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  1. I’ve already paid them over £1,500.00 so I’m I don’t want to pay any more money to another company
  2. Hi Need some advice on what my next steps to take The accountants I employed 6 months ago to take over my books have failed me quite seriously. They haven’t done my last two VAT returns. And numerous other items I am in arrears with VAT and have surcharges to pay on top. I have paid them on account I am in a mess. kind regards Neil
  3. hi mate only just picked this up, is it still available?
  4. I’m looking for a small unit where I can set up a spray booth for spraying kitchens and furniture. Around 600-1000 square foot would be ideal I’ve outgrown my garage
  5. Get in now, it’s taking off. I’m setting it up along my decorating business. Make sure you do your research tho. Using the wrong paint and wrong technique can seriously damage the windows. I’m using hvlp spray setup
  6. Hi Richmond Cricket Club are looking for players any ability if you’re interested please pm me. You can search our page on Facebook Regards
  7. Is it decorative cove or the gypsum type with a paper face?
  8. Ikea was started and finished in the time it’s took to build this Its over 2 years since the old one was shut
  9. I have heard they have put up cameras to spot people using their mobile phones
  10. Hi my friend is in the process of signing for a house, on the second visit I notiiced the neighbour has a porch clearly encroaching the boundary with a fall pipe for rain water running onto her garden. Plus they have pushed there fence right up to the outhouse of her proposed new home ( this is over grown so wasn't noticed ) No one likes to fall out with neighbours but I can see this not ending well. Who is responsible to sort this issue? my advice to her is not to sign until it is resolved as I see this could cost a bit in legal fees. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi my partner's daughter is looking for a Saturday job, she is doing a b-tech in beauty therapy at Barnsley college so something that ties in with that would be helpful, but she is open to suggestions. If anyone out there knows of any opportunities it will be greatly appreciated. She lives in Stocksbridge
  12. Both my son and I have have aspergers, and we both have had our difficulties in the past and still do. I would have welcomed something like this when we where both Diagnosed.
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