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  1. ♫ One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow . . ♪ ☺️
  2. Hi HannahSpaner - doing a quick online search of the British Newspaper Archive I found a brief report in the "Coventry Evening Telegraph" of 31 January 1956 which may refer to this accident. Here is a scan. https://i.postimg.cc/3NJnVtPh/111.jpg
  3. hillsbro

    Bonaito/Mills Adoption search..

    Hi Paul - as you rightly say the 1939 Register shows Lily Mills at 36 Manor Oaks Close. There were actually two people of this name at that address, and they were evidently mother and daughter. The mother’s year of birth is given as 1884 and her daughter’s as 1923 (the younger Lily's surname is given in the transcription as Willis, but it is evidently Mills). As your father was evidently born in 1930, the older Lily could have been his mother, then aged 46, but there was also an "E. Willis" (actually E. Mills) at 36 Manor Oaks Close . His name isn’t clear but begins with an ‘E’ and could be Ernest. His date of birth is given as 8 May 1904, and General Register Office records show an Ernest Mills born in Sheffield in Apr-Jun 1904, his mother’s maiden name being Hartley (this was also the maiden name of the mother of the Lily Mills born in Sheffield in 1923). A Martin Mills and Lily Hartley married in Sheffield in 1901. So this Ernest Mills could perhaps be the one you have heard of. Here is a link to a scan of the 1939 Register entry for 32 Manor Oaks Close. https://i.postimg.cc/MGcLQV5s/Mills.jpg The 1939 Register shows Frederick and Lilian Bonaito at 221 Maltravers Road .
  4. Yes, the picturesheffield.com site has a 1965 photo of the Harlequin, ref. s25111, with a caption that mentions "Hilda Bagnall, licensee".
  5. The 1971 to 1974 directories just give the address as 15 Psalter Lane but don't name the licensee.
  6. This depends on when it was. Directories often don't name licensees after 1954, and Mary Latham isn't mentioned in the ones I have up to the last (1974) edition. A quick web search brought up the Winter 1992 edition of "Dore to Door" which mentions Mary Latham at the Dore Moor Inn but doesn't give a date. "... Innkeepers since 1905 have included M. Hutchinson, a Mr Beamer, Norman Trimnell and Mary Latham. Mr and Mrs Jack Jones ran the inn from 1975 until Ken Cooney took over in 1987 after 18 years at the Big Gun in the Wicker."
  7. hillsbro

    Bryan Jones, Leyland paint & Wallpaper

    Hi Sara - welcome to the Forum! As far as I can see, just looking quickly at online public records (and if I have found the right people) your grandfather Bryan Jones was born on 22 July 1923, his parents being Frederick William Jones and Doris Annie Jones, née Ramsbottom, both born in 1897. He married Ray H. Williamson in 1948 and your father Christopher was born in Sheffield in 1949. I was unable to find your uncle. The "1939 Register" finds your grandfather Bryan and his parents living near St. Anne's-on-Sea at The Manor House, Bryning Lane. Frederick Jones' profession is given as "Paint & Varnish Manufacturer" and Bryan's as "Assistant Clerk" in the business. Bryan died aged 69 in 1993 in the "Blackpool & Fylde" district (this includes St Anne's -on-Sea) .
  8. hillsbro

    FW Clixby, Painter & Decorator

  9. Dora Woodhead was licensee of the Holly Bush Inn, Hollins Lane, S6 in the early 1970s.
  10. Glad this is of interest (I forgot to mention that the link to the scan I previously posted doesn't seem to work now; I thought people joining the thread might like to see it). Here is a scan from 15 years later; the 1974 Kelly's Directory. https://i.postimg.cc/jdDvwXzr/02.jpg
  11. Hi Billam - this scan from the 1959 Kelly's Directory might include some names familiar to you. https://i.postimg.cc/zfDhX7CT/001.jpg
  12. hillsbro

    Spye / Eccles surnames

    William Henry Spye (1889-1966) had a shoe repairs shop at 103 Hawthorn Road, Hillsborough, in the 1950s.
  13. My local barber still keeps some tapers in a drawer but he tells me that nobody has asked for singeing for a long time! The shop near the Wednesday ground was Bayliss's (Albert Bayliss and his son Terry) at 158 Leppings Lane.
  14. hillsbro


    It's good to know that the Forum has, once more, been able to help people find each other again! 🙂
  15. hillsbro

    Willson and Gumpets

    Hi ping - it's nice to have your input, and to see the photo of Lizzie Spring. I see that she lived to the good age of 92 and died in 1971. She would have been an interesting person to talk to!

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