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  1. I agree with you. We are in a catch 22 situation. I have 2 grandsons, one in school one not. The one at home uses an inhaler and on occasion has to be admitted to hospital with breathing problems. He is not classed as high risk. I think anyone with breathing problems is at risk. What if the one at school brings home the virus? They are lucky there is a parent at work (key worker) and one at home. We self isolate from them, it is hard but we have to protect ourselves and grandparents can no longer help out.
  2. I don't dispute that children have less chance of dying with the virus but they are good transporters of it. A child going to school can bring the virus home.
  3. A very good suggestion.
  4. Tesco in my area no slots available up to 14 April.
  5. The closing of the meat and fish counters was mentioned a few days ago. Went in Sainsburys yesterday and they had already closed their meat and fish counter. There is now no washing powder or tablets. Why do people need so much? I am filling my handwash containers with shower gel. Perhaps shouldn't have said that, that will disappear now.
  6. Just been to my local Morrisons (in Elland, Halifax) and they have shelves full of toilet rolls. They have piles (pun) of them in the doorway, big packs 2 for £5. Think they must have found them in a cellar somewhere. At least they don't have a sell by date. I didn't buy any as I have one pack at home, can't understand panic buying. They had cleared the shelves of pasta though. I remember the panic buying of sugar in 1974 due to lack of sugar supplies from Caribbean.
  7. For shooting the Brits that have gone over to buy toilet rolls cos we've none left.
  8. How do you know if you have coronavirus or just had cold or flu. 2 weeks ago I was really ill, sweating, sneezing, headache, sinus problems. At night I slept on top of bed due to being too hot. I had this for 5 days, just took paracetamol and congestion relief. This 2nd time had it this year. Don't even think going to doctor.
  9. Would change dentist but problem getting nhs dentists these days. Couple years ago went to optician and they gave me eye patch for test. I asked for tissue to protect it. Year after they put cover over eye patch, so they listened.
  10. We can pick up terms anywhere, anytime. I went to the dentist. The dentist wearing gloves sneezed on the back of glove and carried on with work. I should have said something but when your mouth is stretched open it is difficult. I also think the goggles they put on you are not cleansed each time.
  11. Also watched it. I'd like to say "unbelievable" but it isn't. Too many like her. As she said "need to have treets so bought new phone needed to get rid of old brick phone". No hope left for humanity.
  12. The first 2 confirmed UK cases are in isolation in a hospital in Newcastle. Not been sent to Wirral as that is for isolation. Australians not happy where their isolation is...Christmas Island.
  13. Totally agree. WE were always trying to find out how WE Caused it. WE were always trying to find out to Control it. WE knew we couldn't Cure it. Finding the 3 Cs helped us. We know (and always knew) the only person who can deal with the 3 Cs is the person who has the addiction. All we can do is sit and wait for the next episode and be there if we are needed. It is hard.
  14. 'Holocaust: night will call' on More 4 was horrific. Last night we watched The Windermere Children on bbc2. We watch all the documentaries about the horror of the camps but are rarely told about what happened next. I found the programme very moving to see young survivors being brought to England and how at first they felt like they were just going to another camp. Running off with their pieces of bread to hide it, happiness at getting new clothes. The sadness when they learned their families were dead. Compelling viewing.
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