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  1. They like to mix nonsense with real conspiracy to get the flock to turn away. Works unfortunately but not for those with an open mind wide enough to not swallow the bait. 911 - demolition charges caused the collapse of the three towers. Insurmountable physical evidence to back this up.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7373639/Mercedes-admits-cars-fitted-secret-sensor-pinpoint-location.html
  3. This is a story that I've mentioned on here prior. Perhaps five years ago one of my friends was investigated by the triple c. It stands for crime ,corruption commission. Anyway they were privy to information that my friend deduced could only have been obtained from his phone. I am talking about listening or hearing in to my friends conversation when his phone was not in use! It has since been shown this is quite easy to do through the mic in the phone.
  4. It should be illegal to bare all or nearly all in public. This is wha takes place in many of these Gay Pride marches with young kids looking on in disbelief / horror. I fully support the guy for standing up for what he feels is right.
  5. Renowned neurosurgeon, one of America's foremost neurosurgeons, Ben Carson, recently said this. He said:"I've had the privilege of being able to operate on little babies that were 25, 26, 27, 28 weeks' gestation. And I can guarantee you that they can feel. They can react. You have to give them anaesthesia if you're going to cut them. But they can also respond to comfort and to warmth. And for somebody to say that's a meaningless bunch of cells honestly it's just totally ignorant."
  6. A brave new world ( order) no doubt. Was listening to the radio yesterday and there was an article about how in the future all new builds will be compulsory built to take advantage of smart technology? For 15 minutes they went through a list of different applications where this wifi technology can be used for. I was shocked to the core listening to all the applications. One of them was a sensor in the toilet bowl that can detect abnormal bacteria etc in your .... and then sends an email to you so you can go for a checkup. You may think this sort of thing is highly unlikely but in the future it will be standard in our homes!
  7. Effectively a hate crime. Perhaps a warning? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-49282976
  8. Man.City Liverpool Man.Utd Tottenham Arsenal Chelsea Everton Leicester Wolves Newcastle Tbe biggest improver has to be Man.Utd with the acquisition of McGuire,Bassaka and James as well as Greenwood looking like a England player in the waiting.
  9. https://www.nj.com/ocean/2019/08/nj-mayor-calls-teaching-lgbt-history-in-schools-an-affront-to-almighty-god-urges-fight-against-new-law.html
  10. I totally agree it was a much more even competition back then. The last game of the season between Brighton and Man. City was a perfect example. Playing at home they pretty much parked the bus for the entire game resulting in the match being appalling to watch. The possession figures between some matches involving the Big 6 and and the rest bear this out. 70 to 80 plus percent percent figures in some extreme cases. How anyone can watch such one sided matches and enjoy is beyond me. A rule change where at two players must be in the oppositions half at all times will surely happen at some time in the future.
  11. The latest news is his transfer to China is off due to no transfer fee involved. Real Madrd should have known that signing a player on a long term contract to the tune of 650K per week especially when he reaches 30 means it is going to be very difficult were they want to offload him as few clubs if any are willing to pay his wages. Most European clubs would think twice about paying 650 K per week wages,never mind also pay some sort of transfer. I reckon one of the top English clubs would have signed him had he been willing to drop his wage demands to a paltry 350-400K per week.
  12. If you are a astro-not and land on the moon in a Hollywood studio or some other studio does it count? Looking at the evidence I'd say you would have to be pretty damn thick to buy their story.
  13. One small step for man... https://augenguy.blogspot.com/2019/07/one-small-step-for-man.html
  14. Jan 31 this year I had my knee operation to fix my shattered knee cap and torn tendon damaged in a accident. I was told by the surgeon they put three screws above my knee and three below with a metal band pulling the kneecap together. Fast forward to a few weeks ago so nearly 6 months from the accident. I asked the doctor if I can have another operation to remove the hardware in my knee as I can feel it moving when I bend my knee. He responded by saying there is nothing to remove. He was sitting at his desk and swivelled his computer screen around to show me one of the X Rays of my leg. A long 30 cm rod was visible in my thigh but absolutely nothing visible in my knee. Perhaps I have acid blood not sure. Another 5 months till I return to the hospital.
  15. If he stays they have to pay him. Paul Ince........ Despite that success, Zidane has said it will be "best for everyone" if he leaves, a move Ince believes is "quite disrespectful". "There are ways of doing it the right way and showing him respect," said Ince. "What Bale has done is phenomenal.
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