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  1. Happ

    Ebay Hell

    I was told by an ebay customer service rep to always return it as a faulty item. That way the seller pays the postage. It’s not right bit that’s what they advised.
  2. Its probably overheated and some of the solder has come lose on the circuit board/micro-electronics.
  3. There may well be a few them coming up for sale fairly soon...
  4. Absolutely shocking service. I complained the other day. Having to “speak” to a computer about your request and it not understanding anything is an appalling way of dealing with customers. I have no idea how I eventually got through to someone. I think it was a pure chance of luck.
  5. Agreed. Nothing is free. There is always a price to pay one way or another.
  6. Because this application can do more harm than good unless you really understand what is doing and review every single reference it’s brings back before processing. Based on the original post, the request is from somebody with little knowledge of Windows and/or how to correct the current issues.
  7. Using CCleaner is generally bad advice.
  8. You can re-enable the delete confirmation. Right click on Recycle Bin > Properties.
  9. Agreed. Also, Windows 10 by default, will not prompt for confirmation on deletion like previous versions of the OS. Faulty delete key, accidental clicking, right click>delete, drag to recycle bin, delete options in menu’s, lot’s of ways to delete files accidentally. User error or faulty keyboard without a doubt.
  10. Sounds like PEBKAC to me.
  11. Why drag it completely out of context? What he actually said was professional and correct. The guy in the car was in the wrong and obviously an idiot, no doubt; the police know this. You are going to get idiots on the road and the “correct safety gear” saved the bikers life regardless of the situation. Here is what he actually said for those who are un-biased and not not into sensationalism. "You might be travelling in a safe manner, but that doesn't mean everyone else is. "Please make sure that you're wearing the right kit, it might be expensive but without it, your life could be at risk." In my opinion, probably as most others, is the guy should have had a heftier sentence and a longer ban (that starts after he is released). You can be the safest rider in the world, but you are ALWAYS going to be on the road with people who aren’t.
  12. Then you read the wrong article. Video and pictures don’t lie. Certainly not by taking a selfie while smiling, just after the alleged offence occurred. Would you not agree?
  13. She took a selfie, smiling, in the same room, just after the alleged rape occurred. Timestamps and the background prove it. Why would you do that if you’d just gone through the suggested ordeal?
  14. The video clearly shows she was not raped. It’s out there if you want to go looking and you can make your own mind up. Morning regret, made up a story, backfired badly.
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