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The new EU policy

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It's trying to pander to both sides and still come out with a decent deal.


On the one hand you've got the backbenchers, the hardliners and the closet UKIP members who hate the EU and hate all the immigration and stuff.

They've been promised a referendum for ages so it's about time they were shut up.


On the other hand you've got everyone else, who knows we're better off in the EU and don't really want to leave.


If the government can use the referendum and threat of leaving the EU to negotiate us a better deal with the EU then thats cool.

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If you read the actual Tory policy I think that it says we'd renegotiate before any referendum... I know what the media said but as usual I think it was just headlines... sorry it's from Wiki but


"Following the 2015 general election, the re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated a Conservative Party manifesto commitment to hold an 'in-out' referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union by the end of 2017 following renegotiations with EU leaders"


my bold




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Before the election we had pro EU parties having the policy of renegotiate, but stay in; it now seems that the Conservative have that policy too. Very disingenuous. Or have I got that wrong?


Well the Conservative manifesto had these pledges:


  • Hold an "in-out" referendum on Britain’s renegotiated EU membership by 2017
  • Protect the UK economy from further integration of the Eurozone. Expand the Single Market
  • Scrap Human Rights Act and replace with a British Bill of Rights
  • Resist EU attempts to restrict legitimate financial services activities


I certainly knew the Tory's wanted to renegotiate the UK's membership and will campaign for remaining in the EU come the referendum.

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Did they offer e referendum?


No, they actively opposed one without future transfers of powers. Their main pledges were:


  • Legislate for a “lock” that guarantees no transfer of powers from Britain to the EU without an in/out referendum.
  • Return Britain to a "leadership role" in a reformed Europe
  • Reform the Common Agricultural Policy
  • Secure reforms to immigration and welfare rules

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A bit late isn't it? I think that ship has sailed for now..


My local MP got elected on being anti-EU, as did many Conservatives, but they always failed to say how they would vote. It seems that Cameron is now telling his MPs that they must vote to stay in; they do not know what concessions they will get, or at least they havnt told us yet.

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