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  1. The smell of mother of pearl on west street, used for cutlery handles. 1950s 60s.
  2. Haven't used smelly antiperspirants for years since discovering Pitrock. Solid roll on, no smell, works really well, lasts all day. Doesn't mark clothes, doesn't clash with sweaty smells. One stick lasts well over a year.
  3. We don't watch any of the 'celeb' programmes but Any & Dec really annoy me on Santander ads. Then you go to the bank and there are cardboard cut outs of them.
  4. Had my 1st shot same day as husband. He had no symptoms, I had splitting headache within 10 minutes. I couldn't lift my arm for a couple of days. After that everything ok. Wouldn't stop me having my second shot.
  5. We had EDF smart meters fitted August 2019 (after having price increase threats) and still haven't got an 'in house' display. They say they couldn't commission the meters because of signal issues at the commissioning centre. Complained last year and still in same situation. We have to send in meter readings every six months as the meters have no way of sending them. After complaining again, after reading this thread, and after a threat of calling OFGEM, they are going to try and sort it out. Let's see.
  6. I found my sister on here. We had never met before but I knew she existed. I also found my brother who I had not seen since about 1960. Persistence pays off.
  7. I have been a coffee lover for about 60 years. I used to fetch an ounce of ground coffee from co-op for my aunt and then watch her make herself a cup. The smell was amazing. I had a taste and have never drunk tea since. We have both instant and ground. Instant - nescafe espresso, ground - Tesco French 5. Have tried various methods of brewing, cafetiere, percolator, electric coffee jug. I am at the moment using a coffee kettle and glass jug with metal filter (ikea). That's the best method so far. The electric coffee jugs are not hot enough (thanks to eu regs). They say coffee should not be made with boiling water but I prefer mine very hot, very strong and very black. I have at least 3 cups ground for breakfast and 1 or 2 cups espresso during day.
  8. According to government website you can still visit and meet with your bubble. You can only set up one bubble and not swap and change.
  9. Yes, we in tier 2 and our son can come to ours and we go his. Can even go for a meal out 'cos he in our bubble. Make most of it while you can tho, things change fast.
  10. I have had a scam txt message this morning. It was from my local hospital saying I have a booking for a mri scan. I could txt back yes, no or rearrange (all the same number). I do go for a scan around this time of year but something told me this was a scam. Probably it was because it was from a mobile number. I checked the number on line and found out it was used for NHS scam and it said not to txt the numbers as they charge a lot. What concerns me is these scammers knew about my hospital details and they have my number.
  11. I had one this week same sort of thing only wasn't from Amazon but 'amaozon'. Just sent to Amazon phishing email address.
  12. Coronavirus advice reminds me of advice Bob Hope gets in Painless Potter going to a gunfight..... He draws from the left so lean to the right. There's a wind from the east so aim to the west. He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes. By the time he gets there he is so confused and gets it all mixed up. I listen to the advice and abide by the rules but others seem to hear different advice to what I have heard, they hear what they want to hear. I live in Calderdale and there are still people partying in the gardens. My son lives close by but he can't visit without breaking rules so we won't be seeing him for a few weeks again.
  13. I wear glasses and to solve the steam problem I make sure my glasses rest on my mask not slightly under it. My husband wears glasses and hearing aids. He cannot use the mask as it pulls his hearing aids off. He solved that problem by wearing a buff (neck band).
  14. I had a pleasant chat with a scammer yesterday on the landline. He said my washing machine had come to end of warranty. I said I haven't got one I go to stream and beat my washing on a rock. Don't think he understood my sarcasm as he then asked had I got any other electricity items. I said no cos I live in a tent, I haven't even got a phone. He then laughed and said ok I think I understand, have a nice day, I said you too. Now if they were all like that...
  15. One thing not to do on a scam call is to say 'yes', it can be recorded and used by the scammer (or so they say). It is difficult to do, a bit like on old tv show take your pick with Michael Miles (now that shows how old I am). They ask are you Mrs **** I say who wants to know or why. Occasionally I fall into the 'yes' trap. I sometimes see it as a challenge or I just put phone down.
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