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  1. Hi - I've replied to your Message. Since then I have found a reliable (I think!) image hosting site. Here is a link to the photo: https://postimg.cc/hJysst3h I also looked in an old Kelly's directory. The shop was at 139 Bradfield Road. Here is a link to a "Google" photo - the "Red Rose" fish & chip shop is at No. 139. https://www.instantstreetview.com/@53.403396,-1.499862,155.77h,5.2p,0.1z,oKaCBC1iqEVM1HP4HXralg
  2. Hi - I've sent you a Message with some more details.
  3. Hi - Susan Lindley lived at No. 35 with her parents, sister Beryl and brother John. She married Dave Cameron in 1974 but I think they later separated or divorced. I was in touch with John Lindley some years ago - he lived at Bridlington but I don't seem to have his contact details, sorry!
  4. 20 Dykes Hall Road, Hillsborough, built 1869, demolished 1982. No bathroom, hot water or central heating, outside loo across the yard, coal fire, then gas in the living room, but we were happy there from 1952 until we moved to a modernised house across the road in 1978. Home sweet home!
  5. Hi Davey1889 - I found your Damms family in public records at 33 Wybourn House Road. Your grandmother's name was Eliza Damms, née Glaves; she and Albert married in 1923. Just thought you might like to know!
  6. Thanks again, Forummers, for adding these details. I really would like to have known Joe - a character if ever there was one - but I'm just glad I met him all those years ago. Online public records confirm that Joseph Oscar Phillips, born 7 April 1924, died in Sheffield on 22 November 1983.
  7. Here is Jeffery street in the 1951 Kelly's Directory (compiled in mid-1950). The differences from the 1942 directory are that in 1941/42 Mrs Margaret Hancock was at No. 9, and Alfred Sadler, Walter Cooke and Wm. Edley were at Nos. 8, 10 and 12 respectively.
  8. Hi - I really don't know if I can help as I usually keep records for five or six years, so of course it is too long ago, but I have sent you a private message.
  9. Many of the shops were indeed destroyed in the Blitz. This can be seen by comparing the listing in the 1940 directory (compiled in mid-1939) with that in the 1942 edition.
  10. Here is a link to a page from a Kelly's directory of 1950, https://postimg.cc/WFbd8Ljp
  11. No. 31 Parsonage Street is actually still there. Here is a "Google" photo.
  12. Yes, Edwin McKenzie's shop was on Snig Hill until the late 1960s, then on Arundel Gate as shown above in the 1973 list. Leslie Cass had a shop on Surrey Street (next to the Montgomery Hall) in the 1960s and 1970s - he also had other branches in Sheffield as shown in the 1973 list.
  13. I knew Ken Jones who had a jewellers shop in the Cambridge Arcade. He had two sons John (born 1946) and Neil (born 1948). Ken Jones was President of the Sheffield Philatelic Society when I joined in 1962.
  14. Here are retail jewellers as listed in the 1973 Kelly's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham. I also have the 1959, 1963, 1965, 1971 and 1974 directories.
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