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  1. unfortunately still opened , really long queues , slow service .
  2. Dggsheffield

    Ups sheffield

    I am sorry you feel you had a bad experience with the telephone conversation but I find ups one of the best parcel delivery companies out there and there are lots of drop off and collection points, my other half has a delivery comming tommorrow , wont be in so directed it via website to her local drop off shop.
  3. Dggsheffield

    Cat shelters

    that's a fantastic gesture I got my cat from a shelter and they always appreciate donantions .
  4. where is it to be located in sheffield
  5. Dggsheffield

    Royal mail rant - postman

    did he give you the parcel ? I would also send the cctv footage to the area manager of royal mail.
  6. Dggsheffield

    20 kg white rock salt

    Dont get caught out this winter? apply before freezing to prevent slips trips and falls, apply after snow to melt and avoid freezing. Application lasts upto 24 hours. 20kg bag £6.00 3 bags ..£15.00 6 bags ..£30.00 plus free snow scoop collection from s35 or delivery to cover fuel
  7. Dggsheffield

    Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    How busy was fox valley today as was working out if it is easier to get park and ride bus to stocksbridge tommorrow ? TIA
  8. Dggsheffield

    Four dead in Darnall crash 09/11/2018

    great reporting by the star. something needs to change in society where the innocent are punished and the alleged culprits escape with there life
  9. Dggsheffield

    Road resurfacing

    is there a site you can report road defects, because where the buses stand has failed and the patch repair they did lasted 2 weeks it all needs digging up and redoing , I think its time to name and shame the roads that need resurfacing
  10. did anyone else the the convoys of unmarked police cars racing down the motorway past junction 32 about 12 oclock. there was about 6 cars with grill lights flashing and a mini bus. didn't look like they were escorting anyone but could have been special branch or anti terrorist police
  11. Dggsheffield

    Business help/advice

    Hi again, if you are small one man band perhaps focus on one market till you grow, have you done any market research into which is a niche market, I know nothing about the car market but is there a demand for alloy wheel refurb in Sheffield . once you have a customer you can upsell some of your services
  12. Dggsheffield

    Business help/advice

    Hi seanjohn you seem very enthuastic about the business which is great, but can you tell me what your business will do ? is it a body shop and spray booth? what type of customers are you looking for? answering these questions will help people give you ideas how to attract customers.
  13. Dggsheffield

    Cops all in black with guns??

    is there any update to what the police were up to?
  14. I have seen this helicopter for the last few days, does anyone know what its upto.

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