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  1. Hi, We own a bar the fox in the box Dronfield and we run lots of privarte functions and customers keep asking us for street food truck, please DM me if you can help.
  2. Hi, We own a bar with a large car park in Dronfield , I remember my Grandad taking me to quite a few shows when i was little, he had a 1955 for prefect. I want my kids to experience this so I'm looking to put classic car show on. any one interested and want to help me?
  3. Hi, Happy to help give us a call Numbers in the signature Thanks Mike
  4. The Fox in the Box bar Proudly presents Thor Gods of Rock, Who will be performing Saturday November 27th 2021 Venue address The Fox In The Box, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2FD Tickets £10 Each https://buytickets.at/thefoxintheboxbar OR DM me Thanks Mike
  5. Each Radiator on the system has a KW output i.e. a 600 x 600 double for example is 1Kw so it will need one Kw of power from the boiler. So if you had 6 of those you'd be using 6KW You'd also get some heat loss across the pipework The other thing to factor in is wether you have an old boiler which wont modulate down to what you need it will just get hot very quite fast on a small sytem and just switch on and off and be quite un efficient. If you have a new Condensing type boiler with a pre mix burner it will modulate down to the required heat but they usually have a minimum heat input usally around 6-12 Kw
  6. Any one else suffering with the smell of dog wee on their grass tried allsorts The sub base is sand not sure if thats the issue.
  7. have you looked at drone valley brewery in Dronfield its a community co-op with all profits back to local community, oh and the beers to bad. They open the brewery shop at weekends and you can pop in for a pint its in unstone
  8. I would say ask there permission 1st, you would usually alway have to put the standard timer back in if you leave so keep it safe, I would say your doing for efficiency reasons and then they may not object as much. We are currently offering the honeywell Lyric wireless smart thermostat at £189 fitted. Good Luck Mike
  9. Some times its that solid that even a solid screw driver wont go through the blockage. If you can get to both ends of said pipe you can use the staic pressure test pump sometimes to clear it. Try a stronger chemical i.e. sentinel x400 over a longer time 1-2 weeks to see if that softens it make sure you clean it out though. Good Luck Mike Met Gas Plumbers Sheffield
  10. There is not in sheffield which is a pity, we get work off which trusted trader, very rigorous selection process though.
  11. Did you get sorted with the oil boiler we have oil qualifications ? Mike Met Gas
  12. http://www.easibleed.co.uk/why-easi-bleed/4570081612 Try one of these used them a couple of times, Other than that you need to change the radiator most likely. Good Luck Mike Met Gas Plumbers Sheffield
  13. It depends how may shower etc you are having, Have you looked a flue gas recovery system this may decrease the amount of water you have to run through to get it hot. Also look at the pipe runs and see if they can be re directed and shortened.
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