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  1. Happ

    Plug venue closing/sold on.

    Told by who? The tickets are still being sold and and advertised with no suggestion of a cancellation or change on their website. The parent company also still has plug listed as an active venue.
  2. Happ

    Cuthbert bank pub / Hmo

    The Burgoyne is a listed building as far as I am aware so the main structure has to stay. When it was initially sold after being vacated (for below half the price suggested at a non-selling auction), I believe the new owner was applying to renovate to half residential flats and half offices. People broke in, smashed it to pieces, ripped out all the copper piping and left water running everywhere. It’s been left to rot ever since. But maybe that’s the plan...
  3. Happ

    Bank card fiasco.

    I’d prefer it to be a cad payment. I always have my bank card but not always cash, let alone 20p coins.
  4. Happ

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I know, you know, everyone knows it wasn’t really offensive. Certainly not offensive in a term to warrant a complaint. Being offended over literally anything and everything is quite a common theme these days. Why can’t people just get on with it and not concern themselves with nonsense self pity. There are way more important things to worry about if you are so inclined to feel the need.
  5. Happ

    Tyre shops open on bank hol??

    Hawley’s at Hillsborough ate open.
  6. Happ

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    It wasn’t really offensive though was it? You just thought your naive opinion was valid and sent a self righteous complaint off to the BBC believing it was “on behalf of the people of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire”. You could have just switched it off and not listened instead. The broadcast would have been good listening to some, whatever it was. It’s not YOUR radio station.
  7. Happ

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Why didn’t you just turn it off and not listen to it? You chose to listen and then submitted a complaint. Ridiculous. I’m offended that you are offended.
  8. The vast majority would never be able to envisage such an example so the question and answers are without any merit. As mentioned above, the film “Threads” is probably the most realistic example of nuclear fallout and the aftermath, even decades after it was made.
  9. The future of structured cabling in new builds was the suggestion in the year 2000. I remember attending a conference by Canon who were stipulating such a thing. Very few new builds, even 18 years later, have twisted pairs installed and sockets installed as standard. We’ve still got along way to go.
  10. Clearly you missed the point of my reply.
  11. People don’t need to march or post to an online petition. Britain is leaving the EU. It’s already happening.
  12. A lot of marketing works sub-consciously. It’s a lot more about branding and you do actually see more, and take in more of the advertising than you would initially think. Obviously it’s all subjective and some people are more prone to this canvassing than others, but it clearly works and a good marketing team can track most sales right back to a source.
  13. Happ

    Would You Be Annoyed ?

    280% mark-on rather than pure profit. However, there is zero profit if doesn’t sell. It would be 100% loss.
  14. How is this any different from creating a petition to revoke a general election result? A party is elected to power and then a petition is signed by the people who didn’t vote for said party. It makes a shambles of democracy. Whatever the result, be it election, brexit, cutting taxes/deficits and decreasing services, rasing taxes/debt and increasing services, a lot of people are not going to happy.

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