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  1. Ok yes we developed him !!!! By the way Alex, I work with leeds fans and the "the day the bouncing stop" video is a big favourite of theirs, they say i bet it was brilliant to watch that.
  2. Does any blades on here watch the young uns to tell us who the next ones on the production line could be!!!! That's a good read Alex, we brought him on well after being rejected.
  3. Too right Robbie, I've seen as many relegations as I have promotions with the blades, one minute you think there bobar the next they are the bees knees , it's called being a supporter. If the owls get off to a good start a lot of the bad things will soon be forgotten.
  4. I honestly think he could do a job for you .
  5. Our young uns won their lge if i remember correctly so i'm sure there must be a new crop coming through the ranks fingers crossed!!!
  6. yes that seems about right to me as well!!!
  7. Yes very good to see Alex, I wonder who the next one will be to make it!!!!!
  8. Yes any sensible footy fan knows that, every player wants to play as high up as they can it's common sense!!!!!
  9. They do seem high but I'm sure if they get off to a good start the crowds will come back after all both teams supporters in sheffield back their teams through thick and thin.
  10. Well done Ramsdale, another step up the ladder, I'm sure all normal footy fans on this forum wish him well!!!!!
  11. wow ,have you been drinking pal you seem very bitter and on one today, has somebody upset you or is it the hot weather that makes you a grumpy old owl !!!!!
  12. I give cuttsie 2 out of 10 for his attempt Alex, blue and white shirts everywhere I ASK YOU !!!!! I travelled to meadowhall yesterday and commented to my daughter on how many blades shirts were about, then i travelled to mosborough via birley, same result blades shirts everywhere, then I went to intake via Richmond and outside the richmond pub same result Blades shirts!!!!! Nailed it Alex!!!!! I see the forums resident know it all has been mentioned well i think he's busy telling lies on the general discussion section !!!!
  13. I will plump for the D taxi drivers !!!!!!
  14. yes ,things changed for the better, met up with the Maguire family that day and went down to wembley with them, a good day out !!!
  15. LOL,yep very good post!!!!!!
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