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  1. The BBC series, The Survivors, it was just dropped, it would be rather relevant to today s problems. I remember the old series, I cannot remember if that had a conclusion.
  2. I am trying to contact Stuart Wiley, ex Jordanthorpe School ad T C Harrison.
  3. Does anyone remember Edna Warrington, lived on Slate Street?
  4. I lived in Olive t Road, Woodseats, I knew Alex, nice bloke, always a cheery word.
  5. Many thanks, it would seem the book is out of print, I have also tried second-hand book shops with no success.
  6. I am looking for a book, As Hard As Nails by Josh Johnson, it is about Phil Milner, my wife learnt karate with him in Chesterfield, she was a black belt second dan, it would be a great gift for her.
  7. There were five of us, me, Roger, Paul, Dave Smith and Barry Falcon. We all played for the same football team, holidays, 67/68 we went in a caravan in Yarmouth, 69/70 we went to Jersey, during the summer, after work we were in the Park footballing, also Sunday afternoon, I had a portable record player, when it got too hot I,d play records, we usually went to town on Saturday night. My cousin did a disco, two nights at the Fleur De Leys, Totley, two nights at the Olive Grove, East Bank Road, we had some great times. In 1971 we had an argument and I went my own way, pity but great memories.
  8. Hi Linda, I did walk you home one night, you phoned me at work, T C Harrison and invited me to an all nighter, I couldn,t go, that was the last time I saw you. If I remember right both you and Shirley had black hair and wore leather coats. I last saw Paul around 1995, he still lives at Woodseat s and is in the phone book, I keep promising to go over and see him
  9. Hi, yes my name is Roger, we used to spend all our time in the Park playing football, Roger Buckey was my best mate. The only friend of Shirley,s I knew was called Linda C. There was a gang of younger girls used to follow us about, Carol Cox was one of them.
  10. My brother, Christopher Billam worked there for a few years.
  11. I used to work at Kennings, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, Tom and his wife used to bring their car for servicing. We used to call at their pub for a drink, lovely couple, always had a chat, brilliant pint in a proper pub, great memories of great people.
  12. Any photos of Olive t Road? I used to live there if you stood at the top there was a brilliant view of the Derbyshire moors. Also awesome to sledge down.
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