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  1. WiseOwl182

    Euro Elections

    I'd say a Tory vote was leave, and the Labour vote should be apportioned 50/50 to both sides since nobody really knows what they stand for. I said this earlier in the thread, it's the fairest way.
  2. WiseOwl182

    living in poverty

    Someone born in 1981 (the oldest of the millennial generation) would now be 37 to 38, a long way past their "late twenties". Anyway, how does the Resolution Foundation define "relative poverty"? What are the criteria?
  3. WiseOwl182

    Euro Elections

    Or a remain vote either, since they pretend they want to honour the 2016 result. A vote for Labour is a vote for Corbyn trying to pretend to be all things to all people so that he can get his hands on power.
  4. WiseOwl182

    EU Election exit poll

    For possibly the first time in my life, I won't be voting in an election.
  5. WiseOwl182

    People going to work on bikes.

    I'd say most cyclists don't obey red light laws, so would be even less likely to obey pavement speed limits without a speedo.
  6. WiseOwl182

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    Tongue in cheek as opposed to trolling, but no matter how miniscule there is still some degree of pollution saving, and a good minute or 2 time saving, by performing the U turn rather than drive right out to the roundabout and back down again.
  7. WiseOwl182

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    It's not risking people's lives. A slow U turn at a set of traffic lights with no pedestrian crossing is not endangering anyone. It's not a few seconds either. Absolutely phenomenal. Saving the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels and contributing to saving the planet.
  8. WiseOwl182

    People going to work on bikes.

    Who's going to police speeding cyclists? They can't even be policed with red traffic lights so I highly doubt speed limits on pavements will be enforceable.
  9. WiseOwl182

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    5 times a day seems it, but I can see why he'd want to wear different clothes for walking the dog Vs lounging at home. Add in PJs for bed and clothes for work and you've got 4 of the 5 outfits already.
  10. WiseOwl182

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    You think wearing different clothes to go out walking a dog Vs lounging around in the house is "truly bizarre"?!
  11. WiseOwl182

    Red and yellow Mainline buses

    I'll get a photo of it next time I'm out on Eccy Rd.
  12. WiseOwl182

    Red and yellow Mainline buses

    I've seen a 56 reg one too.
  13. WiseOwl182

    Red and yellow Mainline buses

    No, I've seen a single decker in Mainline colours several times (possibly different ones as I'm sure their reg year was different) and picking people up from bus stops down Eccy Rd.
  14. WiseOwl182

    ?Google Car in Sheffield this week

    Or an immature lout intent on reinforcing the stereotype of Sheffield across the whole of the internet.
  15. WiseOwl182

    Euro Elections

    You have no way of measuring the Labour vote for apportioning to leave or remain. Pretending you do is just wishful thinking on your part. Ps. Did you see Jezza's performance on Andrew Marr yesterday? Good comedy.

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