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  1. 'Snap' for packed lunch, and also 'while' as in 'open from 9 while 5' is very distinctively local dialect?
  2. I've been and its great fun for adults; it is very near my flat. I believe it is finishing soon though; check with the venue if you can visit during opening hours.
  3. I have got to praise the OP for his courage in suggesting something like a Rolling Pin Museum. Really interesting idea, but it has to be researched diligently; the proposal to include wooden spoons and other utensils like potato mashers would be a positive direction, as rolling-pins alone wouldn't be enough to inspire visitors. For example, at the very least, you would have to include examples of rolling-boards as well, which you roll the pastry on; you might have to end up with a museum of Baking technology or something similar. I had looked at a similar idea some years back for a Clothes Peg Museum, as there is an incredible variety of clothes pegs through the ages and they can be objects of beauty or nostalgia or amusement, but there too, should one include examples of clothes-lines, laundry-baskets, etc. which are all part of the equipment of 'hanging the washing out'? Ideas such as this just need a LOT of work in planning; I know there are a lot of arcane museums for specific objects, such as a Bagpipe Museum in Newcastle, the Hat Museum in Stockport, and Museums for objects and pursuits as diverse as Pencils, Peanuts, Clowning, Football, Cricket, Fishing, etc. It is definitely a case of researching the market well and also amassing a collection of items that you actually like which can form the 'core' of the future collection, although don't expect it to break even, so don't give up the day-job...
  4. Looking for something to go to on Sunday Night, near the city centre and within easy reach of bus and train station, with an early start and an early finish? THE ELECTRIC ANGEL LOUNGE is a brand new monthly Cabaret Night on the first Sunday of each month at the cafe Bar at the Showroom bar/cinema, and each month we will be bringing you the very best of LOCAL talent in music, comedy, poetry and Drag Cabaret. Unlike many other similar cabaret Nights at local venues, the entry charge will be an affordable £3, and you will get £1 knocked off that if you can produce one of our flyers at the door. And that's not all! All guests will be given a raffle ticket for a great raffle with Mystery Prizes (Each prize will be wrapped up so you won't be quite sure of what it is although there might be certain hints from the shape/weight) Doors open 7.30 pm, close 11 pm. Our Line-up for this month: Acoustic Electric duo 'US' featuring Abbie n Gail The infamous STUPID TEAPOT who won the Great Yorkshire Show-Off in February Gwen the Concertina Player And your One And Only Host with her own cabaret numbers: TIA-ANNA SORE-ASS WRECKED, Sheffield's favourite Drag Artiste, as seen at OMG, Sheffield Pride, and on Britain's Got Talent! There will be a bottle bar in the cafe bar room and also full range of drinks in the main bar. People attending films during the afternoon/evening are most welcome to drop in, they can leave their names/numbers on their draw tickets if they have to leave before the raffle draw. Venue is also fully disabled accessible including the toilets, unlike certain other venues I can think of...
  5. There's also BIRDS YARD in Chapel Walk, which stocks lots of local crafts, fashion and other products from numerous local small businesses.
  6. Its called 'Loading Guage' the permitted width/height of rail vehicles. This will be one of the first things they worked out for the design of the train-trams when they built them. They will have to be pretty well exactly th same width as the existing trams or else they will scrape against the platform edges at all the stops. Quite often trains/trams of one design can look narrower or taller or longer than another due to one's perception of the vehicle, for example if the windows are larger, the vehicle can look smaller. The overall length of the new trams is less critical than the width requirements, as length is affected only by platform lengths and clearances when turning corners.
  7. I do hope what Jamesogt hints at is certainly not the case, as OMG is now a genuinely popular venue even if it can be very empty some days midweek, and we can ill afford to lose such as slick new gay venue such as this, in a prime location and offering more variety than Dempseys does, even if the drag cabaret seems to mostly hail from London and be remote from the local audiences. At least they're trying. But Sheffield's scene cannot properly thrive on two venues alone. It needs a diversity of LGBT run venues: cocktail bars, pubs popular for groups such as lesbians, 'bears', even a place that might hold a regular fetish night. All this and more existed less than 10 years ago; for example Xes, Cossack, Affinity, Planet, etc. Yes, we do still have the Bronx Sauna or whatever it is called out in Attercliffe, but the steep prices that saunas charge are beyond the pocket of so many of us who prefer a welcoming gay venue with free entry for at least part of the night and a modest entry charge later on to ensure a venue that works for us and knows our market. Look at how many venues there are in Manchester: If Sheffield had proportionately the same number of gay venues per population it would have around five or six, including bars/pubs, clubs, a showbar and maybe even a restaurant. Maybe the two current LGBT venues and any forthcoming future venues which may open in Sheffield should get themselves listed as ACV's (Assets Of community Value) because they are catering for a unique and often vulnerable section of the community as well as engaging in events such as fundraisers for LGBT causes and also the Gay Pride. Anyone else agree about ACV listing being a possible solution to reviving the scene?
  8. It would be nice to have another gay venue, to complement OMG and start creating a 'gay village' like that in Leeds; maybe a cocktail lounge like Oscars in Manchester or a fulltime showbar with drag but also other 'Burlesque' entertainment for the Mainstream market.
  9. Yeah, all too true, but its not just Sheffield which has been affected in this way. Brighton too, it used to have twice as many LGBT venues as it did 10 years ago and Brighton Pride charges about £25 entry unlike 4 years back when it was free. At least Sheffield Pride is doing the right thing as this year and last where it is FREE, whereas a few years before it charged a fairly high entry price for a small mediocre fenced-off festival in Devonshire Green. Good to hear anyway that the sale of the OMG building is not going to affect the club; its similar to the many sales of houses/apartments with 'sitting tenants'. Once again I have faith that in time a few more LGBT owned/run venues will appear that will diversify the scene and lead to a clustering of venues in a 'village' environment. Re. the 64 thousand dollar question 'What is killing the scene?' I have before asked round people in the industry about the possibility of holding a conference so any positive posts from people interested in this would be welcome. Some say 'its Grindr' but a crap mobile dating app cannot influence much more than a small percentage of people not to go out on the scene. Similarly the 'The straight venues are far more tolerant these days' chestnut cannot account for more than 5-10 per cent of business. Gay venues are legendary for offering something unique, something spectacular, and an atmosphere that you CANNOT EVER find in 'yer local Wetherspoons' or the Devonshire Cat, The Bath, the Hallam Hubs Bar, or anywhere else that caters for 'Mainstream' market. The fact is that a well-run gay venue (Like OMG appears to have been since it opened), offering uniquely gay-friendly entertainment such as Drag, themes around musicals, fancy dress nights, and music from DJs who know the Gay market, CAN and WILL succeed and flourish and by my reckoning there IS space for more players, but only if any LGBT venues truly KNOW the local market and in addition offer the VERY BEST of the entertainment that Gay people are experts in, to a wider audience (students, single women, straight couples, hen parties, etc.) ---------- Post added 23-06-2016 at 01:03 ---------- Just a late addendum: there's a real treat in store on BBC Radio 4 TODAY Thursday at 11.30 with a programme featuring the legendary black gay icon and singer SYLVESTER, famous for being in the San Francisco drag group The Cockettes and for the disco classic 'Mighty Real', before he tragically passed away from Aids in the 1980's. I would really recommend this to all of you who are under 25 as an excellent piece of gay history. If you miss it you can of course listen to it later on Radio 4 I-Player. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07gh4pl
  10. Yes, OMG is a very slick venue WELL worth visiting, especially on Fridays, one of the nights when they have special drink offers from 99p a bottle/shot. You will also catch me dressed in my best attire on SUNDAYS when we have a weekly guest drag cabaret show. While it would be great for Sheffield to gain more LGBT venues again, a lot of us make the most of the two that we have at present; many people start at OMG early in the night and then go on to Dempseys for a good boogie to popular tunes from DJ Kieron until the wee small hours. Having an unusually small 'scene' at present with only 2 fulltime LGBT venues is also made difficult with the two venues being hundreds of yards away at opposite sides of the town centre. Nonetheless we can build on this again in years to come, and I am sure that eventually Sheffield can get a 'village' cluster of LGBT venues/businesses like that which has been so successful in places such as Leeds, Blackpool and Liverpool to name just a few. BTW, re. the Wednesday vigil there WERE several other appreciative young people attending, sheltering under the trees; however it was very brief due to the rain; we said our goodbyes and retired to the cafe or went off home.
  11. Sorry about this but it is a bit of an emergency; I have tried everything to rectify it but nothing seems to be working. While it has also happened previously with other potted fruit plants, at present I have two: One blueberry in 6" of compost in a 10" dia pot and one Tayberry (A variety of raspberry) in 7" compost in a 10" dia pot also. Both plants are in pots on a South-Facing balcony with a good amount of sunlight for approximately 8 hours a day (when its not cloudy lol) In the case of the blueberry, I have had 3 attempts now; the current one remains leafless with no signs of budding although the stems are still a healthy green, and I keep it under suitable acid soil conditions (Unlike the previous two I water it ONLY with rainwater) and I keep the soil very moist as blueberries are a bogland loving plant. The Tayberry was bought with a cut-off woody stem of about 4 inches above ground, but also had several young green leaves sprouting from about 2" up and these leaves stayed green and healthy for more than a month, but instead of growing in size and sending off more leaves and shoots, they have stayed small and stunted, and finally in the last week they have turned brown and started dying, with only one group of leaves still green, so the plant is URGENTLY needing some kind of remedial action. Again, it is potted in standard 'Multi Purpose Compost' with 'added John Innes' (It is composed mainly of wood/bark/peat material) and in the case of this plant I have watered it with a mixture of tapwater and bottled rainwater. In addition with both plants I have fed them with a sprinkling of plant food pellets suitable for shrubs (I have followed the instructions re. amount of feed per unit of soil). Very recently also some of the other plants on my balcony have had greenfly, but this certainly isn't the problem with the two soft fruit plants, so issues like pests, or fungi, do not seem to be the cause. Finally, as both plants have only been in their pots for a month or two, the issue of roots outgrowing the pot is clearly not the cause of their dying either. I have had other plants in pots where the roots have 'balled' tightly and after repotting or planting out on the allotment they flourish happily. My allotment is on a west-facing well drained slope with stony loam soil and is shaded from the south so it gets probably only around 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Any help or advice as to rescuing these plants and planting them on my allotment to ensure their survival would be most welcome. ---------- Post added 22-06-2016 at 18:33 ---------- Shame there's no reply yet, but I examined my Tayberry plant and its roots are definitely not very extensive so it cannot be roots crowding the pot. I have kept watering it, but it is still slowly turning brown; again I am NOT over-watering it. Any help would be really REALLY appreciated!
  12. I can understand the moderators concerns about the first vigil on Monday, but at the end of the day, despite the weather and no P.A. I think the four people who organised this vigil did VERY WELL in attracting such a good turnout and many thanks to them for the thought. Other large cities indeed managed to be even more organised and went for vigils on the Tuesday when the weather was marginally better, and the only reason why I thought Wednesday would be better was because we had the LGBT Equality Hub meeting next door just before. In the event there was some drizzle which turned to light showers at the time of the vigil and although about 19 people turned up, we just had a brief moment of contemplation with most of us sheltering under the bushes in Peace Gardens, and a few of us retired to the excellent CAFE NERO for a warm drink and cake afterwards. I have proposed to the Equality Hubs that in future we have a centrally organised strategy for such events involving the City Council so that there are no misunderstandings how ever well-intentioned and that an event is organised with equipment such as PA and bad-weather alternative accommodation at an agreed site without any clashes with other events. I have met the organisers of the Monday event to apologise and express my thanks for their hard work and I am happy to work with them in helping to set up an even better structure for all kinds of future events relating to the LGBT community. NOW, having got the very solemn issue of the vigils out of the way, I have a very important item of news from the Equality Hub Newsletter, relating to our local Sexual Health Services: Pitstop+ at Royal Hallamshire Hospital Pitstop+ the sexual health drop-in for men who have sex with men has relocated from Central Health Clinic to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Entrance 11 (on the side of B Road). Open every Thursday evening between 5-7pm (last appointment for STI screening at 6.30pm) Pitstop+ offers free and confidential services including: Rapid HIV testing (results in 60 seconds) and STI screening One-to-One support Sexual health information and advice Free condoms and lube For more information visit http://www.sexualhealthsheffield.nhs.uk/services/pitstop-service-for-msm or ring Matt Harrison on 0114 2711698.
  13. As you will probably know, all of us LGBTs and allies have had a weekend of sorrow and sadness following the tragic shootings at the Pulse club in Orlando. A vigil has been arranged in Peace Gardens, in the city centre THIS WEDNESDAY, 15TH JUNE as a dignified demonstration of solidarity and remembrance. The details are HERE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1722814587993340/ Other things you can do include wearing a black armband when visiting LGBT venues and events, and flying the LGBT Rainbow Flag at half mast, even if it is just a small toy one in your front window or on your car. See also the Sheffield Gay Thread in the 'Going Out' Section. Blessings, Tia Anna.
  14. As you will probably know, all of us LGBTs and allies have had a weekend of sorrow and sadness following the tragic shootings at the Pulse club in Orlando. A vigil has been arranged in Peace Gardens, in the city centre THIS WEDNESDAY, 15TH JUNE as a dignified demonstration of solidarity and remembrance. The details are HERE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1722814587993340/ Other things you can do include wearing a black armband when visiting LGBT venues and events, and flying the LGBT Rainbow Flag at half mast, even if it is just a small toy one in your front window or on your car. Blessings, Tia Anna.
  15. I couldnt agree more with you regarding a venue that caters for queer musical tastes outside the usual Abba/Kylie. I have offered to do DJing at OMG with my playlist of classic 80's and 90's music but they just don't seem to be interested. They aren't even interested in playing such classic artistes like Grace Jones, Joan Armatrading, Haircut 100 and many others too numerous to mention. On the night after Price died, I even requested to the DJ that they play one of his greats such as Sign O' the Times which is all about Aids. I can't necessarily blame the management, they are still finding their feet with such a new venue, but I do hope they will reconsider my offer to do a 80's Night...
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