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  1. Various areas have their own local "Valentino Rossi's". At least 6 of them were blasting around the raceway known as Manor Top most of the weekend.
  2. I was surprised to to see the wholesale relocation of Albert Dock to Sheffield in at number 13 on that list. Open up Shipping to the Wicker!
  3. There may be slightly less beggars due to the barriers outside the shops but has anyone else noticed the 3 blokes selling dodgy perfume from B&M carrier bags on Fargate?
  4. To be fair its a bit of a crappy solution to a problem I don't think many people thought the city actually had. Was the emissions that bad outside the Crucible? The turning circle for a hotel and the Underground car parking/business entrance for the whole of St Paul's isn't ideal for cars getting all confused about having to turn around. All its done is make the roundabout and the road down towards Brown Street, onto Matilda Street terrible in rush hour, which also backs up traffic heading up to Charter Row
  5. It could just be the catalyst to the joining up of that end of town with the main Entertainment and Retails areas. I am sure the grand plan would be for the route down from High Street, Fitzallan Sq to the Castle Park, Canal Basin to be joined up with places people want to visit. If you have locations on the way down there - footfall increases, other units get taken up by businesses and the whole area improves. I am sure Tenpin wouldnt have taken on the old Argos on Angel St if they didnt see possibilities in the future. Kommune (for now) still going, Hygge on Fitzallan Sq are other places in that area.
  6. The generalisation around cashless payments maybe yes but there are specifics about Sheffield shopping habits so I would argue its fine where it is! To try and claw back to the topic, I like the local feel of Woodseats but a bugger to travel by car to! It would be great to have more shopping areas like that (and before anyone says anything this isn't anything to do with 15 minute local plans or anything...)
  7. Yes they do but they don't limit themselves to ONLY cash payments. Your argument is that people don't want to use cashless, I counter that with small businesses are providing cashless payments BECAUSE their customers request it. You say businesses are moving away from contactless payments, I counter that with why would a business limit their potential customer base? Case in point. Weirdly it seems that fish and chip shops don't seem to like cashless payments. I am aware of a few that's don't and in fact one such place lost out on my business because of this fact and the lack of available cash withdrawal facilities. I found another shop fairly close by that did take card payment and we enjoyed their cod and chips x 4 very much.
  8. I haven't heard of any of them. I have heard of Motore coffee outside the station, alpha male barbers on snig hill, all of the supermarkets, all Gregg's, Feast on Chapel Walk, the pop up Sheffield shop in the Winter Gardens. All use contactless as a method of payment. Limiting your payment options limits your customer base.
  9. I didn't say I was giving money to beggars at all I was just making a glib point. Your point was retailers are moving away from cashless I disagree and provided examples of that opinion. Also my experience of what you are saying with cash machines. Not seeing that when I am in the city centre most days.
  10. Aah but you wouldn't be drunk on the way there only after you have been to the container park, erm I mean bar... Lock the tandem up and get the tram home! 😁
  11. Is buying large goods on finance a bad thing? I wouldn't turn up at DFS with a bag full of cash and buy a sofa...
  12. I'm sorry I fundamentally disagree that cash use is on the up. My (and I am sure the majority of people's) experience of retail over the past few years would be the opposite. Shops putting in more card only tills, public transport putting their preferred method of payment as contactless, small mobile retailers such as coffee sellers, brownie bakers and pop up shops all using sum ups etc. it's only a matter of time for the beggars to get on board and have tap facilities!
  13. I believe so yes when they finish the Gaumant (sp) that road should be a through again. You can still go up Pinstone st and left up to JL.
  14. I thought Sheffield had 2 Ring Roads? I believe the main issue Sheffield has is the geography of the area. Most other major cities in the UK are on a lot more open ground whilst all roads literally lead to the city centre in a dip between the hills here.
  15. And there's a life lesson! Have the money or walk!!
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