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  1. Hi - I really don't know if I can help as I usually keep records for five or six years, so of course it is too long ago, but I have sent you a private message.
  2. Many of the shops were indeed destroyed in the Blitz. This can be seen by comparing the listing in the 1940 directory (compiled in mid-1939) with that in the 1942 edition.
  3. Here is a link to a page from a Kelly's directory of 1950, https://postimg.cc/WFbd8Ljp
  4. No. 31 Parsonage Street is actually still there. Here is a "Google" photo.
  5. Yes, Edwin McKenzie's shop was on Snig Hill until the late 1960s, then on Arundel Gate as shown above in the 1973 list. Leslie Cass had a shop on Surrey Street (next to the Montgomery Hall) in the 1960s and 1970s - he also had other branches in Sheffield as shown in the 1973 list.
  6. I knew Ken Jones who had a jewellers shop in the Cambridge Arcade. He had two sons John (born 1946) and Neil (born 1948). Ken Jones was President of the Sheffield Philatelic Society when I joined in 1962.
  7. Here are retail jewellers as listed in the 1973 Kelly's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham. I also have the 1959, 1963, 1965, 1971 and 1974 directories.
  8. The medal evidently dates from 1862, when John Brown (later Sir John Brown, 1816-1896) was Mayor, Henry Harrison (1825-1893) was Master Cutler and William Butcher (1792-1870) was Town Collector. The Town Collector (whose original function was collecting rents) was, and in fact still is, the Chairman of the Sheffield Town Trust, a very old charitable organisation. Here is a link to its website: https://www.sheffieldtowntrust.org/ See also Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Town_Trust
  9. Yes, now known as "The Park" it's still going strong - see link below to the Facebook page. I had my first legal pint in the Park Hotel on 6 April 1966. My goodness - am I as old as that?! 😉 https://www.facebook.com/TheParkHillsborough/
  10. Hi Resotta - yes, Monty Thomas (Montagu John Thomas, 1911-2001) had the radio & TV shop. Originally it was at No 10, then No 8 and finally the double-fronted shop you mention at 12-14. Mr Thomas actually owned all the property between Barclays Bank and the corner. Woolworths was just across the alley (which actually has a name, Bradfied Place, but it has never had a sign to my knowledge). Before Woolworths was built the site had been empty since the demolition in 1939 of Hillsborough National School that used to be there.
  11. Hi Kidorry - I also remember the little shop on the corner of Lady's Bridge and Nursery Street. Going into the shop was like stepping back in time. In 1975 I worked at the Market Place branch of the Midland Bank (now the Bankers Draft). The manager wanted his leather key case repaired, so I took it there. The old gent did it while I waited and charged me 40p!
  12. Hi Plym - welcome to the Forum! The school motto was OBNIXI NON CEDERE - Latin for "determined not to yield". I didn't actually go to Marlcliffe; my brother did but he never did Latin - I did, at King Ted's 🙂.
  13. Yes, this was in 1899 - an article appeared in the "Sheffield and Rotherham Independent" of 3 June 1899. It's a long article but here is a link to a scan of the heading, a plan of the proposed route etc. More recently, I remember "The Star" publishing an article in the 1960s about a proposal for an underground "circle line" servng the central part of the city. It included an artist's impression of the entrance to "Fargate Station" etc., but nothing more was heard of it. https://ibb.co/8m94RYN
  14. The Wikipedia article indicates that it called at Cheadle Heath station, the only stop en route. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midland_Pullman
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