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  1. anyone use photography contest sites? anyone know a good one?
  2. anyone use music contest site? anyone know a good one?
  3. anyone use any writing contest sites? know any good ones?
  4. this 'aid people are talking about is more 'trade bribes' really. can't really think of anywhere where any aid is done for no ulterior motive by governments, this one included. remember that the indian economy is excepted to overtake the UK in thirty or so years, so it's an investment. and the government knows that
  5. i think you're mistaken in thinking that introvert equates to 'weak'. by 'expressing' themselves i'm guessing you mean they can talk in front of large groups. yes, no, maybe? if you have ideas, suggestions etc you could always speak to the right people in one on one situations, email them etc. if they think these are good ideas you'll soon see that they make sure you get a chance to be heard.
  6. anything and anyone that does anything to try and make the situation better is a good thing in my book. of course, it's the definition of 'better' that tend to mess things up. those who call for 'go back' have the same aim for 'better' as those who call for hugs and songs. but, for my two cents i think they're doing the right thing. quilliam, i mean
  7. any one know anyone/company (local) who do e commerce websites, i think they're called. you know, when people can pay for services or products on the site and such? and also need the site to have a 'members area' separate to the, well, non-members area of the site. most kind.
  8. You’re right. The effect of the thinking/feeling, whatever definition is given to it, leads to the same basic thing, but they come from totally different ‘places’ and cannot be, under any circumstances, be seen as the same.
  9. It IS racism. Always has been. Though it comes from a different state of mind than in countries where the majority control the means and wealth. Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m excusing rather than explaining it.
  10. I would say Respect, and most other ‘fringe’ parties, as always been the case, are benefiting from the troubled times we live in. that Respect won in Bradford is less a vindication of BNP or EDL, or a validation of the ‘Muslim takeover’ theory as it is a sign that the big parties have lost touch with their roots. Most of the vote, or abstainers, are out of protest as opposed to an actual belief in the party/parties politics. There will not be a time when the UK will ever allow any other courts, except those who run with the ‘law of the land’, to pass out their own judgements. Besides, Respect will make a few splashes etc and then wither like the rest. Nothing new.
  11. Ask her what her name is. Then tell her yours. That’s always worked for me.
  12. why not? you're welcome. still a work in progress, decor etc among other things. will take at least a month to sort out. you can come by if you free to see if you have any ideas. i work full time, though, for now- so would have to be outside of the old nine-to-five but, yeah, open to ideas.
  13. i have a property on howard road that i'm looking to open up as a reading room/ art space/gallery/ tea room/ vintage shop(clothes and furniture) and just generally crazy people hang out. looking for people with thier own little projects but witout the space to come on in and sell/exhibit etc or use as workshop. no real idea of how to run a tea room/coffee house so anyone who knows how to do it welcome. all other types welcome to use it as a base too. no real strings. just want people to have a place to do stuff. i'll be working from there too. anyone with ideas, wanting to get involed etc welcome.
  14. The reasons for the book burning were different. Not sure that comparison is apt.
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