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  1. I lived in Olivet Road, Woodseats, we had a shop partway up that sold just about everything, then an off license. at the top on Cross Chantrey Road my aunt and uncle William and Elsie Ogden also had a shop.
  2. Dad used to take to Fox House, we played in the stream, sometimes he collected sheep droppings for the garden. I played for a football team in the 60,s called the Kestrels, at Whitsun we would walk from Woodseats up Whirlowdale Road, through the park to the Roundhouse and take the old Roman road to Fox House then on to Castleton. Catch the bus home for tea then down to the Royal Oak Cemetery Road for a few pints.
  3. I worked at T C Harrison, sometimes when walking past Hallamshire Heating a tall gentleman with a moustache gave me a lift, he had a bronze coloured mk 3 Cortina, I think he was one of the bosses, he would be taking the car for a service. A lot has changed but when I go back there are still reminders of my youth
  4. I had pelvic pains, doctor did a PSA blood test, it was quite high, I was sent to urology, had biopsy, no cancer. I have since had a PSA level of 32, another biopsy, no cancer. I had no problems with biopsy, I am now monitored yearly and glad of it.
  5. Are the reunions still happening?
  6. Parking wardens in Derbyshire do wear green uniforms.
  7. I went in the 60,s, came from Woodseats, played football in Millhouses park. Also played five a side in a competition.
  8. Sad to hear that, the Harvey Fox I knew worked for T C Harrison and I believe he was also in the Territorial Army.
  9. Is this the Harvey Fox that worked at TCHarrison?
  10. My cousin Patricia Warrington r.i.p was a beauty queen, I remember a story about her in the News of the World.
  11. Did anyone play for either in the 60,s?
  12. I had my right knee replaced November 26th 2017 at Chesterfield Royal, in January 2018 I went to see the surgeon, I had no limp and did not need a stick. The operation was not that painful but the exercises were, but if you do not do them the replacement will not work.All I have now is a faded scar, no pain at all, keep up the exercise hopefully will get better, good luck.
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