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  1. Hi Kidorry - I also remember the little shop on the corner of Lady's Bridge and Nursery Street. Going into the shop was like stepping back in time. In 1975 I worked at the Market Place branch of the Midland Bank (now the Bankers Draft). The manager wanted his leather key case repaired, so I took it there. The old gent did it while I waited and charged me 40p!
  2. Hi Plym - welcome to the Forum! The school motto was OBNIXI NON CEDERE - Latin for "determined not to yield". I didn't actually go to Marlcliffe; my brother did but he never did Latin - I did, at King Ted's 🙂.
  3. Yes, this was in 1899 - an article appeared in the "Sheffield and Rotherham Independent" of 3 June 1899. It's a long article but here is a link to a scan of the heading, a plan of the proposed route etc. More recently, I remember "The Star" publishing an article in the 1960s about a proposal for an underground "circle line" servng the central part of the city. It included an artist's impression of the entrance to "Fargate Station" etc., but nothing more was heard of it. https://ibb.co/8m94RYN
  4. The Wikipedia article indicates that it called at Cheadle Heath station, the only stop en route. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midland_Pullman
  5. Hi Kim Anderson - welcome to the Forum! Burgon & Sons grocers opened their Attercliffe branch in 1931 at 762 Attercliffe Road. The building now houses the Samara Lounge restaurant. Here is a link to a Google street-level photo: https://ibb.co/5R1cgnM
  6. Yep - and a 3d bit in change; Airfix kits were two bob at Woollies and a Mars bar cost threepence. 🙂
  7. Hi Duffems - I wouldn't have minded not being posh if I'd been give half a crown like you. That would have bought me a brand new Dinky toy! 🙂
  8. That sounds familiar. I was five, and sat cross-legged in front of the Pye 12-inch TV. Behind me our living room was packed with neighbours as we had the only TV in the street - it looked like this. https://ibb.co/9qD2Yf6
  9. Undine Marcia Gatty was Ivor Gatty's aunt. She married a Walter Ward in 1884 - here is a link to the relevant page from the 1911 census return: https://ibb.co/8MJqGqh Here also are probate details for David Ivor Vaughan Gatty, one of his executors being "Thomas Ward, schoolmaster": https://ibb.co/vBSsdrH The 1939 Register has a Thomas Ward, schoolmaster, born 6 December 1909, resident at 11 Greystones Drive. Also at that address is Phyllis L. Ward, born 16 October 1908, evidently his wife.
  10. Hi FoxLady - in case it's of interest, here is a link to a scan of the 1911 census page for the Battys. https://ibb.co/nzqVBLB
  11. Hello again Runningman Public records confirm that Douglas was born on 9 April 1894. His father Easton Wilson evidently died when he was two years old, and his mother Jane seems to have married John Le Pla (I cannot find a marriage record but the 1911 census return - see link below - shows them as married, living at 54 Thorndon Road with the 16 year-old Douglas). The marriages index confirms that Douglas married Winifred E. Stevenson in 1922. As you say there is another marriage record of 1941 to Kathleen Hornsey, born 1908. She may perhaps have been his secretary, as the 1939 Register shows her as a "financial secretary". Kathleen presumably inherited the £2,742 that Douglas left in his will when he died in 1967. https://ibb.co/XXQm04G
  12. Hi Runningman - glad to be able (belatedly) to fill a few gaps! One more snippet - the Triumph Loan Company was evidently formed in 1927; this appeared in the "Sheffield Daily Telegraph" of 14 November 1927.
  13. Hi Runningman, I can just offer a little information from Kelly's directories. Firstly regarding the Triumph Loan Company; the 1931 and 1933 directories show this at 92 Ecclesall Road. The 1937 and 1940 editions show the "Triumph Loan Co. Ltd., money lenders" in the "Bodega Buildings, 66 to 70 High Street". They were evidently bombed out of there, and the 1942 directory shows Douglas G. Wilson resident at 88 Ecclesall Road with the "Triumph Loan Co. Ltd, financiers" at the same address, Douglas G. Wilson being the "director". The 1951 and 1954 directories have, in the alphabetical sections: "Douglas G. Wilson, manager, Triumph Loan Co. Ltd., Orchard Chambers, 27 Church Street.". Probate data shows that Douglas German Wilson died on 9 December 1967, at which time he was resident at 130 Causeway Head Road, Dore. He is shown there in directories I have from 1959, his wife Kathleen being at that address in later directories up to 1974, the last published.
  14. Just looking in old directories, Fred Coulson's business appears in the 1911, 1922 and 1925 directories. The 1930 directory shows "G. S. & J. Ramsden, hatters" at 686 Attercliffe Road. They were there until the late 1940s when a dentist was at that address.
  15. Maybe I should start taking bookings! 😄
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