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  1. Me thinks we should continues to beLIEve their story even after they lied to us about Iraq. To believe in a conspiracy we might be labelled conspiratards. Sheep are so prevalent - even after Iraq.
  2. VAR has made this WC a laughing stock. In one of the games Australia played a super dubious penalty was awarded a minute or two after the infringement? I watched the foul many times in slow motion and firstly it looked like it was slightly outside the area and secondly I'm still doubtful if it was a foul at all. Yet a penalty was still given. Between giving penalties for ball struck deliberately and accidentally at players arms and now VAR - a third of the goals scored now are going to be penalties. FIFA need to ditch VAR.
  3. Abortion at any stage is murder in my mind. 70 000 here in Australia each year. https://needtoknow.news/2019/06/wendys-launches-campaign-to-raise-money-for-adoption-instead-of-abortion/
  4. The Matilda's played the Newcastle boys under 16's a few years ago. Newcastle are one of the ten teams that make up the National League. 6-0 to the boys - Nuff said.
  5. Benjamin Franklin - Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
  6. You are what you eat. Try to eat organic if possible. Not a big fan of meds.
  7. I would have played Eriksen as a holding midfielder. He played there in the latter stages of the game against Ajax and was dictating play with his passing. Lamela and Ali ahead of him. Sissiko looks so average - like the ball is a hot potato or something. Winks is as not good as Lamela. Liverpool have the most passionate fans anywhere so I'm happy for them. The city is quite poor and the fans deserve something to be happy about. The penalty chance - not even a chance as there was no intent to handball. The Scottish Cup final last week was also decided unfairly - this time when the ref bought a brilliant Hollywood con by Edouard resulting in a penalty. The Hearts defender never touched him and he was already falling to the ground when there was eventually some contact. Another wrong decision by the ref. Retrospective action should have been taken by the SFA banning the player for making a mockery of the game .
  8. I just watched 4 minute highlights of the game on YouTube - what highlights? Did not see saw one chance in the whole match including the penalty which was a disgrace. Sissoko looked to have his arm up appealing for offside and from a couple of yards away the ball struck him off his chest on to his arm. No intent whatsoever but a penalty? Spurs coach bottled it with his defensive lineup. Playing two defensive midfielders and dropping Moura. Read they were talking about building a monument after the semi final for Moura and next game he finds himself on the bench. Two very disappointing finals all in all. Governing body needs to stop this nonsense immediately of awarding penalties for no intent handballs. Players are now trying to intentionally hit the opponents arms with the ball knowing they have a very decent chance of being awarded a penalty.
  9. No Lucas Moura in the team after his hat tick in the semi final. Advantage Liverpool.
  10. How much data will i use up watching the first half only? I am over my downloads already and its 10 dollars for every extra gig?
  11. Laughable pic. Doctored to the hilt. If it did bend that much the circumference of the earth would have to be only a fraction of its claimed 40 000 kms. Go to the lake and look out and that is not what you will see. Rivers,lakes,seas the ocean all completely horizontal - at least that is what my ruler tells me. Perhaps my ruler is bent?
  12. Mt San Jacinto visible from 120 miles. 5-45 minutes to 7 minutes.
  13. Southgate is close but I feel his way of playing with two defensive midfielders is too negative. Dier is overrated,Henderson and Rice too. Mark Noble has more skill and vision than the other three and his performances warrant selection despite his age. Charlie Taylor of Burnley looks a better left back than Chilwell by some margin. Drop one of the three midfielders and play four up front with Callum Wilson playing alongside Kane - much more positive move. Sancho and Sterling on the flanks. Walker might need to move to the centre of defence with Arnold offering more going forward. Southgate has done a good job but is held back by playing three uncreative midfielders all the time. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48428100
  14. True,speed is a bit overrated judging by the lack of game time given to Adama Traore. James does look to me to particularly skilfull though with both his feet. Seems to have good vision too. As for Ronaldo even at 21 I am not sure he had this much speed. I remember Overmars leaving him for dead at the WC once. Bale and James - Wales have a potent strike force,now do they have a quality striker?
  15. I read Leicester are scouting a star player from A.C Milan. This is where we are going no question. Mid range and even lower EPL teams are able to offer bigger wages to the best players from whatever other team or league. The money is not coming from England but from the international community who pay billions to watch the EPL. I am in Australia and the media here gives 90 percent of their coverage to the EPL. The others leagues combined are lucky to get 10 percent. Fewer and fewer English born players are an obvious consequence.
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