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  1. Ironically we deserve the leaders we get. People banging on about how good he was as a chancellor earlier in his career and he sold the lot to his banker mates and thrust us into deeper debt. What is amazing is how apathetic we are to scum like them. We are ruled from the gutter class (politicians). If someone at work did a blunder like that he would no doubt be fired but what does the closed political system do to him? Reward him with Premiership for selling the nations gold @£150 an ounce. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to realised prices would have shot up. I cringe when i see the man and all his cronies.
  2. The Saudi Arabian King is having a tough time reigning in the desert-bedoiun clerics and amalgamating the rest of the Musilm worlds teachings into Saudi Arabia (ie> non wahabism). So credit to him. Its a tough job but someones got to do it.
  3. Well said.... Only addition i'd like to make is slavery via physical iron and chains has been abolished but transferred to total economic slavery via the debt monster and national debt. So each child in Africa is born owing the bankers $600. Before its even had its first milk. This is totally discounting how our kids and kids kids will now be liable to pay the debt thrust upon us (by taking our tax money to fund the debt houses which impose the debt on us i.e> Banks). Lord help us. In regards to daily good deeds i prefer smiling, even if to a stranger. sometimes giving the change in my pocket in charity tubs (without looking at it so no ego on how much i've lost), and i volunteer my time to non profit charities, roughly 1 or 2 days a month.
  4. Has anyone had the worst treatment from these people? They lost my doctors note and claimed i didnt send it in (4months later btw) and so have denied me 3 months money. Furthermore the doctor they sent to examine me asked me lots of questions about my private life. Innocently i spoke the truth (i was raised this way unlike some of them) and he physically looked at me for 2 or 3 minutes. They then cut and denied me my benefit. I appealed, they said sorry i will get it, then they said NO. I said i want a 2nd opinion then they just sent me a long letter saying its going to appeal and i cant say/do a thing. I have an army of doctors saying i am ill but the SATANIC ESA DOCTOR just wanted to catch me out. For example he said "do you goto supermarket" so i said yes (wife carries the heavy stuff). Apparently then this lost me points. What on earth does having a bit of social activity to mentally help me prove that im not ill? I walked away thinking i have spoken the truth but in reality they used everything i said against me. To hammer the nail in the coffin they LOST my doctors note but claimed i didnt send it in. I send it recorded delivery but its only to a PO BOX (jokers dont give real names so they can hide behind their mistakes) and as i said stopped this earlier money. The reality of it all is i lose the £250 a month i used to use for alternative treatments and private treatments which is v expensive BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WORKING ALL MY LIFE FOR SIXTEEN YEARS PAYING TAXES AND I DONT WANT TO BE ON BENEFIT. BY CUTTING MY MONEY YOU ACTUALLT DELAY MY RETURN TO WORK. Is their anyone on her who works in that satans cave who can help me? Espisodes like this make me have a life changing view on paying my taxes to banks but not getting them back to recover from serous illness. In truth, Olive.
  5. hi anyone know what / how it happened to the young lad killed on sunday night in eckington in RTA? All i heard was it was head on with a van and they had to cut the poor lad who was pushed form the front/to the back seat on impact. any info appreciated & condolencies & prayers to his family.... Rest in Peace
  6. well not ashamed. humbled. not everyones like that but in 2009 it seems racial tension is simmering in a lot of towns. never lived in bristol though so dont know if its a chav town or not
  7. what a shame, that poor girl. Glass/slaps/muggings - makes me ashamed to be english.
  8. Hi Have a friend over with his family has kids and mrs need something interesrting. I was thinking of western park museum. Any ideas on places say 20min-half hour drive (max)?? meadowhell is out and so is graves park gallery (been their too many times).
  9. just managed to pick up some confidence and reply. still undecided. Are their any council officials on this board to help explain to me why i cant do "an act of charity" and help re house 3 battery hens??
  10. Thats killed it. Jobsworth housing officials. Just phoned them said i cant keep hens. even a measly 3. I tried explaining battery hens but werent interested. just said no and someone comes round and explains why later etc... sounds like a fob off. though why someone in the council housing or housing authority cant have it in their heart to allow small numbers which hurt no one is beyond me. not like were asking for a factory or chickens to inundate the street. very disappointed
  11. Thank you all SO much for your suggestions and help. its threads like this that make sheffield forum so grate. Lotti - the hens have just pipped the hamster inc berkanas advice on birds (now 3rd place) so if i do ever go down that route ill check you up! Henhugger thanks for msgs. its now a case of getting a cage made based on ure advice but im trying to source internet diagrams/stuff. they must be out their. ive registered and theirs a colleciton this sunday. if i miss it looks like it might be next month The fact they are ex battery and need a stable, good, family home and outside natural environment so ure doing a good thing is what pipped it. thanks
  12. Any diagrams on this chicken coop? with credit crunch and that 200 is quite a bit. sounds like u did a good job though. just what im after.. i got a garden probably 3sq metres in size (just the spare bit not whole size). which i think is more than enough for 2-3 birds. btw i just registered!
  13. hamsters are cute but bite dont they? Dont want to discount anything yet... also do they smell and how often do u clean the cages? not being a lazy git btw just that i beleive in "pets for life not just for diwali/christmase/eid/hannukah etc"
  14. OK looks like the hen idea has nigel manselled its way to the top. just been reading the site. Looks realy interesting. i just have to get/make a chicken coop. the gardens big enough. might try 2 hens, as they say 1 would get lonely, dont think i can handle 3 just yet. and its for a good cause as ex battery hens. anyone else on this forum done it? what was your experiences? thanks!
  15. Henhummer can i give me advice on the hen, nothing hidden...? 1) Get hen (easyish bit) 2) need a hut 3) What do they eat? 4) Single hens dont need license do they? 5) Dos and donts. the website looks great but if u or anyone who has hens can answer id appreciate it very much:thumbsup:
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