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  1. Ethels's café is shown at 1 Flaxby Road in 1970s directories.
  2. I think you are right, grannypat, though I suppose it depended on whom you were actually dealing with. But nowadays with data centrally held by computers it ought to be easier to look up things in a library's catalogues. Perhaps they have not yet got round to computerising the relevant data.
  3. Hi grannypat - that's disappointing. I'm surprised they don't know what electoral rolls are in the collection. You'd have thought the catalogue was digitally held and could be accessed.
  4. Hi grannypat - it's a long time since I went to the Sheffield Archives or Local Studies Library and I don't know for which years they have electoral rolls and directories, but I know there are some gaps in the electoral rolls collection. The Local Studies Library has the most complete set of directories that I know of but I don't know if it is complete. I have a directory for 1911 and my next one is 1922, then 1925, 1931 and 1937. You can email the archives on archives@sheffield.gov.uk but the Local Studies Library is closed at present.
  5. Here is a 1950s map with 25 Spencer Road and 38 Prospect Road arrowed.
  6. Hi Cycleracer - it seems that Deebles hasn't visited the Forum for quite a long time, but I have a number of Kelly's directories including the 1959 edition.
  7. That reminds me of the Chuck Ranch on Holme Lane, mentioned earlier in the thread. The owner (Mohammed Tanwir) had a bright yellow E-Type coupé - a lovely motor.
  8. I thought that would make your hackles rise, Rockers rule! 😀 I think if I wanted a vintage car I would buy a nicely-restored Jowett Javelin - my uncle had a 1951 Javelin and it was the first car I ever rode in, aged about five!
  9. The site was evidently empty in 1953 when the map was published, but the directories I have from 1959 show the garage there, originally (1959) as "London Road Filling Station", then (1963) "F. Wilson (Garages) Ltd., motor agents & dealers", then (1965) "Brocklehurst's of London Road Sheffield, motor agents & dealers", and then (1971) "London Road Garage". The 1973 directory shows the site as empty, but in the 1974 edition "Alan Pond Regional Ltd. petrol station" is there. Not without a time machine, but there's a nice example on eBay, priced at a modest 5½ grand... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Consul-MK2-1960/184464863974?hash=item2af2f672e6:g:8AQAAOSw0p5fcKi2
  10. This is certainly how it looks on this 1953 map - there are two properties (presumably Nos. 90 and 92/94) between the Pheasant (shown as a public house 'PH' on the map) and Club Garden Walk.
  11. I'm afraid I can't help - the last Kelly's to be published was the 1974 edition (compiled in mid-1973) and it shows nothing between Hibbert's pork butchers at No. 88 and the Pheasant at 96/98. So it seems that Nos. 90-94 (shown in directories up to the mid-1960s) were demolished, and if a restaurant was later there, the building presumably had a short life.
  12. I'm afraid Hillsbro can't help! 🙁 The last Kelly's directory was published in 1973, before there was an Indian restaurant in that area.
  13. Hi Mick - the Vestry Hall was actually at No 54 - here is a scan from an old Kelly's Directory.
  14. Yes, 'Twinkl Way' seems to be where Renton Street was. Here is a link to a n "overlay" map of the area, Click on the blue dot and drag to the left for a modern aerial view. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=53.37264&lon=-1.48281&layers=168&b=1
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