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  1. But you have played that style at s6:rolleyes: Night night and it was not 20 yrs
  2. You had more than megson who played that style but i can't remember names at the moment.off to bed now ,will think of others tomorrow.Also i bet you weren't slagging his style when he got you them 4 points:rolleyes:
  3. Apart from the fact that man utd and chelsea still use it now and it's deffo longer than 40 yrd passes.Also it should have read bassett warnock and megson:)
  4. fair enough,still tippy tappy though, It always gets me when certain teams play direct ,it's long ball , but when man utd and chelsea do it,it's classed as attacking football or a brilliant long pass.Both these teams play that way when it suits them.
  5. Who's cricky,don't tell me that's swedish for cloughy and why would he knit fog:hihi:
  6. So cluffi does stand for cloughy then,right thats that cleared up. Do you mean he watched it because we play fluid passing football, ah i see now:)
  7. Is cluffi nottinghamshire'ish for cloughy,if it is,then i don't think he has watched a video of that game ,can't recall him mentioning it anyway.
  8. I know,a lot of people keep telling me that:hihi: water off a ducks back:)
  9. Including me,I know i should know better but what the heck you only live once:)
  10. I agree,I would love to see the blades in a final,seen them go up and down the lges but never in a final.
  11. I agree ,good luck porter,you gave me some good memories with your goals and got me drunk a lot......"If porter scores we're on the p*ss,if porter scores we're on the p*ss":hihi:
  12. I remember that game,s6 tippy tappy,300 passes to move forward 10 yrds against the blades attacking football,great entertainment:)
  13. I ask you to discuss the blades with me on here tonight,so you answer this by saying,"why can you not discuss the blades"???????you can't be drunk at 8 45 in the morning surely Finally you say it is nothing to do with s6,but we all know it is.you support s6,jon has got to you,he is a blade,so you came up with this crap dig to try and get to him but sorry pal ,it failed,you lost......opps wasn't going to mention you lost,ah well too late now:hihi:
  14. Calm down frankie lad,calm down,Jon has had you hooked for weeks with ALL of his threads on here......that clears that one up:) Next ,you come up with the same crap again and again and again and again. you think it is some sort of competition you must win at all costs.Jon has really got to you a lot deeper than i first thought. AS for the putting a cherry on it,that is exactly what you are doing with your club.15yrs out of the prem (which upsets you) so you try to deflect from that by trying to convince posters how bad we are.If we use your club as a example we still have 8yrs to get into the top half of the championship same as your "massive " club. Frank,Frank,Frank,let it go,it's not a competition,Both clubs fans expect their club to do better,both clubs.When you were a little lad and your club got relagated from the prem,don't tell me you didn't think they would go back up with in a couple of seasons.
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