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  1. Thanks for your response, Yes I've asked everywhere possible in that area..
  2. Anyone interested in finding out more about Heeley there's a Facebook Group called Heeley Past and Present . worth a look.
  3. Hi, If anyone has found a Memory card in the last few days,or know of someone has please contact me on site..It was lost in sheffield city Centre on the 26th Jul 2015.. Kind regards:)
  4. Heeley Past & present via Facebook....
  5. Heeley Past & Present access Via Facebook...
  6. HI the correct spelling is Kubiack...She lived on Grimesthorpe rd and was marreid to Ludwig Kubiak who died in 1969...they had a daughter. Anne
  7. :help:trying to find Anne Kubiak sheffield
  8. Yes the very same do you have any further info...would be greatfully accepted....Kind regards:)
  9. Hi I'm trying to find information about Doreen. I know she passed away some years ago but would also like to find as much info as possible...She owned a fruit & Veg shop on well rd Heeley which also did flower arranging..Her mother was called Mrs Morrison (Flo) please check Heeley past & Present via facebook...
  10. Sorry it has to be via Facebook as it's Facebook group...
  11. Check out Heeley Past & Present via Facebook....Great sight
  12. Check Heeley Past and Present via facebook.....
  13. Heeley Past and Present a froup on Facebook worth a look:hihi:
  14. hi there I knew Jane Naretti & Andrew Moffat they went to the same schol as me (Herries) back in the 80's
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