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  1. Hi, thanks for the tip, have posted a message and photo on ride Sheffield!
  2. Please could you keep an eye out for my friend's pushbike which was stolen yesterday. It is the only one of its type in Sheffield as it was made for her. It has very, very fat brown tyres, a maroon frame, and leather seat. No makers marks. It was locked up on bike racks, there was cctv - two males in dark hoodies. If you see it, please call SYP quoting incident number 614. She is gutted to have had it stolen, it was only left there as she had to travel back home at short notice following the death of her nan. She deserves a change in luck, so please keep your eyes peeled! Thanks!
  3. Is it a scalloped Hazel caterpillar? Found one in my garden a week or so ago, it's the right time of year for them and they are the most twiggy looking thing I've seen!
  4. My o/h was knocked out for 10mins after coming to grief on this same stretch on his pushbike at the end of March. He doesn't know what happened as has lost about half an hour memory wise, cracked a rib, scrapes n bruises and a trashed helmet, but otherwise ok. He doesn't cycle that way any more! Best wishes to the lady and her family, hope she gets better very soon.
  5. Diplomacy Britannia Twilight Struggle Kings and Things Glass Road Carcassonne Ticket to Ride (Europe) But my current fave is Agricola. Saving up for Caverna!
  6. Went past just after this had happened, man on floor under blanket, don't want to speculate, just hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.
  7. Took me an hour door to door (Middlewood to West St) yesterday, half an hour longer than usual and 20 mins late for work, mainly because the Y1 I got on at ten to nine then sat at Middlewood waiting until 9.15. Not impressed! Am going to walk to Penistone Rd and try the 79 today instead.
  8. Oh no, you may find him in the ladies loo at 4 am - that's what happened to me last time I went.
  9. Hi, anything big enough to make a decent growing space so at least 6ft by 6ft I guess but the bigger the better! The main thing is the frame needs to be heavy and steel, no carbon fibre stuff. I'm in S6 but can collect from anywhere in Sheff if you know anyone!
  10. Wow, those are really helpful - will have a good rummage through the links. I was thinking the same - what I really need is someone who's forgotten about the tent altogether and has no use of it as the ones on ebay etc. are obviously saleable and therefore more valuable. What do I want it for? Well, I have an allotment and have managed to get hold of a large piece of old polytunnel skin (the plastic) so was trying to make myself a budget polytunnel! Except it's not panning out that way at the moment! Thanks for the help tho.
  11. I did post this in the 'wanted' section originally but had no replies so am trying here for advice! I'm after a really old frame tent, any condition as long as the frame is all there (as I don't want the fabric) willing to pay a small donation to take it off someone's hands. Any ideas where I might get one? I have trawled round ebay, gumtree, ukcampsite, preloved, freegle for months now with no joy (unless you want to pay a LOT of money or travel a long way to collect).
  12. Hi, my oh dropped his HTC 8X, same issue, he found these folks - http://www.tonikuk.co.uk, fitted a new screen for about £80, he was happy with the job and price.
  13. Possibly try Community Repaint, think they may have a worker based in Sheffield.
  14. Neither of us had any cash at all to give him unfortunately, but he doesn't live far away so am trying to pin down exactly where so we can pop something through the door for him.
  15. A huge thank you for finding my OH's wallet where he had dropped it in the street four hours before, and returning it, all present and correct. He didn't even know it was missing so was too shocked to thank you properly. Hillsborough S6 area. Your honesty and sense of responsibility will get you far hopefully!
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