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Roofers next door need to do a gas check?

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Sheffield council have engaged a roofing company called BAAS and their roofers are due to start work on the house next door. they have contacted us (private property) saying they need to do a gas check on our property as it is in their contract with the council. I pointed out that the chimney stack for our property is on the opposite side of our roof to the one they are working on, furthermore, the gas fire is capped off and as such, nothing has been vented for more than a year now and thus, there is no need to invade our privacy and tamper with our appliances. he insisted he needed to check that nothing is going up the flue. these same people insisted we took and send photos of our bedroom ceilings in case we needed to make a claim. are their roofers that clumsy?

after adjusting our arrangements, we arranged for their gasman to come at 9am this morning. at 9.15 am he rang to say he cannot make it due to traffic and taking the kids to school and will ring next week to make another appointment. can I bill them for this inconvenience?

let me emphasise -THEY ARE NOT ROOFING OUR PROPERTY WHICH WE OWN PRIVATELY! when the SYHA house on the other side was reroofed, we had none of this, just the usual party wall agreement to sign.


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Usual council mess to be honest, although they at least sound like they're being thorough.


They can't just take peoples word for things on the job, especially if it can cause damage to people or property - and it probably is a good idea to take a few pictures of the ceiling and roof before works starts just incase. So they are looking after you there.


I wouldn't bend over backward anymore for the gasman tho, have him come round at an evening/weekend as you've already taken time for him and been messed about.

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