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Sheffield F1 Grand Prix

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I don't know how true it is, but I remember reading that it opened with a comparatively short runway (and could never be extended as the Parkway is in the way), just as the low cost airlines were standardizing on aircraft which required a longer runway. As a result, it could never be anything other than a niche airport, mostly for business use. Don't know if there was any truth in this.


I think even as a niche airport there could have been a demand with the right marketing and contacts. There are new offices and businesses in sheffield that im sure would have given it a good customer base.

And whos to say which way the technology will go regarding the size of runway needed in future?

Seems a bit silly to just rip it up when it could have been utilised not far from its current state rather than just rip it up in the name of progress. Its all a bit backwards really.

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At the race meets I've been to they normally have a range of races such as BTCC along with Formula ford and Cosworth Class.


My thoughts were to equal the success of the Grand Depart. The reason I chose that particular route was that it circles the city, may not be the most practical or workable

But we are only half an hour in to something that could be mega.


In sheffield we could have Formula Cross where chavs race round a street circuit on Parson cross in supped up 1.0L corsa`s , saxo`s and Fiestas , or the Manor chase where the local boy racers are chased around the estate by the plod.

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Lets look at the costs of Sheffield hosting F1 in 2011.


The street race comes in at around £36 million for grandstands, staff, safety barriers etc. Then you have to pay fro the right to host F1, which was around £17 million ayer, but this price increases every year by 10%. You also have to sign a contract for 10 or so years to host the GP, so by the end you'll be paying F1 around £40 million a year just for the rights.


It works out that over the term of the contract you're looking at an outlay of more then £600 million.

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There was nothing special about Battersy Park as a street circuit venue except maybe the rose beds surrounding the fanzone/food village. Sheffield would really benefit from all of the corporate hospitality packages that were put on.


I would back the bid!

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