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  1. Coronavirus advice reminds me of advice Bob Hope gets in Painless Potter going to a gunfight..... He draws from the left so lean to the right. There's a wind from the east so aim to the west. He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes. By the time he gets there he is so confused and gets it all mixed up. I listen to the advice and abide by the rules but others seem to hear different advice to what I have heard, they hear what they want to hear. I live in Calderdale and there are still people partying in the gardens. My son lives close by but he can't visit without breaking rules so we won't be seeing him for a few weeks again.
  2. I wear glasses and to solve the steam problem I make sure my glasses rest on my mask not slightly under it. My husband wears glasses and hearing aids. He cannot use the mask as it pulls his hearing aids off. He solved that problem by wearing a buff (neck band).
  3. I had a pleasant chat with a scammer yesterday on the landline. He said my washing machine had come to end of warranty. I said I haven't got one I go to stream and beat my washing on a rock. Don't think he understood my sarcasm as he then asked had I got any other electricity items. I said no cos I live in a tent, I haven't even got a phone. He then laughed and said ok I think I understand, have a nice day, I said you too. Now if they were all like that...
  4. One thing not to do on a scam call is to say 'yes', it can be recorded and used by the scammer (or so they say). It is difficult to do, a bit like on old tv show take your pick with Michael Miles (now that shows how old I am). They ask are you Mrs **** I say who wants to know or why. Occasionally I fall into the 'yes' trap. I sometimes see it as a challenge or I just put phone down.
  5. Not only plastic cups problem. Having shopping deliveries and everything in carrybags. Must have at least 15 a week. Not long ago no bags. They won't take them back.
  6. Just had a feel good factor. Had a scam call from 'BT'. I was due a refund cos I a pensioner. I asked if they wanted my bank details. They said first give name & address. I said 'no'. Can't give me refund if don't give them details. Was then told to hang up so I told them to hang up. She said you hang up i said you hang up. This went on for ages till she gave up and told me to f*** off. I just laughed at her. Made my day got her angry. Will probably get lots calls now.
  7. Tesco in my area no slots available up to 14 April.
  8. The closing of the meat and fish counters was mentioned a few days ago. Went in Sainsburys yesterday and they had already closed their meat and fish counter. There is now no washing powder or tablets. Why do people need so much? I am filling my handwash containers with shower gel. Perhaps shouldn't have said that, that will disappear now.
  9. Also watched it. I'd like to say "unbelievable" but it isn't. Too many like her. As she said "need to have treets so bought new phone needed to get rid of old brick phone". No hope left for humanity.
  10. Totally agree. WE were always trying to find out how WE Caused it. WE were always trying to find out to Control it. WE knew we couldn't Cure it. Finding the 3 Cs helped us. We know (and always knew) the only person who can deal with the 3 Cs is the person who has the addiction. All we can do is sit and wait for the next episode and be there if we are needed. It is hard.
  11. 'Holocaust: night will call' on More 4 was horrific. Last night we watched The Windermere Children on bbc2. We watch all the documentaries about the horror of the camps but are rarely told about what happened next. I found the programme very moving to see young survivors being brought to England and how at first they felt like they were just going to another camp. Running off with their pieces of bread to hide it, happiness at getting new clothes. The sadness when they learned their families were dead. Compelling viewing.
  12. Just been reading about holocaust memorial day on hmd.org.uk - learn about the holocaust and genocides. Compelling but disturbing reading.
  13. I wear a neo G wrist and thumb support glove when pain is bad, that helps. Also, ibuprofen.
  14. Does sound like arthritis, I have it in thumbs and one foot. Another thought, do you wear a fitbit? I wore one and the pain in my thumb, hand and wrist was really bad. I swapped wrist the pain was relieved but was bad on other hand. stopped wearing it anymore, no pain, just clicks in thumb.
  15. Simple, effective and quick. Dries virtually straight away. Used to use a vac one with chemical cleaner,left carpets soaked for ages, was hard work and carpets were left rough. Can use the steam clean on tiles on kitchen floor too but usually just wipe those with microfibre cloths (only water needed with those too).
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