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  1. Hi Hutch111, I went to the nursery infants juniors and seniors about the same time lived on Penrith
  2. Hi ballie, There is Robinson,Valentine and Sanderson in the picture. Tony was a Sheffield councellor last I heard of him. Was you in the photo?
  3. Did anyone go to King Ecgbert's around 1963-1968, I also remember the uniform which was maroon with a beret!! (Blue in summer) And Miss Coates the Headmistress!! (Rjay's better half!)
  4. Just found a photo of the 1963\4 rugby team at Shirecliffe School which I was in. I can put a name to some of the faces but not all. Does anyone remenber being in the team that year?
  5. Hi. It was about 1960 the cafe had dormatories at the back I think it was a truck stop at the time. It was where Bramalls Gold Rooms are now. We went across to see the match when thay open the the gates after half time.
  6. Yes there was a culvert so far up you could hide in. It was below the fish pond, Came out on the other side of Herries Rd. There was a push bike track with a good jump between there and the graveyard. Did you ever have to fetch the ball of the railway line while playing football on the bottom field if you kicked it over you fetch it.
  7. Hi, There was a place called Kitsons cafe across from the Sheffield Wednesday ground a long time back.Went to the match from there with a friend.
  8. Hi, I was at Shireciffe with some of the names on your list. When will you be going to the Carbrook next? Hope to see you all there soon. Regards Reg Parker
  9. The naughty boys home was the large house on the left. at the top of Cooks Wood Rd, end of Shirecliffe Rd.
  10. Hi, was it the next to the top house on the left.
  11. Went to the Cutler's Hall 40 year ago when it was a dance hall had to go to the Stone house for a drink as there no beer in the Cutler's and thats a long time before they put stars up in the Stone house.
  12. Hi I was there remember walking up to the seven trees and cutting log with a larj dubble handel saw and the hospital corners when we made our beds.
  13. Hi - re the photo (1980). Before that on one side there were small holdings where pig and chickens were kept, a mate and my self went shooting rats (with permission).On the opposite side there were allotments, under which was a small mine. In the background there was Neepsend power station.the tip in the middle used to be on fire and my brother and I colected coke and sold bags on Parkwood Springs. Before the college on top of the hill there were gun implacments to protect Sheffield in the war and the shelter was left until it was all cleared for the college to be built.
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