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  1. Yes they are,all the info the passenger needs to make a complaint are on the ticket. These details can then be verified by a printout from the drivers wayfarer module.
  2. So would you're philosophy also apply to the Fire Service when they strike (quite often I might add) may they deserve a slap too. Oh and while they are at the NHS do they get a slap too for talking about strike action. I know teachers,firemen,nurses,bus drivers,prison officers lets give em all a slap for ruining several scared days.
  3. I see the quality of posts are on the up again:hihi:
  4. Whatever happened to skinheads chasing you through Pondstreet,the smell of urine in the subways,drunks in the Hole In Road,kids dropping chips on your head from the galleries?. Sheffield jus aint the same anymore.
  5. LMAO I was thinking this just the other day
  6. 99p store because it like going to skegness market without the hassle of driving there.
  7. I know plenty of people that claim benefits of some description while sitting on their backside all day watching TV. These people are scroungers,nothing more nothing less the benefits system allows these people to carry on like this. I also know of people that claim to be disabled in some form to avoid work,what a joke this is some of these are the very same that slope off to their little fiddle jobs that they have. There should be a system where if you havent completed a fixed number of years employment or study for students,benefits are not an option. Even when you did qualify it would be for a fixed period of time giving you the motivation to get back into work. These people wouldn not have to worry about feeding their offspring if they worked,because they would not be at home breeding all day. We even have moronic companies that now cater to the wants of these people,brighthouse,shopacheck,provident ect..... all prey on these people and they do good business. They fill their home with nice shiny new things,things that most people work hard for. The Benefits system is one of worst things this country stands for because it breeds lazy layabouts that have a degree in Trisha,Jeremy Kyle and the rest of the trash. This is another reason why we become flooded with imigrants and assylum seekers (ducks and takes cover) because it too easy for them to come over here and let the tax payers foot the bill. Ive seen some excellent points in this thread,workhouses,work camps these would have my vote any day. As said by scrooge himself "are there no prisons"
  8. What is wrong with that?,,give them a whole bag of drugs and let nature take its course.
  9. I have Blueyonder and have a setup the same as you describe. Mine goes as follows: Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem Netgear Wirless Router Desktop PC Laptop Blue cable goes from modem to router,,,crossover cable goes form pc Lan Card to port one of the router. Laptop has wirless card(PCMCIA) and it all works fine both can surf net at same time either will work without the other being switched on,,,as long as router and modem are turned on. Not had any problems witht his setup for almost 12 months now.
  10. Just recently purchased a car from carcraft,the experience was not too bad at all. Saw the car on the net,then looked around for a better deal,the car i purchased was actualy cheaper than one of the same at perrys. It worked out quite simple,I walked in stated I wanted to look at a paticular car,told them the price they advertised it as on net and produced the print out to back it up. I told them I didnt want the stupid 5 yrs finance and wanted it over 3 yrs,they stalled on this a little but gave in in the end. All in all i was in and out in in 2.5 hrs with the car,7 days Comprehensive Insurance and they extended the waranty to 3 years (although probably worth nothing). The car is nice,low mileage,one owner full service history,imaculate condition so for now I cant grumble. I think the main factor is to show them whos in control and stay in control no matter what they throw at you.
  11. Where is the Aldi on Halifax Road,I thought it was Lidol?
  12. Carefull lad,,,,watch out for those pink slips dishing em out like christmas cards at the moment.lol
  13. post deleted due to lack of interest in this tossers theories
  14. How about a bit of unpaid work for a few hours a week maybe with a charity or something,not much but every little helps.
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