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  1. They do need to be done and im not denying that but a persistant disruption to services lasting 6 months is more than a few weekends! For some minor disruption then im happy to just find out but when the disruption will last half a year I personally think it would be a common courtesy to inform local businesses for the cost of a couple of hundred letters. When the budget is in the millions of pounds mark £100 for some letters to let people know whos businesses will be affected doesnt seem like much. Although I may not have been able to do much about it, it does affect more people than just those who use the trams to get about on.
  2. I cycle to work and have not been on the trams recently it would have just been a courtesy to inform people who rely on people coming into their shops as this will have an impact on business by making people much less likely to travel to the area.
  3. Just had a Supertram press release through from the Star not from Supertram, which says work will begin on the tram lines in hillsborough in less than 2 weeks. Not only this but it will be running through out the Tour de france!!! So minimal disruption will be caused. I work in a shop on the Leppings Lane tramstop and this is the first that anyone from the shops up and down the street has heard about it. I will post the press release if anyone is interested but I thought I should write something on here just to let other people know. ---------- Post added 19-03-2014 at 15:30 ---------- Here is the press release for anyone interested: TRAM NETWORK IMPROVEMENT WORKS SET TO RESUME • Next stage of tram rail replacement works to start this month • Engineering work to replace worn out tram tracks will begin in Hillsborough/Malin Bridge • Contingency plans in place to ensure minimal disruption for passengers WORK to renew the Supertram network through a major programme of essential rail replacement works is set to resume this month. Tram network owner South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) and system operator Stagecoach Supertram are funding the project, with the majority of work being undertaken during the next four years at an estimated capital cost of £32million. A £5 million grant has been provided by DfT for the initial phase. The first stage of the project was completed in 2013 by contractor VolkerRail, and saw almost 5,000 metres of rail replaced between Spring Lane and Park Grange Croft tram stops. The next stage of the works, which begin on Saturday 29 March in the Hillsborough/Malin Bridge area of the city, will see VolkerRail continue to replace worn out sections of tram track across the whole of the Supertram network. The work, which is essential to protect the city’s tram network for the future, is expected to continue until September. The majority of the Supertram network will be open for business as usual, however the works will cause inevitable disruption, bus replacement services will be in operation to minimise the disruption to passengers as much as possible. In addition, Supertram’s 13-week tram only online Megarider will be reduced from £131 to a promotional price of £95 to recognise how the works may affect some of their regular customers. The tram/bus Megarider weekly and Dayrider tickets available on board still represent great value. For the areas affected, comprehensive bus replacement information will be available on the SYPTE website, Sheffield Supertram website and via Twitter as well as through leaflets, posters and information on tram stops. Detailed information about the works will also be distributed by VolkerRail to local residents and retailers in the affected areas. David Young, SYPTE Deputy Interim Director General, said: “The tram network is critical to daily life and helping people to get jobs and training, as well as leisure trips off-peak. The tram is a great way to travel around Sheffield, but this work is essential to the future operation of the system and the benefits it brings to the region. “During the work, there will be some short-term disruption for some tram users, residents and businesses and we would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding. Once the project is completed, everyone travelling in Sheffield will benefit.” Supertram Managing Director Margaret Kay said: “This project is essential to ensure Sheffield’s tram services can continue for years to come, long after our existing contract has ended. During the works over the next few months, the majority of our services across the network will run as normal, however some sections of the system will be affected, with buses replacing trams at times. This will cause short-term disruption for some customers but we will be doing everything we can to minimise the impact of the works on our passengers.” Ken Robinson, Director of Specialist Businesses at VolkerRail said: We are delighted that SYPTE has chosen us to continue with this important rail replacement programme. Although a challenging project, we are sector specialists in tram track replacement and have a robust plan in place to deliver the project in the most efficient way possible." The rail replacement project is made up of infrastructure costs as well as other consequential costs associated with the work. As infrastructure owner, SYPTE is investing in the track renewal work. South Yorkshire Supertram Limited (SYSL), part of Stagecoach Group, will contribute to the infrastructure work, cover any reduced passenger revenue associated with the temporary service disruption, and will fund the extra resources required to deliver the tram replacement bus services while work is on-going. The Government has already awarded £5million from the Department for Transport’s Local Pinch Point Fund to help fund the project. Around 20 years after the track was originally laid, large sections of rail are close to being life-expired following years of use by trams as well as wear and tear caused by heavy road traffic. Measures taken by Supertram engineers have already extended the lifetime of the track by as much as five years. However, despite that, around 22km of the tram route needs the rail replacing by 2024. The work being carried out will be aligned with the planned tram train pilot project which was announced by the Department for Transport (DfT) in May 2012. The project, which is expected to be in operation by 2016, will see a new tram train link –operated by Supertram - between Sheffield and Rotherham. Once the replacement work is complete, it is thought that the new rails – made from harder wearing steel - will have a life-expectancy of 25-30 years. Stagecoach Supertram operates on three tram routes in Sheffield, covering 29km and is used by around 15million passengers a year. For more information on SYPTE visit http://www.sypte.co.uk For further information about Stagecoach Supertram or to purchase tickets, visit http://www.supertram.com For more information on VolkerRail visit http://www.VolkerRail.co.uk
  4. I wasn't suggesting just letting in anyone. the whole point is that you meet first, you share a common need and that if you don't trust them you don't let them look after your pets. The fact that they lived in your area just means that its easier you and them. I didnt grow up in sheffield and moved here a couple of year's ago and don't know many people in the local area so this to me seems a really good way for people that need help to help each other. With out trust in our fellow man we have no society
  5. Hi I came across a flier yesterday about a website called Neighbours Can Help (http://neighbourscanhelp.org.uk/). I was wondering if anyone had any experience of using the site? Seems like a great idea would really like to start a critter sitter circle to help out feeding each others pets and walking dogs when each other is away for the weekend or just need an extra hand. Thought this website would be a good place to start as it seems pretty secure (you have to validate your address via post). Also like the idea of helping out other people in the area where its needed. So what are peoples thoughts?
  6. “Hidden Beauty offers you the opportunity to turn an everyday trip into a beautiful adventure, which is wonderfully executed by our dancers. This unique, interactive, live performance connects the spectator in a response to the universal theme of identity and sense of self and place. 
The dancers use contact dance techniques to engage the audience with the space and environment and make everyone aware that beauty is all around us – however, sometimes it is hidden from us. Two pairs of dancers perform duets, including some seated work, alongside moves where the dancers pull each other across the stage, and use is made of counter-balance, and includes an interactive element. Lucie Lee Dance Company is an emerging professional dance company, which incorporates digital media into their dance performances. Some of our dancers have disabilities, and our performance will address issues of who can dance, and create an inclusive platform.” Chris Nykiel, dancer. Performances Friday 26th April 5:30pm Saturday 27th April 1pm and 3pm Tickets available from Cupola Gallery (0114) 285 2665 ---------- Post added 17-04-2013 at 17:49 ---------- Check out the Youtube video
  7. Karen Sherwood is the curator of Cupola Contemporary Art, and this year the gallery reached a landmark age of 21 years! On Saturday the 11th August at 2pm, Karen will be hosting an event at the gallery where she will be talking about what its like to curate exhibitions and the challenges that come with it. She will share what she has learnt over the last 21 years and give insight into where she gains her inspiration for new exhibitions. There will be the chance to ask questions at the end and hospitality will be provided! Free for members! £2 entry for non members (the money goes to supporting the gallery's new social enterprise programme) The event will take place on Saturday 11th August 2012 at 2pm, at Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, 178a Middlewood Road, S6 1 TD Hope to see you all there!
  8. Cupola Framing on Middlewood road are great but not the cheapest, you get what you pay for but service very good and they are happy to talk through it all with you.
  9. great would love to contact her but i cant send any messages until i have sent 5 posts
  10. Hi im looking for a cat sitter for the hillsborough area can any one recommend a good one for me thanks
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