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  1. That will still be a NO then he doesn't say where skint!!!!LOL Where are you going with this for god's sake!!!
  2. Yes I know Racey, All my mates are on the same train, I can see there being a few sore heads later LOL
  3. yeah right of course you are!!!! please stop it with the little innocent act it's silly!!!!! Edit Also I would like to know what abuse you think you got from me?????
  4. You are a WED fan, everyone knows that and sheridan has been asked several times to show us where the gossiper on twitter says the blades are skint but he can't because he doesn't.
  5. You have got no abuse cutsea so stop telling porkies, just stick to trying to be funny and slagging the blades off
  6. Should be a good turnout from the Blades, all my mates are going plus it is a well known blades lad's birthday bash. I am the party pooper who is not going because of family commitments and yes i have had a lot of stick for it. Like Alex says I can see there being a few goals in this game so lets hope our defending improves.
  7. He's just some random guy, have you even listened to his gossip, I'd wager not or you would realise it's just gossip, my dog know's more about the situation than him and once again I say is that it then is that the sum total of your evidence LOL
  8. A rainy day, a new summer house, a new car, a new stand at the ground who know's
  9. yes some random guy gossiping on twitter not information just speculative gossip Is that it then, is that your "evidence" But that's not what i said Jim, I said we choose not to spend which is completely different,how many clubs in all four divisions are making huge profits as oppose to just getting by.
  10. Because we are the blades, we are a selling club, we are not super rich, we are always tight with the old pennies, always have been and probably always will be , we pay our bills, our chairman always try to recoup back what they put into the club, need i go on nothing new in what i have stated every blade will tell you the same it's just a fact of life you have to accept if you follow the blades but none of this means we are "SKINT"
  11. Yes true Jim, but this "skint" crap has been going on for too long now and needs putting to bed, I keep expecting to find posts about it coming up in the bloody gardening section and the classic car section in fact any section on here it's being repeated that often.
  12. Wrong on all counts, NO I repeat NO evidence has been posted on here, none what so ever, zilch,not one single fact. It's just pathetic gossip being posted by WED fans hoping it to be true. The fact you can't find any evidence is the problem, why you and a few others keep posting the same crap is beyond me unless you believe if you saturate the threads with the same untrue crap it somehow becomes the truth!!!! And now you are getting the lip on because I am simply telling you the truth !!!!! I thought you said you weren't going to go any further, that didn't last long!!!!
  13. Don't get the lip on again!!!(3) SO THAT'S STILL A NO THEN AS REGARDS ANY EVIDENCE!!!!!!(6) EDIT, forgot to add , so it's pointless you going on any further!!!!!!!!!!(11)
  14. Oh no the mardy arse who gets the titty lip on and goes off in a huff!!!!!!!!!(9) HAVE YOU ANY EVIDENCE OF THE BLADES BEING SKINT!!!(3) THOUGHT NOT!!!(4 sorry counted again I meant 3)
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