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Best printer to buy


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I have recently purchased a Canon MG7550 (currently has £20 cash back - and the price is now £10 cheaper than when I bought it!).


Inks original cost approx £9.00 each and about £14.00 for the big black ink tank and I am talking XL here which offer twice the capacity of the very small standard ones that come with the printer - this printer has a grey ink cartridge especially for producing accurate mono photos - alongside 2 black, yellow, cyan (blue) and magenta (red).


Don't know how good they are but prink.co.uk were offering US imports allegedly of same quality at £5.99 a set plus free delivery! And claim not to invalidate warranty - but would welcome other peoples feedback on prink.co.uk

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For crafting you need economical inks so perhaps consider Epson. Their printers have separate colour cartridges so one colour only needs to be replaced if it runs out. Compatible carts are cheap. Customer service is really good, even when the machine is out of warranty. If you are putting card through it, a vertical paper feed might be better - it tends to get stuck in the level feed printers.

My Epson all in one works with Windows 7 and 8, iPad2 and a MacBook that I had.

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Having been pigged off with inkjets for some time, and having on my last (to be fair very reliable Epson) reject three brand new cartridges I have plunged for a Dell colour laser.


The prints are (compared to my inkjet) brilliant without splodges or lines.


The toners come with sufficient for 700 pages of printing and replacement ones (full set) are around £20 from Amazon.


Still using the toners that came supplied so will have to wait and see how the compatables work out but......£170 (free delivery) including 700 pages of toner - I am very pleased at the moment.

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