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  1. Happ

    Glasses needed

    Is this a joke?
  2. Happ

    Glasses needed

    Why does your partner want you to wear glasses when you don’t need them?
  3. Food with an offensive smell? Unless you are cooking andouillette, what could be offensive about the smell?
  4. Happ

    Copy / paste on Windows 7

    What issue? Basic copy and paste is no different on any windows version, right back to 95 and up to 10. The same could be said for MacOS too; the functionality is fairly standard.
  5. Happ


    Why wouodn’t the council address the issues with mold or dampness; are they are suggesting it is caused by something beyond their control? Can you move into acommodation that is not provided by the council?
  6. Happ

    weekly pay

    What industry or sector is this employment within? Or better still, what is the company name? It may give people abetter understanding of the circumstance then.
  7. December 2017 it was still working according to this BBC video.
  8. Happ

    Scarborough : what to do?

    Fishing for mackrel off the pier on the North Shore.
  9. Happ

    Term time school holidays

    The problem with suggesting the child is sick, leads to potential complications when they find you and your child are lying. I’m not sure of the consequences explicitly, but I believe they can then bring in the “truant officers” to visit your home etc. Depends how the school/teachers want to deal with situation. If your child was/is supposed to be sick enough to be off for a number of days, but then goes back with a tan and talking with friends about the death slides in the waterpark at Majorca, or the camels he/she saw on the beach in Tenerife, it’ll likely end up with letters from the headteacher questioning the absence. Just be honest and pay the fine if it’s given. A child will gain way more from a family holiday than they ever would from the week they would miss at school. There are of course exceptions and it is down to timing and responsible parenting with the decisions that come with that. The argument against it is that it “disrupts the rest of the class” on the childs return and the teacher has to help that child catch up. I don’t beleive a word of it. A younger child doesn’t miss anything specifically important and an older child would be able to “fill in the gaps” themselves quite easily.
  10. Happ

    Term time school holidays

    Just pay them. Not worth the battle you’d have if you don’t. You wouldn’t win anyway. It’s way cheaper to pay the fines that it would be to holiday outside of term time. Just remember that they can fine both parents per child though. So for a single absence, assuming both parents are still alive (regardless of living arrangements or custody), that could be £120 per child. Note that the fine is issue’d on behalf of the council rather than the school itself. Although the school does have a little influence on that decision.
  11. Happ

    industrial printer network drops

    You could try disabling the routing through the default gateway. It’s an option under the TCP/IPv4 settings of the network connection.
  12. Happ

    Season tickets at S6

    £455 is less than £460. That makes it less than £20 a game if there are 23 home games to be played. £19.78 per game to be precise.
  13. Happ

    Naked man trashes a hotel

    It would probably suggest the man is not from Sheffield if he is staying in a Sheffield hotel too.
  14. What a simplistic view. Well done you.

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