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  1. Yes. Happy Daze indeed. I do recall the motorbike shop on Vere Road but didn't buy anything there. I think it was a part-time business run by the chap who lived there. He had a friend on Roselle Street in Hillsborough who fitted sidecars. My brother had a 1966 C15 and loved it, until he "came in from the cold" and bought a car. Here I am with the Starfire in 1971: https://i.postimg.cc/rmc6mxSp/Starfire.jpg And here we all are with the original Thunderbird combination at Skegness in 1951 (I'm the littlest one): https://i.postimg.cc/DZF4xWd4/mc._&_sidecar.jpg
  2. A good machine, the A10 - my dad had one with a sidecar after he wrote-off his Triumph Thunderbird (don't ask 😉). Then he slowed down a bit and had an LE Velocette. Here is part of a BSA 1970 brochure that I got from Dan's on London Road, showing the Starfire etc. https://i.postimg.cc/T3SwCF8F/BSA.jpg
  3. Jack Clayton did sell ice cream under his own name, with "J. CLAYTON" on the vans, but this is going back to the 1950s/60s. Jack and Vera Ronksley worked for Jack until they set up on their own; their son John was still selling ice cream in the area until a few years ago.
  4. A happy place with comunity spirit indeed. Long ago I looked forward to the occasional Saturday trip to London Road with a much-loved grandad. We would call at the Disc Jockey café and then walk up to Sharrow Lane and Sermin's jewellers for watch parts (grandad repaired watches as a hobby). There were lots of interesting shops of all kinds. As for the new BSAs in Dan's - on 1 August 1970 (the first day of the 'J' registration) I got my brand new BSA Starfire from Leather & Simpson's but I couldn't resist riding it into town, parking it outside Dans and seeing all the admiring looks the bikers gave it. 😊 Happy days!
  5. I don't actually remember an ice cream man on Hillsborough Place, but Jack Clayton was nearby at the end of Haden Street.; he had a number of vans in the 1950s/60s.
  6. Hi DavidFrance - I don't remember Matt's but here is an advert. and listing from the 1951 Kelly's Directory. https://i.postimg.cc/GpRZ87YW/Matts-ice-cream-1951.jpg
  7. Here is a map showing the street numbering. https://i.postimg.cc/59X2wsDT/001.jpg No ice cream makers are listed on Arthur Street or Addy Street.
  8. Hi desy - here is a link to a scan of the beginning of Langsett Road in the 1959 Kelly's Directory (there were no houses numbered 45 or 47, and No. 53 was evidently empty): https://i.postimg.cc/mkVgB09b/Langsett.jpg
  9. Hi Curtis - I really know very little about the druids. I just have two old, undated postcards (the letter mentioned in post #18 was donated to a museum in Whitehaven). As the links I posted in the thread don't seem to work any more, I'll email JPEG scans of the postcards to you Here also is a new link: https://i.postimg.cc/NFPMZwYX/Druid-postcards.jpg . Good luck with your research!
  10. Public records indicate that a Sylvia A. Barker was born in Sheffield in 1947, and a Sylvia A. Barker married a Roy Needham in Sheffield in 1969.
  11. Here are details of shops in Hillsborough from the Kelly's Directory of 1965. https://i.postimg.cc/2yRZx5s3/01.jpg
  12. Styan's and Shentall's haven't been there for quite a long time. Styan's became a travel agent (Woodcock's at one time) and I think Shentalls was a café.
  13. I think Funk's must be the only retail business that is still trading under the same name, though no longer in the Funk family (as it was until the 1980s). The business can be traced back to George Funk (1865-1912) who arrived from Germany in the 1880s and opened a shop at 34 Infirmary Road. They were later on Langsett Road and Holme Lane before opening the present-day shop. The newsagent's on the corner next to Funk's is still there, having undergone many changes of ownership since William Day opened the shop in c. 1908. In the early 1960s it was owned by Frank Agus and his wife Ida. In the 1980s it became a "Star News Shop" for a time. Burton's menswear opened on the corner of Bradfield Road in the late 1920s, their new building replacing Bill Bush's single-storey grocer's shop that had been there. Burton's was taken over by Greenwoods, where I often used to buy clothes in the 1980s. Simpkin's factory has been there since the 1930s, when my mother worked there for a time. I once bought some of their sweets in Germany, so they must export a lot.
  14. Mortimer's Army Stores was just below Burgin's. A small part of the sign can be seen just to the left of the bus in the picture linked to post #564. Here is a link to a scan from the 1965 Kelly's Directory showing businesses between the Barracks and Hillsborough Corner. https://i.postimg.cc/kgHKqxsk/01-Burgins.jpg
  15. Hi FIRETHORN1 - it's nice to have your memories. My schoolbag etc. came from Burgin's - you can see the shop in the background of this painting of a No 31 bus turning into Forbes Road. https://i.postimg.cc/3NQfsqJt/Burgins.jpg The wet fishmonger's on Hillsborough Road in the 1960s was Clayton's. I remember at that time they began selling whole roast chickens from a "Rotiss-o-Mat" roaster that they set up outside - the first I had seen. Kelsey's was a very good pork shop at that time. The other pork butcher you refer to was actually Marsden's - their factory was on Wood Lane as you mentioned. In my 1960s hitch-hiking days I got a lift back from Doncaster in one of their vans - the smell was awful but the driver couldn't smell anything as he'd got used to it!
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