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  1. WiseOwl182

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    I doubt it.
  2. WiseOwl182

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    You can't just decide that sometimes you're not a man. Either you are or you aren't. If someone is saying that sometimes they feel less like a man and more like a woman, then they are by default attributing a definition to what a man and woman is like in their view. He certainly feels very strongly on this topic. See the equality thread. It's all there. Yes, like all of the female celebs who suddenly come out as "bi".
  3. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Perhaps, although "people" were donating over 10% more before his intervention.
  4. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Because it's not the messenger, it's the message.
  5. WiseOwl182

    Speed Limits

    Yes, and Bochum Parkway up to 50 or 60 too.
  6. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    On the night donations were down by over 10% since last time. I hardly think it's "stupid" to think that a well publicised PR gaffe by a mindless MP could have played some part in that.
  7. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Just a coincidence that donations are lower in the same year he, to much publicity, practically calls people racist for helping Africans then?
  8. WiseOwl182

    Greggs Charging For Sitting in Shop

    To be fair, it's very rare that I find a clean table in a cafe. Often, they don't have enough staff on to both serve at the till and clear and clean the tables. Usually it's a case of counting yourself so lucky at finding a table at all that you over look having to clear it for yourself. Cafe Nero are one of the worst for this in my experience.
  9. This was blatantly deliberate by a Welsh rugby fan. The day after Wales beat Ireland, does anyone actually think anyone is stupid enough to think St Patrick's Day uses a Welsh flag?
  10. WiseOwl182

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    I don't need to define what a man feels like. I don't believe in rigid gender stereotypes, unlike you apparently. I'm a man so whatever I feel like is how this man feels. That doesn't mean I'm "non binary", since I was born, and always will be, male.
  11. Have you factored that in as a proportion of overall populations? Comparing gross numbers would, of course, be meaningless after all.
  12. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Racism is an actual thing. Being white and helping black people in Africa isn't racist though, apart from in the eyes of a certain MP of course. Hence the speech marks. And hence the whole reason for this thread existing. Why is it a joke? He should personally make up the shortfall. If you averaged out the world's wealth per person, almost everyone in the UK would come out poorer.
  13. WiseOwl182

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    What does a man feel like? Do non binary people defy their own logic by defining gender stereotypes for themselves to not live up to? E.g. men often like cars, sometimes he's not bothered about cars. That kind of thing? If I declare myself non-binary does that mean you can stop discriminating against me for being a white male? More over, is there any point in discussing this? The mods will close the thread before long.
  14. WiseOwl182

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    Or silly comments by certain MPs put people off donating, for fear of being "racist".
  15. WiseOwl182

    Equality thread

    Dear moderators, Perhaps you could be so kind as to advise me why the equality thread got closed for an on going debate? There were no insults or swearing, just strong discussion. I was also singled out in getting a 3 day ban for discussing the points within the thread - perhaps you could also be so kind as to advise me where specifically I went wrong so I can avoid doing it again in future? As a footnote, please bear in mind that it is active discussion and the contributions of members that keep forums going. Members provide the site content, for free. Many thanks.

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