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  1. Hi there any boxing fans out there. I am trying to find a boxer from swayback called TOM KELLY. I think he was from Sheffield, well at least he did live there. He was apparently quite a famous BOXER and had won quite a few bouts. I Have just found out about him , he was my maternal great grandfather on my grandfathers side . So if I could get anything , anything at all it would be a great starter to my research . His partner in life and father to her children was Annie Dickson from the Manor area .Look forward to just a little hint !!
  2. Do you have the photos that you can email to me toptourist@iinet.net.au i would love to show them to Mum and see if he is the one Thx
  3. Oh thats interesting are you able to email the photo to me do you know if he had a daughter she would be around 46 yrs old My parents are in fact quite close to the manor now having a holiday on the Littledale I will send you my email on a pesonal message Thanks for getting back to me
  4. Yep I did I lived on Birklands Ave and went to Athelston primary I think it would have been in 1956
  5. yes I recall my Mum and dad taking me o the Bluebell wood and having photos taken in my whitsuntide clothes Mind you they were of course black and white so it could have been anywhere But it was the wood and i remember it being pretty
  6. Just wondering if there are any baby boomers online who used to attend ballroom dancing classes at the Marsden Dance School in a scout hall at the bottom of Salt Box Lane Grenoside in the early 60's as I did ?
  7. My Dad Eric Dyson used to live in Shiregreen in the early 40's, Not sure where does anyone remember the name His cousins with the surname Salt used to live there too
  8. I was christened in St Mary's church in Handsworth Just wondering if anyone had a photo of it as i am a scrapbooker and doing a book of me for my children and furtur grandchildren and would love to add this to my life story Thx toptourist@iinet.net.au in Perth Western Australia
  9. Believe or not my Father In law was a POW at Lodge Moor, how strange is that ? The first time he came to my parents home in Melbourne Australia he recognized the painting of Coles Corner Mum and dad had in their hallway . He said the POW used to gather there to be picked up by the prison bus after being given a day out in town he said they were treated really well , unlike when he was a POW in Canada . Not sure of his group or what year but he was in the german navy
  10. I am looking for a mr Gordon Taylor of Sheffield he had a daughter Wendy born in the 60's possibly 1963 Gordon and his wife Dorothy ( i think) were friends of my Mum and dads Wendy was born around the time of my brother peter But unfortunately Gordon''s wife died and My Mum and ad lost contact with them It would really make my parents happy if they could be in contact again and as my parents are coming to Sheffield in a couple of weeks I thought it would be great if they could be fond in time for them to catch u sometime between may and Sep 2009 Please I anyone can help me it would be a fantastic present to pass on to my Mum and Dad Thanks in case Janet
  11. I started school at Athelstowe in Handsworth , then onto Grenoside Junior and finally to Yew Lane as it was called then in the 60's Then I moved to Melbourne in OZ
  12. Hi there Paul I think she may be a little older but if you could check it out it would be great Thx a lot Janet
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows of a Gordon Taylor or his daughter Wendy Taylor ( she may well be married now ) Gordon and his late wife were a close friends of my Mum and dad and on coming to Australia they lost contact with him It is a real dream of my Mums to find them so i was wondering of anyone recalled them or even knows them now Do hope so it would really make my Mum happy Thx Janet
  14. Hi there is there anyone out there in cyber-land who has lived or still does live in Grenoside . It was my childhood home before departing in 1965 as an emigrant to Melbourne Australia. I now live in Perth Australia but often think of the wonderful childhood memories i have of the lovely little village of Grenoside I attended Grenoside primary and Junior and then for just half a year at Yewlane now known as Yewlands i think i also attended GFS along with church and sunday school at St Marks Church if anyone is out thee i would love to chat with you about those days Thx Janet from down under
  15. Not me but my dad Eric Dyson did he was a draughtsman in the beginning not sure exactly what he was doing when he left Did you work there then?
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