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  1. I didnt create this thread for a load of grief just for a bit of advice but it looks like all i am going to get is grief Mods can you either close or delete my thread please Thank you
  2. The dog ran out pounced then we just screamed what else could we do:loopy:
  3. I did not scream as soon as it came out of the house did i say that. it has been ok before today dont just jump to conclusions
  4. it was too late by then i had picked him up but it was too late it just happened so quick you wouldnt understand unless it happened to you
  5. look the dog was not provoked it came out growling then just pounced
  6. The dog had puppies and that is what she was selling. The dog is female about 2 years old. All we were doing was stood there talking my boy was stood next to me holding my hand at this point the dog was in the house then somebody opened the living room door then the dog came running out me and my boy were screaming for my neighbour to get the dog away and that is how it happened
  7. yes i did but it didnt seem to make a difference as i saw the dog running on the front an hour after so i thought if she had a visit from the law then she may listen and keep the dog under controll
  8. It was a staffordshire bull terrior and i just want the police to tell her to keep her dog under controll
  9. My little boy just stood there he did nothing to provoke it at all.I have called the police and they are coming to see me soon i just hope that i have done the right thing
  10. http://s243.photobucket.com/albums/ff106/charlotte2406/?action=view&current=SP_A0021.jpg I dont know if i have done it right or wether you can see it properly
  11. i have took a photo on my mobile i was going to put it on here but i cant work out how to do it
  12. All my neighbour did was put the dog back in the house
  13. I was stood on the front yesterday talking to my neighbour next minute her dog went for my little boy and you can just see teeth marks in the side of his face i just need advise on what to do. My little boy age 4 is terrified
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