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  1. What did the polls show in the run up to the 2016 referendum?
  2. There are also differently weighted measures applied to the score on entry tests.
  3. I was quoting Gordon Brown. Probably a hero of yours.
  4. Obviously I don't mean the likes of HSBC. Incentivising some companies to choose locations other than just London is hardly a radical idea, so quit with the faux shock. How well did the polls do at predicting the actual result? Oh yes, I've remembered. They showed remain would be clear winners. Polls mean nothing, there's only the actual result that counts.
  5. Incentivise companies away from just defaulting to London.
  6. WiseOwl182

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Was the Diet Coke ad shown at your place of work in order for you to gauge their reactions?
  7. WiseOwl182

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    No, does men's scare you? Only, you find it sexist when a man finds a woman attractive and makes that known, but not vice versa. Some might say double standards.
  8. WiseOwl182

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Maybe you don't know enough women?
  9. UK law could be changed to cap them at a lower level. I'm not saying it will be, but it could be.
  10. WiseOwl182

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    No answer then? Thought not.
  11. WiseOwl182

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    What were women "scared" of when perving over the old Diet Coke ads then? Would you say those ads objectified men and were sexist?
  12. I was talking about healthcare staff and EU migration but there is a wider issue. Your example goes further, although not related to EU membership.
  13. Yes in totality, as Longcol pointed out (and it was his phrase I was pointing back at him) because, although the pay will be the same, the UK didn't have to bear the original training costs.
  14. Why Middlesbrough? I'm saying spread the jobs throughout the UK, not just in London. I'm also saying train up our own young people, rather than import cheap labour.
  15. Great source. Elite organisation? Rather like the public school she sent her children to, then.

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