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  1. What nonsense. On many levels.
  2. Innocent until proven guilty. If you didn’t do it, nothing to worry about. Do you even smoke?
  3. Oh well. With that response, you can continue the investigation yourself.
  4. Do you have the same issue with the machine connected via a LAN cable?
  5. Try disabling IPv6 if enabled on the network card.
  6. This is what the Clifford allows with BlackJax. If they take your car keys and immobiliser fob, they can start the car as normal and it will allow them to get a certain distance away while monitoring the revs. It will warn that something is going to happen and you have to enter a simple code in the 2 button panel switch within a set period. If you don’t, the car cuts out and sounds the alarm. Can’t restart it without the code. As stated above, it stops would be determined thieves, from ransacking the place looking for the keys and threatening you and your family to hand them over. It will allow them to drive away a safe distance before immobilising the car. Also works the same in carjacking scenario; hence the name. A ghost device merely stops the vehicle from starting. If they really wanted the car, and you were present, they could just threaten or force you, through whatever means, to enter the code. Again, that is the same in both scenarios listed above.
  7. Stay on the house. Don’t come out from October to March. Only solution.
  8. ARC Car Repairs at Solly St. Excellent service, good prices and completely transparent.
  9. “Send To” does not show the OS drive by default on any Windows platforms. You can modify the Send To list if required as it just a folder holding the options available. See the followimg article for examples. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/customize-the-windows-vista-send-to-menu/
  10. Nonsense. The questions posed by Toby are always debating the view of the interviewee; whichever stance is being taken. It’s refreshing as most interviewers have a preset list of questions, don’t listen to the answers, and don’t push further when the answer is clearly not an answer to the actual question.
  11. Yup, it’s terrible. Many threads and posts suggesting as such. It’s why it doesn’t get used anymore. There should be a way to view all adverts in a single thread without having to go into every category individually.
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