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  1. The old saying "history repeats itself". We need to be prepared.
  2. Even parts of our history is being removed or changed!
  3. We once stopped off at a beach resort in South of France. I needed a pee and the toilets were in what looked like an old castle on a piece of land jutting out over the sea. It was one of those old toilets ie two bricks on the floor and a hole. Only this did not have a hole in the floor it had a gulley that ran through a hole in the wall straight into the sea. Good job it was only a pee!
  4. Socks with sandals keep your feet cool, they soak up sweat and stop you getting blisters. I even have socks for flip flops. My mother always made me wear ankle socks with those plastic sandals all the kids used to wear. I couldn't care less what others think as long as my feet are comfortable. It's same as people who think you are wrong for not opening your windows when the sun is shining on them. You only let all the heat in. Keep them closed and close your curtains, open the windows in the shade. Another one, don't drink ice cold drinks on a hot day your stomach is too hot. Room temperature drinks are actually better. At the end of the day it is your choice.
  5. Fairleigh (on the Manor). Loved it there. A semi with garden at front, side and back. Across was spare land that we called the 'plantation', a spare bit of land with plants fenced off by the council. My mum said she they used to use it as a giant playpen for toddlers until the police turned up. A neighbour had reported youths messing about in the 'plantation'. They turned up to find 3 years olds playing there 😆 I loved living there, lots of friends, trouble is we moved to Queen Mary Road when I was about 6, hated it, no friends. My mum said we moved there cos dad wanted to save a 'tanner' on rent.
  6. Bring back Celebrity Death Match. Give us all a laugh.
  7. In days of old when I was born it was frowned upon to be born out of wedlock. If my mother sent a letter to school she used to sign it as guardian because I had my dad's surname. I began to think I didn't have a mother. I was confused I wanted a mum and dad.
  8. You obviously haven't read what I actually wrote. Or you read it and didn't listen (quote Stan Laurel).
  9. Teachers should not teach their own opinion but stick to the curriculum. About 25 years ago when our daughter was about 15 she was coming home and giving her dad some grief. She said "when I am 16 you can't tell me what to do anymore", "men can't tell women what to do", "men dominate women". For weeks she was getting worse about men being sexist etc. I challenged her about all this and found out it was her female teacher that was teaching this. Parents evening came along and when I met the teacher concerned, my husband sat quiet, whilst I gave her hell. My husband is far from what my daughter had been taught about men. My daughter understood what she had listened to was wrong and apologised. She didn't need to apologise for what her teacher had taught her.
  10. Gave a visitor today Guinness 0% cos he was driving. He was impressed and said he couldn't tell difference. We regularly have 0% Leffe Blond. Much better than Becks Blue.
  11. I had my number plates ripped off my car outside my daughters house, they were stuck on, only took a few seconds for him to rip them off. I was advised by police to have them screwed on. Went to Halfords got new ones but they just stuck them on. I didn't want same thing to happen again so talked to my local garage and they screwed them on free for me. When I got a new car insisted they screwed number plates on.
  12. Picture Sheffield on Facebook plus loads of other groups.
  13. Always put them up 1 December and take them down 2 January.
  14. What about direct cremation? Cost approx £1500. Body taken straight away to be cremated, no ceremony, visitors etc. Ashes returned to family to scatter where they wish. Arrange a good wake later for family, friends etc. We have arranged funerals and had people to say words about the deceased they have never met. What is the point.
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