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  1. There's been a few TV stars from different parts of Sheffield. Page Hall gave us CCTV stars!
  2. That's sad .. I grew up there and so many memories .. so disappointing (to me, anyway..) how some people live and how they treat the place they live in .. but it's their home now so up to them to set the standard they want ..
  3. What do you call a bed of nails with no nails?
  4. I think they should have naked bus drivers.. then they could shout out, 'standing room only' !
  5. Well I reckon he'll end up on t' cross.. that would be Parson Cross, o' course.. when his money runs out, he'll defo come back to Sheffers.. Just bound to, wouldn't you? I mean who wants a monied, glitzy lifestyle?
  6. Who had the number one hit, 'We're all going on a Summer Halibut' ? Cliff Pilchard
  7. Bring a Barnsley kiss (always handy to have one on standby) and make sure we have all the ingredients to make a Yorkshire pudding for a starter... just like mom used to make... flour, eggs, salt, axle grease... Can you pass me a coit and booits as it's getting a bit parky out... That star seems to be hovering over Firth Browns now... he'll be a steel worker when he grows up that lad, well he woulda been if...
  8. My clairvoyant was closed when I arrived for my appointment. The sign said it was due to unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Can your daughter answer this one: If a fat lady serves in a sweet shop for 5 years and eats 10 sweets every day, what does she weigh?
  10. I too remember Dr Pettigew, very kindly lady. There was also Dr Ridgeway, also kindness personified. I can remember being ill as if it were yesterday.
  11. Carmen has won prizes for her 'best in breed' dripping sandwiches..
  12. Manlinose has a Cyrano de Bergerac fixation and has won prizes for scupltures of Cyrano made entirely from nose hair! S'not clear what he uses for binding..
  13. Timeh used to be Timex but his x left him for a man with a much bigger opportunity..
  14. The poster above me only wears green shoes as they are the only ones that match her complexion!
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