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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to renew the annual fishing permit during the current lock down period? Or will it be shelved until lifted? Thanks
  2. Hi, will this reply be seen by all on the forum? If so, it would be better for me to explain my problem personally, obviously the neighbour who objected might also see my comments. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good planning consultant locally for a planning refusal, its not big or complicated, just need help. The ones ive tried are either too busy or on holiday, including DPD,
  4. Hi, could anyone recommend someone to help with a building extension refusal by Sheffield planning dept. thanks
  5. Hi, No just a older brother called David, worked at Fletchers i think in the 1960s ---------- Post added 10-01-2018 at 10:09 ---------- The sir name is Whitham
  6. Hi, I am the Brian that you mentioned, I have tried to private message you but not sure if i have done it right, not been on the forum for some time, if you could get back in touch i would love to have a chat about those great 60s days in the Squirrel cafe. Regards Brian
  7. Hi, where abouts on the Don do you fish?. I would love to try it, I've heard about some anglers being intimidated in certain areas, especially between Meadohall and Rotherham, North Sheffield appeals to me, can you recommend any secure areas? Regards V
  8. Hi, can anyone recommend someone to carry out a gas safe inspection Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm also a new member to this forum, I would be up for any matches which come along, please keep me informed V
  10. Hi, can anyone recommend a good accountant for small business accounts
  11. Hi, does anybody know someone who can advise on how to go about making a council tax appeal. I have had no end of companies willing to take £500 of me for filling a form in which obviously I could do, but, my case is not straight forward, eg, my partner childminds from a premises but does not live on site, they want to charge her, none domestic rates, which is £400 per month, she has someone living in the flat above who pay their own rates (band A) £100 per month, I need to know if there is anyway around this, Kind regards
  12. Hi, I used to be a member years ago but it seems now that unless you work for a specific company eg food manufacturer or emergency services you do not qualify to join. the only criteria you needed was to be an employee of a company (hence The Company Shop) does anyone know whats gone wrong and why us mere mortals are not allowed in anymore. or if there is a was of getting round this. Thanks
  13. Hi, can anyone recommend a mobile car mechanic (not Hathersage) in the Hillsboro area, someone who will get stuck in and willing to take on a challenge.
  14. Hi the aunties you mention, where they next to Mrs Hetheringtons shop, their shop was a bit like an herbalist shop, they always seemed to be very stern and serious, I used to get very embarrassed when I went in there with my 3/9d Regards Brian
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