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  1. the bloke (suarez) should have been booked, and then FA should take him to one side and deal with him, having said that, anyone caught diving like there messing around in ponds forge should be fined, banned for a few games etc.
  2. like most of you have said, its a strange one for me, looked like he was playing well, and then we loan him out to a rival, bad decision in my view, especially as our centre halves arent exactly pulling up any trees, but then theres chris ogrady...dont get me started on that one.
  3. you seem to be the font of all knowledge, always wanted to meet a know it all
  4. hahaha...amazing...(or maybe not)....one person asks for the service of a clairvoyant and 4 pages of petty squabbles later we are none the wiser lol :hihi: 0h bikertec pipped in there...nice one!
  5. can only guess theres not alot of money to be made in it, i dont know? used to be a fantastic one opposite hunters bar school when i was a kid......my pocket money when i was 8, 9, 10 went like a flash.....for some reason this is when i got most of my fillings...cant guess why?
  6. from what i have been told.....and dont quote me....its not legal, but you can get away with growing 4 plants for your own use, and you will not face jail, the fella who the original post talks about, was growing 9.....so i can see why he got jail...personally, if you want to grow a bit for yourself, then i say why not, but anyone taking the mick, and making it into a cottage industry, which you can make alot of money deserve whats coming to them. but they know the risks more than anyone else, and probably see it as a risk very worth taking, alot of money for not much effort.
  7. i think the bloke has obvious anger issues (your not kidding), and he needs help with it, i hope he realises this too, and equips himself to deal with it.
  8. im not comparing to the team in s2, im just talking about sheffield wednesday, and im saying, we, wednesday got goals from all over the team, it shows what happens, when you lose that one important player who you rely on to score most of your goals. sheffield wednesday didnt have a 30 plus goal scorer, but we didnt need one.
  9. which ever way the fella decides to go next in his career, a massive, good luck to him,......and if his ambitions of getting to the premiership are with the owls then marvellous.
  10. if you look at what happened last season as regard goals, they came from all areas of the team, ......much better that way than relying on one guy to hit the back of the net every game,... team game.
  11. as we know kirkland and weaver are very injury prone, stephen bywater is a solid keeper and bloke to have in goal, jameson may still get a chance.
  12. this lady is great, she fully deserves to stay in this country, she seems a lovely woman, and like many have said, you cant help but smile when hear her singing. And she definitely wont be entitled to any benefits or any hand out from this government, she isn't a scrounger! I cant quite way up some people on here, the way they queue up to stick the knife in......sad. that been said, this thread also shows that there are plenty of very good people out in sheffield, the sort that makes me proud to be from this city. to her family i hope you win the case and she stays, look forward to hearing that voice on fargate etc soon :-)
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