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  1. Quite right - not sure if they are related to Annie; her parents were evidently Richard and Mary Vernon and she had siblings Harry, Frank, Hetty, Bertha, Melvina and Edith. The 1939 Register shows Penny’s mother’s family the Browns on Melville Road as Penny stated. They were at No 24 – here is a scan. https://i.postimg.cc/jqhHZbBg/01.jpg The "K I A" at the lower left perhaps stands for "killed in action" - the "Army Roll of Honour 1939-45" confirms that Private Herbert K. Schofield of the Pioneer Corps died in North Africa on 6 April 1943. The "29.12.43" is perhaps the date of Doris's marriage to Thomas Yates.
  2. Hi Penny - in 1943 Horace Yates, born Jan-Mar 1910, married Doris Schofield (née Brown), born 12 March 1919 as you wrote (as johnpm noted there is a 1940 Sheffield marriage record for a Doris Brown and a Herbert K. Schofield). In my own experience, tracing adopted children can be difficult but a number of Sheffield-born children with the surname Yates and mother's maiden name Brown are in the births index in the 1940s and later. These include Christine L. Yates and Penelope A. Yates as you wrote, and Jennifer M. Yates with her mother's maiden name given as Schofield, but it's hard to identify which of the other three Yates/Brown children shown in the index might be your siblings who could have been adopted. As you, Christine and Jennifer all have middle names (and two of the other three don't), then a possibility may be Susan P. Yates born 1949. The birth certificate (obtainable from the Sheffield Register Office or online from https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/) would give the names of both parents. Good luck in your quest!
  3. Hi Rockchopper - this is evidently No 70 Broxholme Road, and it was indeed a shop. As long ago as 1911, White's/Kelly's Directory shows "Charles Hewitt, shopkeeper" at that address. Kelly's directories continue to show it as a shop until the 1971 edition "D. Phelan, shopkeeper", but the shop must have closed soon afterwards and the 1974 directory (the last one published) just gives "Peter Hallam" as householder.
  4. The Kelly's directories for 1963 and 1965 show Brades, Skelton & Tyzack Ltd. at Sheaf Bank Works, Heeley, but by 1970 they are no longer listed. C.T. Skelton & Co was evidently founded in the 19th century by Sir Charles Skelton. The "Sheffield and District Who's Who" for 1905 gives some biographical information on him; here is a link to a scan. https://i.postimg.cc/gJwQ6H0W/Skelton.jpg
  5. We got our first TV in 1952 and, aged four, I soon became an Andy Pandy and Flower Pot Men viewer! I remember the Coronation - a dozen or so neighbours crammed into our living room to watch the live broadcast, while my mum served up tea and buns. The set cost 40 guineas (that is, £42) from Wigfall's - this was about a month's wages for my dad. There was only one station (BBC of course) and Wiggy's engineer tuned it to the Holme Moss transmitter. The set was a 9-inch Pye, similar to this one. https://i.postimg.cc/fRGtrs04/111.jpg
  6. Hi - I have sent you my email address by Private Message; if you email me I'll reply with the family tree.
  7. Oh - the memories! Especially the Thames-Clyde Express: eleven coaches with full dining car, pulled by a top-link "Jubilee" and then, after about 1960, a "Scot" which we rarely saw in Sheffield before then. In steam days the Master Cutler was pulled by an A3; I remember going to London in 1957 behind 60102 Sir Frederick Banbury. Here is the Thames-Clyde Express in born-again form at Carlisle in August 2017. https://i.postimg.cc/qMB4nx21/Newcastle-2017-014-Carlisle.jpg
  8. Hi Yvonne - welcome to the Forum! Here is a link to a thread about Wheatley & Bates that I started a few years ago. You may find some useful information about the firm. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/417721-wheatley-amp-bates-mineral-water-manufacturers-etc/?tab=comments#comment-7606898 Some of the links in the thread no longer work, but here are links to an article about Wheatley & Bates that I wrote for a postcard collectors' magazine. https://i.postimg.cc/vBwxDn3X/Have-a-Glass-of-Stym-1.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/xd1n51qY/Have-a-Glass-of-Stym-2.jpg
  9. Carltonville Road was adjacent to the former Carbrook Park. Here is a link to a 1950s map: https://i.postimg.cc/90Xtktsw/Carltonville.jpg . The area has changed beyond recognition but Carltonville Road was a little to the north-west of what is now the Sheffield Arena. The "1939 Register" shows Robert and Polly Turner at number 9 Carltonville Road.
  10. ♫ One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow . . ♪ ☺️
  11. Hi HannahSpaner - doing a quick online search of the British Newspaper Archive I found a brief report in the "Coventry Evening Telegraph" of 31 January 1956 which may refer to this accident. Here is a scan. https://i.postimg.cc/3NJnVtPh/111.jpg
  12. Hi Paul - as you rightly say the 1939 Register shows Lily Mills at 36 Manor Oaks Close. There were actually two people of this name at that address, and they were evidently mother and daughter. The mother’s year of birth is given as 1884 and her daughter’s as 1923 (the younger Lily's surname is given in the transcription as Willis, but it is evidently Mills). As your father was evidently born in 1930, the older Lily could have been his mother, then aged 46, but there was also an "E. Willis" (actually E. Mills) at 36 Manor Oaks Close . His name isn’t clear but begins with an ‘E’ and could be Ernest. His date of birth is given as 8 May 1904, and General Register Office records show an Ernest Mills born in Sheffield in Apr-Jun 1904, his mother’s maiden name being Hartley (this was also the maiden name of the mother of the Lily Mills born in Sheffield in 1923). A Martin Mills and Lily Hartley married in Sheffield in 1901. So this Ernest Mills could perhaps be the one you have heard of. Here is a link to a scan of the 1939 Register entry for 32 Manor Oaks Close. https://i.postimg.cc/MGcLQV5s/Mills.jpg The 1939 Register shows Frederick and Lilian Bonaito at 221 Maltravers Road .
  13. Yes, the picturesheffield.com site has a 1965 photo of the Harlequin, ref. s25111, with a caption that mentions "Hilda Bagnall, licensee".
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