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  1. Bold. Me too lol . I had to Google the sport when I was first told and I was surprised and hugely impressed when I saw what it involves. Its very physically demanding to say they least.
  2. Thank you everyone Ill be sure to pass on your kind words to her. Shes really laid back about it. Taking it in her stride but Im certain that inside she is as proud of herself as we are of her. She did say she is determined to get to the number 1 slot though. Impressive indeed and I have to agree there are some truly impressive young ones out there. The next generation is looking bright for the countries young sports stars.
  3. Oops, yeah, a better description would have helped, lol.Its K1 which is a type of Kick boxing Sorry about that 🙂
  4. I just want to say a Huge congratulations to my daughters best friend, Holly who found out today she is ranked #2 in the UK Junior K1 rankings for 14/15 year old girls. What an outstanding achievement for a girl who not only has to concentrate on school and exams and being a teenager but has also had to endure a traumatic last few years in her personal life and has learning difficulties to boot. This young lass is an inspiration and shows that you can achieve a lot even if you have a lot going on in life.
  5. Im pretty sure Clinton has never fessed up to the rape allegations.
  6. Would you put Trump in the same category as Bill Clinton?
  7. Wow, I mean just WOW!!!! I had to check on what you posted, It just sounded to way out but yep, she said that stuff. She is either a stone cold liar or someone with mental problems. Im guessing a little bit of both.
  8. Thanks for explaining. I guess it does make some sense but like you I don’t think there should be a Statute of Limitations on most crime. Especially something like rape or sexual assault,
  9. Nice one. Ill give it a go later today. Cheers for that 🙂
  10. I may just do that then as the gimmicks were tiresome. Have they got rid of that irritating american race driver too?
  11. Yep there have been MANY accusations levelled at him, some sound credible, some sound like wild allegations intended to damage Trumps credibility.
  12. Thats the $64,000 question though but I agree, if he did it then he should face trial.
  13. Bold. Ive never understood the reasoning for that. Surely if a crime was committed then the amount of time that passes should be irrelevant.
  14. Assuming that you are right what do you think should happen about it?
  15. Yeah thats very possible but I guess we will never really know. I like to think of Top Gear as a wild ride that lasted a lot longer than people thought it would. After watching Amazons show its clear to me that Top Gear was very close to its sell by date, maybe Clarkson knew this and was looking to get fired from TG (I did hear a story that it was JC who reported his assault to the bbc) knowing he would get a big money move to another platform? Regarding the current Top Gear I tried watching it with the new crowd but the show isnt working any more. Its very stale and the presenting seems forced and rather fake so Ill not be tuning in any more.
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