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  1. Virgin operate on an entirely different network to BTW, so their exchanges have nothing to do with speed issues.
  2. Have you thought about using one of.. these? Will let you use your MP3 player etc in your car.
  3. Any bank should accept you, providing you have the appropriate forms of identification. A Passport or a valid driving license should suffice.
  4. 100% correct. Source? Don't ask
  5. I would think that the speed issues you "could" encounter would only apply if you were switching the router off at multiple times a day. DLM is smarter than you give it credit for. I would still leave my router on mind, as I use it for managing a bunch of VMs in my property.
  6. Sent you PM johnny. If Ghozer doesn't have time, will be happy to give you a hand in regards setup. PS: Not trying to step on your toes Ghozer
  7. No mate. I'm thinking a secondary router such as an e4200 flashed with tomato. Separate VLANs for both "sides" of the network. Will isolate traffic and host a small webserver with a captive portal.
  8. The problem with using the home hub as the secondary would be the lack of isolation from the main network. This could potentially cause a security issue, in the sense that anyone who has access to the WiFi would also have access to any potential shares on the network, unless properly secured. I'd certainly take ghozer up on his offer though, he has a good rep round here. ---------- Post added 26-03-2015 at 15:12 ---------- FAO: Ghozer. I guess you are familiar with tomato? Personally I'd set up the first bridge (br0) to a private WiFi network with wpa2 192.168.1.xxx subnet. Then a virtual wireless interface on a separate bridge (br1) with a subnet of 192.168.2.xxx. Then use iptables to create a rule to drop all requests to the 192.168.1.xxx interfaces. The captive portal on tomatoRAF is awesome, so an open WiFi network on the second WiFi interface could have a disclaimer. Edit: apologies for any formatting or grammatical errors. Typing on a mobile with fat fingers
  9. Might be worth approaching the likes of Maplin. Possibly send an email to their customer services. I know that they donated a CCTV kit to Whirlow farm a while back so worth a shot if its for a genuine cause.
  10. The simplest way of doing this would be buying a secondary router, with those facilities in mind. I have a similar setup in place. It all depends on how flexable you want to be with the guest network, how knowledgeable you are with networking, and if you would need after support.
  11. It's easy to do this yourself, don't pay someone to do this. http://kodi.wiki/view/Amazon_Fire_TV
  12. Is your old drive working? Extract the key using the "PMT" method, the use the same method and jungle flasher for flashing a new drive with your keys. Totally solderless and works a treat.
  13. You shouldn't have to solder to the old liteon drives.
  14. Because they are a business, and need to make money in some way. This is an introductory offer.
  15. does it have a headphone socket? If it has, try plugging a set in to check for audio.
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