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  1. Surely you can’t just rock up and plant trees anywhere, if at all, without some sort of authorisation and permission?
  2. These type of posts make me laugh. Just like the millions upon millions of pounds that are wasted by government agencies, way out of touch censorship groups, and endless pointless campaigners who try and make a stance about online anonymity and policing the internet. It will never ever ever happen. There is, and always be, ways to circumvent every single type of restriction that is put in place on the internet, and that is the way it should be. There are always people clever enough than those that want to enforce it, and its already bypassed way before its even deployed. The people sooner understand that, the sooner we can stop wasting time and money trying to enforce something that is completely unenforceable and goes against everything what a decentralised network is about. You can’t change and control the internet. You can have massive influence over the content (google, facebook etc), but that is really only limited to those that you are not suggesting to “police”.
  3. Why is the thread prefixed “urgent”?
  4. What absolute drivel. He was already booked by the venue and has been for many years in the past. They decided to cancel after someone or a group of entitled people decided to complain about something that they have no interest in,
  5. Which is what a moderator should do and not much more.
  6. Shouldn’t be locking anything. Less moderation the better.
  7. I am glad all the moderators were removed. Power hungry and way over zealous. The forum could do with less censorship, endless merging of unrelated threads, and nonsense “keep on topic” concerns. Let it flow!…
  8. How would wish.com know your account had been “hacked”? You could say the same about any website or online account ever, including SheffieldForum… 2 Factor Authentication should be enabled wherever possible along with a sensible password policy. As for what they sell, why should google be responsible for what you purchase? Wish.com sell thousands of items from all different sources, as do many online websites. Its up to you to determine whether its a good purchase.
  9. It would be “safer” without all these silly rules, one way systems and limiting capacity. As we all know, all it does is cause endless queues, congestion, frustration and does absolutely nothing to prevent any sort of viral transmission. But alas, we mist be seen to do “something” ‘cos it makes people feel “safe”...
  10. This is your phone number, not email. It has nothing to do with accessing the internet from your phone.
  11. They got your number from somewhere, and given it’s a Sheffield taxi firm, and I assume you are in or around Sheffield, the statements about affiliated marketing consent will most likely be correct. Failed to read the small print and opt out or in somewhere.
  12. The club was also in TheFull Monty movie. They painted it that colour just for the film. It was the same furniture store/warehouse back then too.
  13. Its because its rubbish now. The layout is all wrong so inefficient and not user friendly. Theres been plenty of posts indicating this but nothing was ever done.
  14. I think it highlights more than what the specific paragraph is related to. It shows an apparent lack of relevant or current detail, meaning its been copied or duplicated from an alternative, clearly outdated document, and that no-one with any relate knowledge has proof read the agreement. Ok, we lack context here, but this is a legal representation of our agreements with the European union. If this one paragraph is completely outdated, and most likely irrelevant, what could that mean for a lot of the more other important policies? its a concern whichever way you look at it and has clearly been rushed through for Boris to get a check in the box. I mean, they have only had 4 years...
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