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  1. Vauxhalls and opels don't go for large amounts of money due to plebs like J .Clarkeson slagging them off all the time because he was sponsored by ford. You now have basic escorts and capris etc fetching stupid money but if you go back to the 80's you couldn't give them away, must admit though I did like the Granada ghia X.
  2. Well it's a small world, my favourite cars are big old vauxhalls and opels as I'm sure you can guess from my name on here. I have had senator mk 1's and 2's ,Monza GSE's, Carlton GSI's and for a while I had a Lotus carlton until it came to having it serviced and needing new brake pads which would have involved me selling my house and my liver to pay for it all.I too prefer the 12 valve engines, more reliable and easier to work on. I use to own a ex fire chiefs senator which was police spec but without all the lights etc, that was a good car. I now have a 2.5 senator and a monza GSE both rotting away in a garage While I drive around in a Focus estate 16 plate with all the toys which I love LOL
  3. well i am drunk tonight and happy and you cannot beat being a jolly drunk so goodnight to all and bring on the scabs.
  4. Looking forward to the game tomorrow, should be a good atmosphere. We just need to come out of the traps early and get into them. After the season we have had this is a good position to be in come the last game so come on Blades Let's do this. Thanks Mooks, you will come good with the manager you have , I just hope it's next season and not this. now we have managed to implode ourselfs into the top six (LOL) I hope we can now take the next step
  5. I was just going to say it's 10.10 pm so the stupid Dr top will be along soon to spout more crap trying to wind posters up with his lies and he's beat me to it, why does the fool never listen and just go away .
  6. Yes 10000 blades allover Leicester and one thing i remember is there fans were mostly very welcoming which was good and made for a better day.
  7. Same here, what a day that was, on the way back our coach went through Mosborough where a lad was stood in his front garden with a blue and white footy shirt on (LOL) so we pulled up and asked him how they had gone on today to which he started crying and ran in to tell his dad. His dad came out to give us what for but instead he got accused of child cruelty for making his kid wear that shirt so he too ran in the house slamming the door behind him nearly trapping his lip in the door.The drinking that night went on well into the small hours,good memories.
  8. Rubbish and you know it, Night Sibon I'm off to watch youtube music videos and have a few beers
  9. DEBATE????? It's just pathetic childish comments and you know that what he meant was up until your be all and end all one off bumper crowd at the end of the season our averages were way higher than yours. But you knew that anyway but you and a few others hate cmonkes being on here and would like it just to be a S6 love in. Edit forgot to add if you don't like debate then why don't you go on a S6 only forum where you can wet yourselves over your end of season bumper crowd all day long. Also that's me done answering on this MATCH DAY thread because once again it has been derailed.
  10. And bang on cue here we go again, what is this obsession with getting one big crowd at the end of the season.
  11. Hooray, there is some other blades left on the footy section, I know it's rubbish on this section now but i thought a few blades(if there's any left) might at least comment on the match. Anyway, great result and fantastic backing from the travelling fans. I have seen quite a few pictures of the lads down there on the stag weekend and lets just say they are definately enjoying it LOL
  12. A well known Blade's stag night weekend in London for this match so watch out cockneys you won't know what's hit you. As for the match it will be a hard game but hope we can get all 3 points.
  13. I was going to go to this match with some mates but have had the bad cold/flu virus that's doing the rounds so missed it. 1-1 draw so now on 48 pts, well done lads.
  14. Well done Hecky, he came in at a bad time for us and turned it round.
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