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  1. Hi...Can anybody recommend a place for good quality real xmas trees please? I bought mine from loxley garden centre last year and you only had to walk past the tree and all the needles fell off even though they were advertised as no drop needles! It also went droopy after a week! Many thanks
  2. Please give Frame-ups windows a try too. We are a family run business which specialises in wooden/sash windows with a great reputation! We have been established for over 25 years and if you type us in the search engine you will find a lot of very happy customers from the forum alone. The number is in my signature below or you can ring my husband on his mobile on 07939136401, his name is Mark. Thank you Rachael
  3. Thanks guys! I think we've sussed it!!
  4. Thank you to both of you! Very helpful!
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me, if or what buses go to Broomhill from Chapeltown please? My daughter has a job interview there tomorrow which will hopefully lead to a job there but not sure about buses!! Thank you Rachael
  6. Rachylou

    Pink estate agents

    Our house has been up for sale with Pinks for over a year now with only around 5 viewings. We never hear from anyone in the office and wish we hadn't paid up front as I would have taken it off and put it on with another estate agents. In my opinion I think they would work harder in selling your property if you pay extra after the property's sold. That is just our experience though. Our house is quite big and having looked I think the smaller properties are selling quicker.
  7. hoping im not waiting for a reply too long...the rabbit is my sisters and shes heart broken! :-(
  8. Thank you! I'm hoping this is it... I have contacted the person! Rachael
  9. Hi if anyone has seen the rabbit in question then can you please message me ASAP. Thank you Rachael
  10. Mine and my daughters phones are down too, saying no service. Can get onto the internet though! We're in s35.
  11. Rachylou

    Good place for steak.

    Sette colli in Hillsborough! They come in delicious sauces too!!!
  12. Rachylou

    Delayed Mail !!

    Yep I'm another one in Chapeltown... . Same for a few of my neighbours too!
  13. Hi, I've heard that the players lounge in Ecclesfield is getting shut down after the incident last weekend. Has anybody heard anything about this or are they just rumours?
  14. Rachylou

    Is the traffic moving now?

    I'm a polite person n needed to say Thank you. Doesn't mean I will start a topic again though. :-)
  15. Rachylou

    Is the traffic moving now?

    Thank you to those for your helpful replies! I think I'll give it up as a bad job and stay at home today!

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