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  1. Every day she comes home with a tale about customers who think no rules apply to them and they can do what they want when they want and take it out on my daughter if challenged.
  2. What has how much they earn an hour got to do with it, are you saying low paid workers are not important enough to tell people what to do. If they earned £40 a hour would they be alright to tell people then. My daughter works in meadowhall and has to limit the number of customers who can enter the shop at any one time and you wouldn't believe the amount of "little hitler" customers who think they can just brush past the queue and walk in and once challenged kick off and get violent, it's pathetic, no one should have to put up with that.
  3. The mental illness one for me is a new low, My youngest daughter has downs syndrome and will need me and my missus to care for her for the rest of her life so to hear someone joking about getting back on your ward or taking your medication etc etc leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I was guilty of suggesting cuttsie had a drink problem which I now realise was in poor taste so I apologise cuttsie for saying that because I lost my brother in law to drink so I should know it's no laughing matter but the two s6 posters on here are getting worse and I don't know what has caused this reaction from them with all the name calling they are posting and the constant moans aimed at blades posters it's tedious!!!!!!!
  4. Here he goes again, moan moan moan,can't come out with a sensible response,hates posts about wed by blades and resorts to insults once he is losing the arguement. What made you so angry, you keep saying your out well GOOD but I know you will be back to post insults or moan once another thread about wed is started by a blade. In all my years on here I have not seen anbody so angry and mardy as you and waldorf, what has made you like this???????????????
  5. I know a few good lads from Carlisle whom I met at England games so i might actally go to this one if i can arrange to meet them there.
  6. Wow, I've been a member on here for years and never have I seen such childish moaning posts as the ones posted by Statler and Waldorf on this thread !!!!! what the hell is wrong with them and why are they so upset??? "pinky and perky" "both retired" "haven't been to the STAIN since Alan Woodward retired" "bitter blades" "go back to their wards and just vegitate" "mental health issues" "follow big bad Alex around" It's just pathetic, it's like being in the playground. I just hope Statler and Waldorf have calmed down a bit now or will they be back to throw more insults at me and Alex, I'll tell you what Alex you are an expert at winding these two up LOL!!!!!!!!!! The teddy hasn't just been thrown out of the pram by these two, it's been set on fire and run over by a 40 ton lorry as well!!!!!!!
  7. I still want to know what that big fat ugly thug has to do with macron?????????????
  8. 8 oclock kick off against Birmingham, there will be a lot of drinking done that day, should be fun up town.
  9. I wish jags all the best for the future!!!!
  10. In other words ,you are wrong and he is a big fat ugly thug,glad we sorted that one out!!!!! to get back on topic does he wear macron pants or socks???????
  11. I see it's still all about moaning if you mention wed int it!!!!! Why does sheridan spit the dummy out so much it's pathetic and embarressing, why not just join in and discuss topics, SHERIDAN GROW UP AND STOP MOANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Nothing changes on here Alex, it's all about moaning if you mention wed int it!!!!!!!
  13. So now we know ,the big ugly blob known as tango is cuttsies idol ,he thinks he is a legend and not an embarressment like quite a few wed fans think (who i know ). I'm trying to think what the fat mess has to do with the topic of this thread, has he got macron tattoed on one of his bellies!!!!!!
  14. here we go ,cuttsie you carry on rambling pal,it's obvious you are upset so i will leave you to it and watch something interesting like opal hunters on quest!!!!!!
  15. Take thee dog darn there an see if thy can see owt gowin on and let us know!!!!
  16. Oh for god's sake give it a rest now, if you don't like reading posts about wed why bother coming on here. Back on topic, I don't buy team shirts but years ago I attended the funeral of a big United fan from wakefield and his family asked if we would all come in blades shirts so i bought one and it was a macron one. very funny material to touch and feel but overall not too bad. Only wore it once now it sits in a drawer so can't comment on how well it wears.
  17. "doubling up on a pensioner" ha ha, the old if your losing make out you are getting picked on tactic. Can you remember your first post on here and what you were TRYING to claim or do you now realise it was pure bovine excrement so are now just rambling on in a last of the summer wine accent LOL
  18. Lenny just tapped me on the shoulder after reading your post and said" whats up wi im is he drunk or summat" I said back to him "dunt thee start annal"
  19. what is this thread arboot , I cant fink straight anymoor, is it still about you moaning when blades post about wed or is it now just your drunken mumblings!!!!!!! For god sake Alex don't encourage him, he needs help not encouragement!!!!!!!
  20. So it's NOT all about wed then, ok that's cleared that up end of thread. By the way cuttsie I like how you use "dunt" and "din't" and "wi" in your posts, very witty keep it up!!!!! Edit, lenny just pecked me as i was going to include "ant" and "wain't" in my post, sorry about "thut" ,i mean "that"
  21. WHAT??????? , Cuttsie a word of advice,leave hitting the bottle until after six pal ok, Well is it about wed or only when you feel like it. I wonder if my lanner falcon can join a fitness centre, he loves exercise !!!!!
  22. Just got in from doing a half marathon while flying my Lanner falcon (called Lenny) and decided to read the posts on a thread titled "it's all about wed int it" and what do i find , a prominent post all about the blades 50 yrs ago, funny old thread int it!!!!!!
  23. Oh yes, I forgot about that Alex, they do seem rather more delicate than normal though !!!!!
  24. Who would have thought Ramsdale getting in the England squad would upset S6 posters on here so much, it seems it's all about the Blades when it comes to England selection and s6 posters!!!!!!!
  25. I'm not sure Alex ,to be honest I think he argues with himself half the time, like i said earlier i worry more about who will be murdered next on corrie than i do about wed and I don't even watch it any more !!!!! Oh and my toilet bowl is still fine no limescale !!!!!!!! Oh and I thought maguire did well tonight!!!!!!!!!!!
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