
  8. I seem to remember going with the club to Blades cup matches in London in the 1960,s when they dropped us off at the ground and then picked us up at midnight probably in Soho after an educational night.
  9. I used to put on all my clothes at once not one item at a time.One coal fire in one room only.Warm on the fire side,freezing on the other.At least we had an inside toilet with a tiny paraffin lamp.Luxury !!
  10. Who remembers scraping the ice off from inside their bedroom windows to look out? Going to bed and shivering and playing tunes with your shivering teeth? Soon be winter again !!!!!!
  11. I did my rounds from the Northern ave Post office on the Arbourthorne. 9d for the morning round , 1/- for the stars and 2/6d for the Sunday massive load. I delivered to the prefabs and when we had that big storm a lot of prefabs were destroyed.When I started work as an apprentice in 1963 my mother took my wages of £3-1-10 for the 46 hour week and gave me about 15/- which was less than my paper round money !!!!!
  12. I was at Hurlfield Boys 1958-60 and the teacher there said I must have been taught spider from inkwell crawling across page style
  13. Sorry I thought that Grahams sister married Bronco Layne
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