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  1. Da-dum-tshhhhh! As the guy that replied to me, what you are saying is pretty much how I said that it was. Semantics. If anything needed reform, it is the patent system.
  2. Oh look, another daily fail topic. Could make a drinking game out of topics started regarding a daily mail article...
  3. BT like to push that sports package don't they? what about us folk that don't watch sports? And urgghhh Murdoch vision.
  4. You are correct, but you seem to have given a typical politician answer of blaming someone else for doing the same thing ;-) Back in the days of old cameras, Kodak (I think it was them, not in a position to look it up) held a monopoly on patents and kept suing all the other camera companies. Eventually a judge ruled that they give them up, and leave them open for everyone to use as they were holding back progress. Unfortunately, this cannot happen these days, as the corporations have too much of a hold over the legal system, and the politicians.
  5. Philips are too busy exploiting the patent system, patenting ideas without even having a product to show for the vague idea in the title, later to sue other companies for actually coming up with the technology. They are a disgrace. And all for what? petty revenge?
  6. Many moons ago. I dropped my phone in the toilet. Got it repaired for free. This is back before the rip off insurance they try and sell you.
  7. Your router is the post office. Your computer equipment all have addresses. The router has two addresses. One to send and receive post to your devices, and one to send your post to the sorting office ;-)
  8. There is a pretty cool application called vector magic. That takes a pic and turns it into a vector so you can resize it and whatnot. Aww kitty cats =^_^= a very good cause you have there.
  9. Ah so you are the person sending me nude pics. Don't worry, I deleted them.
  10. Go limp. Let them handle you. Sue later. Simple.
  11. Sure he was not scratching his nose on the other side, obscured view?
  12. Hows about putting the thing in a case? lots of them around. Your phone isn't a fashion accessory. The younger ones don't seem to have any problems dropping theirs; as the phones are permanently attached to their hands. The next invention will be the hand phone. A Screen so thin, that you can glue it to your hand. Gone are the days of pocket dialing. Accidental dials will be for other reasons :-P
  13. It is sort of like money behavior, but a little less as it is a shovel; I think the act of flinging it at the owners home, or shove it through the letterbox (using the shovel or smaller tool) would give them the impression that you are displeased with the events that have taken place. Personally, I would wait in until I saw the dog run on my garden, "roadhouse" the dog, wait for the owner to show, and then "roadhouse" them.
  14. RM have a decent twitter thing, they can chase stuff up for you if you send them a direct message with info. Found it quite useful. They will also help you if you want to make any formal complaints. (not that it does anything, you get the usual letter response, pre typed.)
  15. A lorry came by at woodseats as I waited for the bus to work, with a bit of climbing wall on the back. Related to this place maybe?
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