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  1. Thanks again, Forummers, for adding these details. I really would like to have known Joe - a character if ever there was one - but I'm just glad I met him all those years ago. Online public records confirm that Joseph Oscar Phillips, born 7 April 1924, died in Sheffield on 22 November 1983.
  2. Here is Jeffery street in the 1951 Kelly's Directory (compiled in mid-1950). The differences from the 1942 directory are that in 1941/42 Mrs Margaret Hancock was at No. 9, and Alfred Sadler, Walter Cooke and Wm. Edley were at Nos. 8, 10 and 12 respectively.
  3. Hi - I really don't know if I can help as I usually keep records for five or six years, so of course it is too long ago, but I have sent you a private message.
  4. Many of the shops were indeed destroyed in the Blitz. This can be seen by comparing the listing in the 1940 directory (compiled in mid-1939) with that in the 1942 edition.
  5. Here is a link to a page from a Kelly's directory of 1950, https://postimg.cc/WFbd8Ljp
  6. No. 31 Parsonage Street is actually still there. Here is a "Google" photo.
  7. Yes, Edwin McKenzie's shop was on Snig Hill until the late 1960s, then on Arundel Gate as shown above in the 1973 list. Leslie Cass had a shop on Surrey Street (next to the Montgomery Hall) in the 1960s and 1970s - he also had other branches in Sheffield as shown in the 1973 list.
  8. I knew Ken Jones who had a jewellers shop in the Cambridge Arcade. He had two sons John (born 1946) and Neil (born 1948). Ken Jones was President of the Sheffield Philatelic Society when I joined in 1962.
  9. Here are retail jewellers as listed in the 1973 Kelly's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham. I also have the 1959, 1963, 1965, 1971 and 1974 directories.
  10. The medal evidently dates from 1862, when John Brown (later Sir John Brown, 1816-1896) was Mayor, Henry Harrison (1825-1893) was Master Cutler and William Butcher (1792-1870) was Town Collector. The Town Collector (whose original function was collecting rents) was, and in fact still is, the Chairman of the Sheffield Town Trust, a very old charitable organisation. Here is a link to its website: https://www.sheffieldtowntrust.org/ See also Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Town_Trust
  11. Yes, now known as "The Park" it's still going strong - see link below to the Facebook page. I had my first legal pint in the Park Hotel on 6 April 1966. My goodness - am I as old as that?! 😉 https://www.facebook.com/TheParkHillsborough/
  12. Hi Resotta - yes, Monty Thomas (Montagu John Thomas, 1911-2001) had the radio & TV shop. Originally it was at No 10, then No 8 and finally the double-fronted shop you mention at 12-14. Mr Thomas actually owned all the property between Barclays Bank and the corner. Woolworths was just across the alley (which actually has a name, Bradfied Place, but it has never had a sign to my knowledge). Before Woolworths was built the site had been empty since the demolition in 1939 of Hillsborough National School that used to be there.
  13. Hi Kidorry - I also remember the little shop on the corner of Lady's Bridge and Nursery Street. Going into the shop was like stepping back in time. In 1975 I worked at the Market Place branch of the Midland Bank (now the Bankers Draft). The manager wanted his leather key case repaired, so I took it there. The old gent did it while I waited and charged me 40p!
  14. Hi Plym - welcome to the Forum! The school motto was OBNIXI NON CEDERE - Latin for "determined not to yield". I didn't actually go to Marlcliffe; my brother did but he never did Latin - I did, at King Ted's 🙂.
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