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  1. I'm interested in parkwood springs and its history. I'm looking for memories or stories anyone has that describe what the area used to be like! I've got two old maps; The first one from 1892 shows the area as mostly woodland, named 'Old Park Wood' with housing to the South which i believe was Parkwood Springs but that now the name is given to the whole site including landfill etc. I'm interested in the old Parkwood Road which went through the woodland joining the site from North to South at this time. Does anyone know how well this was used as a route into the city at this time? The second is of 1953 which shows the old Parkwood Road still intact but no woodland and what looks like a series of quarries in its place. It also shows allotments off of Douglas Road which i would be interested in finding out about! I think its a shame this land is being used as landfill and that the Parkwood Road has been cut off as a route into the city so any information on the character of this area over the period i have discussed would be welcomed!
  2. I'm an architecture student and I need CAD software for Windows XP! Bentley Microstation or Architectural desktop (Vectorworks as a last solution) cheap....i don't want to pay hundreds of pounds for it though!!!!!! Anyone have any info or ideas? Thanks!
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