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  1. This is an old link but it tells you what you want to know. http://www.gordonsllp.com/legal-updates/new-criminal-offences-relating-to-tobacco-sales-only-one-month-to-go-15657
  2. The following 3 sites,supply & fit garden sheds. http://www.the-internet-pages.co.uk/england/sheffield/sheds/shed1.htm http://www.beastsheds.co.uk/areas/sheffield-sheds/ http://www.summergardensheds.co.uk/showpt.php?ref=GARDEN-SHEDS-FITTED&gclid=CKCTmoXijq8CFcwTfAodeQNaxQ
  3. Peter was a poster I always got on with,he had a great sense of humour and was very fair.1 of the old school,he will be missed. RIP Shoeshine Steve Appolo
  4. try here a few cheap ones http://www.supaprice.co.uk/p/result.jsp?ga=uk11&q=portable+gas+fires
  5. try here http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/misc.php?do=page&template=Team
  6. It's the ghost of an old SF er returning to haunt you all
  7. Thought it was fishy you got the wrong plaice;) I went in & asked them if they had any scraps,they told me to bugger off before they would batter me;)
  8. Hi you will have to phone your new internet provider & they will activate your internet service.
  9. Constipation Remedy A london resident was suffering from constipation, so his doctor prescribed suppositories.A week later the resident complained to the doctor that they didn't produce the desired results. "Have you been taking them regularly?" the doctor asked."What do you think I've been doing," the resident said, "Shoving them up my ass!"
  10. It must have been this then Scotophaeus blackwalli aka mouse spider clearly after the cheese:)
  11. I would say it's got a good chance of standing as it's got four legs,& we have already had clowns idiots bigots the list goes on:)
  12. Spoilsport she can come & do a video in my back yard any day
  13. Hi ya I don't know anything about the free courses via the job centre but, Most of the very big Security firms have their own training schemes. I did 4 days training in Northampton it was paid for by my Security firm,when I passed my course the SIA badge was paid for by my firm,then my uniform was supplied by my firm with the following terms. If I left the firm in the first year I would have to pay back the full amount for 1 my boarding's for 4 days. 2 the fee for my 4 days training. 3 the travel allowance either train fare or car fuel allowance they gave me. 4 the cost of my uniform. 5 the cost of my SIA badge. The cost went down every year for three years then you didn't have to pay anything back. So look for a big security firm that does the above do the qualifying period & it shouldn't cost you anything
  14. Well well it's a small world Paul hi there after all these years. I was also a member all those years ago,I was also a Founder member of The Breakers Charity organisation,we held a charity gig there. That's all for now Paul all the best Steve Guy Fawkes
  15. Hi Paul you are a blast from the past,I haven't seen you for years & years.This is Steve Guy Fawkes by the way,how are you doing?.
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