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  1. Churchill was a puppet of the bankers...... https://www.henrymakow.com/churchill_was_a_judas.html
  2. MAC33

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46822472 Speed cameras damaged,lots of em!
  3. MAC33

    Understanding the universe.

    Detailed presentation showing the moon landing was fake. Nexus magazine editor from Manchester....
  4. Check out the harnesses obviously attacked to their t- shirts. Astro - nots.
  5. Man.Utd have two players for different reasons that are borderline passengers when they don't have the ball - Pogba and Lukkaku. Roy Keane wrote an article on the BBC where he mentioned some players have not been putting in a shift - and I have to agree with him. Pogba has very little heart / dislikes defending. Lukkaku has heart but finds defending from the front difficult due to his 100 kg. Playing for France Pogba is generally playing against weaker teams and does look good. Against the other top teams in the EPL I'm yet to be convinced. Hard to play a high pressing game when you have a lazy player. I still think Sanchez can come good.
  6. I agree Pogba has a lackadaisical attitude about him. He also thinks so highly of himself - the way he prances about and trying ridiculous 60 yard switches of play for little benefit. Id select former Chelsea right back Steve Clarke from Kilmarnock. He is the complete opposite of the moaner Mourinho. He breeds positivity with a much more attacking philosophy. Whoever appointed the moaner in the first place needs a dressing down minimum. Giving him a contract extension - borders on nutty. With his massive obscene payment - the moaner must be laughing all the way to the bank.
  7. MAC33

    My epl rant

    I'm currently watching the bore fest that is the Man.City v Everton match. Talk about being ultra negative - Everton are defending 20 yards behind the halfway line!! This is not the way to play. Way,way too much respect from Everton. Giving up 60 yards of the pitch every time you lose the ball makes a mockery of the game. The rules need changed asap. A new rule with a minimum of two players in the opponents half at all times. You then change the offside rule which can only apply up to 20 yards from the halfway line. With only one team interested in playing I am not going to bother with the second half. Escape to the country is on the other channel.
  8. MAC33

    Understanding the universe.

    Yep,as it mentions in the Bible there is a great deception. Spinning ball......who the fark me that one up.lol?
  9. I watched the whole game of the Celtic v Salzburg match - and I was completely gob smacked by the standard of the Scottish Champions. The majority of their players could barely control the ball and the passing had to be seen to be believed. The Australian Tom Rogic playing in an advanced midfield position was by far the worst culprit. His passing easily made him Salzburgs best player. He is so out of condition stamina wise Celtic were basically playing with ten men when they did not have the ball. The French striker Edouard had a bit of a shocker too and Sinclair looked so uncomfortable with the ball at his feet especially passing it. Salzburg should have been a mile ahead at half time but for woeful finishing and a bit of bad luck. They won all six of their games and could do well in the EPL. Celtic and Brendan Rodgers on the other hand - better stick to playing with donkeys in the SPL. Now were they to draw Chelsea in the knockout - could get very ugly I'm afraid. Remember they lost something like 7-0 at home to PSG a few years ago!
  10. This country is going the way of the U.S - where a high percentage of the impoverished are NOT unemployed. The people of France are enduring hard times and this country is not far behind. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/04/four-million-british-workers-live-in-poverty-charity-says
  11. MAC33

    My epl rant

    It's very like indoor soccer as its played 99 percent on the floor. Lots of short passing,giving the player in possession lots and lots of options. Defensively - I love watching the very high press. As for winning the league - not so sure - Liverpool play nearly identically with similar quality. Both teams are capable of finishing with 100 points plus! Watching the Man.Utd v Fulham first half - what a pathetic game to watch,totally one sided. Not a good advert for the EPL - very uncompetitive.
  12. 18 million pounds in payoffs alone - I'd be desperate for the sack if I was a manager. Mourinho appears to doing his utmost at turning Man.Utd in to a mid table team - has more than one eye no doubt on his potential massive payout. Selecting Rojo as one of three centre halves. Now this guy is one of the dirtiest,nastiest players I've ever watched. Studded tackles are his forte and nearly every match he doesn't disappoint if you like watching players having their leg broken. His laughable turn and miss control that resulted in Arsenal's second goal was pure gold. Hard to believe Juan Mata struggles for regular game time in this most average of teams.
  13. Something like 53 players only last week in the 10 matches. Why don't they rename it the WPL - World Premier League? The EPL is English in name only these days. If not it's well on the way to becoming that way. Forward another decade - I can see less than 20 English players playing some weeks in a competition of 20 teams ( 220 players) https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46431989
  14. MAC33

    Understanding the universe.

    Flat earthers believe the sun and moon circle the stationary flat earth - as it appears. Though in 1984 - observation and all your other senses are no longer to be trusted over their 'science',lol. Had enough of answering a million and one questions - I'm not a sheepdog lol. Do your own in depth research and come to your own conclusion. Its called having an informed opinion rather than just a belief based on what you've been brainwashed to believe.
  15. MAC33

    Understanding the universe.

    Street lights will eventually disappear or appear to drop lower the further away you view them. Of course they are nor dropping,it just appears they are - perspective. As the sun circles the flat earth the greater the distance away from it you are the colder it will be and less and less will be visible - till it eventually disappears from sight. The sun will eventually disappear but it is not falling below the horizon. Water has been for eternity the best means of measuring horizontal or flat. The oceans curving and the water conforming to the exterior of a spherical rock - you'd have to be a true believer to their science to believe it,lol.

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