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  1. This is happening to my husband as well and he's just changed to EE recently
  2. Same for me when I had my little boy last year
  3. I'm really surprised to hear the bad comments about JB auto. We used them to sort out my hubbys starter motor as advertised in the first post, and the service we got was very good. They went the extra mile to fix the car for us and were totally reliable. We were very pleased and I'd have no hesitation recommending them to anybody.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good and reliable mobile mechanic please? My husbands car needs a new starter motor fiitting and we need someone to come to the house to do it. We're just off the Sheffield Parkway. Thanks
  5. You can do 'pay as you go ' at Ponds Forge. I think it's about a fiver.
  6. Another recomendation for Ikea from me. We got our kitchen and all the appliances from there including dishwasher, oven & hob, sink and fridge freezer and I found a local joiner to fit it. It Cost us 3.5k including fitting and it's very good quality. We also got a £100 Ikea gift card for every £1000 we spent which was very handy.
  7. I use Croft Farm for my German Shepherd and would highly recommend them. I've already booked him in for July as I wanted to make sure he got a place!
  8. Heartbreaking story, how can people be so cruel to a once loved pet! Hope you're at peace now Arthur xx
  9. Same here, I'm not too concerned about it
  10. Yes I go, and would recommend the body attack and body pump classes which are excellent for weight loss and toning. I don't use the actual gym but its popular and always looks busy.
  11. We currently live in sheffield and are thinking of moving to wombwell as there are some lovely new homes being built there for a very reasonable price. Does anyone know what its like? Ive heard good and bad reports.
  12. Wish I could help but my shepherds exactly the same. He's 6 now and we've resigned ourselves to the fact that this is something we'll just have to live with. He's a big soft teddy bear at home but when he see's another dog he goes absolutely crazy, like a dog possessed. We use a canny collar to control him which does help, and have tried distracting him with treats, but we daren't let him off the lead because if he see's another dog he's straight off. It can be embarrassing but also annoying when other owners let their dogs run up to him and he goes crazy. We love him to bits and its reassuring to hear that its not just our boy who's like this and it seems to be a GSD trait.
  13. That does sound expensive and my boys a german shepherd so he's going to be at the top end of the price scale. It wont hurt to get a quote but I'm def thinking that Croft farm sounds good with its paddock.
  14. Ive seen the website and it looks really nice. Was thinking of boarding my dog there but they dont mention the price on the website and Id heard it was expensive??
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