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  1. I used to like the old Castle Market and the old Rag n Tag (my mum used to work in the café there) but things have to move on. I no longer live in Sheffield but visit regularly and like to go in the market down the Moor. I see nothing wrong with it. It is not much different to any other market these days (the ones that are still there that is). After reading how good Fleetwood market was and that there are coach tours to it thought we would have a look next time in Blackpool. Had a look and that is all I can say, it is only worth a look. It is very small, more like a souk. That many people walking about you can't see much, a lot of it was second hand. We was in and out in a few minutes. If I had paid for a coach tour would have been disappointed. We walked further on the road to the Affinity Outlet, much better.
  2. There was Janet Bower born Sheffield 1967 mother's maiden name Parkin. There was also Janet Bower married David J Franklin Sheffield 1989. Worth a try.
  3. Over 30 years ago after going back and forth to the doctors for over a year my husband went to the optician. He was sent straight to a specialist. He was in hospital within 2 days. He was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. Left any longer be would have gone blind. 2003 I also had a similar problem. Back and forth to doctor dizziness, tinnitus, seeing ring of black dots. Went for eye test and explained the ring of black dots. I had a meningioma. We are survivors all through going for an eye test. I always tell people going for an eye is very important don't think it is just about your eyesight. It can save your life.
  4. Can I ask...what is the name of your great grandfather, that would then lead to the name of his mother.
  5. Don't know if this information is of help or not but here are a few things I have found: 1873 John Ruse 25 married Susanna Wheeler, Launceston - Fathers names William Ruse (labourer)and John Wheeler (footman) 1881 census John Ruse 33 farm labourer, wife Susan Ruse 28, John Ruse 9, William Ruse 7, Emma Ruse 5, Mary Ruse 3, Richard Ruse 1 living in Launceston, Cornwall 1893 John Ruse dies aged 45 launceston 1891 John Ruse 19 coal miner born Launceston and Richard Ruse 12 coal miner born Launceston both lodgers living in High Green, Ecclesfield 1911 Richard Ruse 32 coal miner born cornwall wife Janet 30, children Jim 9, Richard 7, Abina 4 living in Pontefract
  6. If anyone wants to see what Derek Hatton was like try and catch up with the 1991 series, G.B.H. starring Michael Palin and Robert Lindsay as Michael Murray. Michael Murray loosely based on Derek Hatton. Spot on. It is bad enough having Corbin and McDonnell but now Derek Hatton, beggars belief.
  7. I bought a pack of 16 coffee stencils online. They came from china. Arrived 2 days after order. The packaging had a flight number. They only cost 40p, no postage and they are excellent. I also wonder how the company make a profit.
  8. I agree it is personal opinion. My personal opinion is that I find it very patronising to be called petal, sweetheart, duck. The one that makes me cringe worse is luvvy.
  9. I don't agree with 'boys toys, girls toys', toys are toys. Any child can play with any toy of their choosing. When I was young my dad made wooden Christmas toys at the 'Remploy'. At their Christmas party the girls were given a dolls bed, boys a fort. Being a girl I was given a bed, I was so upset, I wanted a fort. My dad managed to exchange it for me. I used to like to dress as a cowboy play boys games etc, boys stuff was more exciting. I also made clothes for my Tressy doll and knitted clothes for my other dolls. I did have a doll and pram. When I had children I let them choose what they wanted. My son (only 18months at the time) wanted a vacuum cleaner. My mom was disgusted. He had cars, toy guns but never wanted dolls. My daughter didn't like to wear skirts or dresses until she went to school, that was her choosing. Their uncle did an experiment one Christmas, he gave him a teddy bear and her a car, they swapped straight away. Nothing we have done has influenced how they have turned out, it has been their choice. My grandchildren have their own choices also. Children have their own minds we are only there as guidance.
  10. There was a thread 2005 about sightings at 25 Fairleigh. I did put a reply on. We used to live at 23 and we used to see a dark hooded figure walk past the kitchen window. It would frighten my mother so much that since then we never had kitchen curtains open even when we moved. I had seen the figure, I would have only been 4 at the time. I still think about it and wonder who or what it was. It would have had to climb or pass through the privet hedges.
  11. Watched this video today. Interesting idea, if it could work. The money donated to the individual goes through a support worker who makes sure the money gets used how it should. You also find out some information about the homeless person.
  12. Used to get luncheon vouchers in early 70s. Think about 25p a day. Could use them for sandwich shop or lunch at Stone House but I liked to save them up for meal at Bernie Inn.
  13. I totally agree, having dealt with a family member with drink problems we realised if we gave money to help out with a debt or to buy food it went straight onto drink. We were given expert advise "do not give money". We supported by finding help for them. This young man on the streets I was talking about also had a girlfriend, they used to swap locations during day therefore they were both begging. One of my managers ,feeling sorry for him, used to regularly give him money until I told her what I had heard. She then started giving him a Yogurt or a drink. She stopped this when she saw how he just left the cartons on the floor.
  14. I am no expert but I do have views. A few years back i used to walk past the same 'homeless' 'street beggar' young man he even had a sign to say 'homeless'. One day he was talking to someone with bags of shopping and said "drop it at our house and pick it up later". He then got out his mobile and told his girlfriend to expect visitor. You can guess my views especially when his mobile was newer than mine. I am not saying they are all the same some may be genuine.
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